Authorities Investigate Large Gathering At Ffryes Beach


A Real News Report: Members of the public are asking where the police were on Sunday, when an event – reportedly a car show – was staged at Ffryes Beach.  The affair attracted scores of people – many of them without face masks and breaching the social-distance protocols.

A video making the rounds on social media shows the function – with what sounds like amplified music playing – and dozens of cars parked on either side of the access road.

While persons are free to go to the beach, the Administration has stated explicitly that this is for the purpose of recreation and exercise and not for social gatherings involving either music or food.

Further, where a social gathering is permitted, it is limited to five persons.

Last week, the High Court declared Atlee Rodney’s appointment as Commissioner of Police unconstitutional.  Accordingly, one woman tells REAL News the Force appears not to be functioning since the top position is now in question.

She says the Police never seem to be doing their job when it is required; and she fears the beach event might have been a super-spreader of the COVID-19 virus at a time when the the case numbers appear to be going down.

If law-enforcement is unable to properly police the popular beaches, how can the Police and the Coast Guard be expected to patrol the offshore islands, a man asks.

“Imagine the amount of parties taking place at these offshore islands on a weekly basis. Our COVID-19 cases will not go down, because the Government does not know what it is doing,” he says.

The man describes the beach event as appalling, and accuses the young attendees of beingvery reckless and not caring about anyone but themselves.

Another man recalls the parties held on Prickly Pear Island –about which the Police claimed to know nothing – and other social events involving influential persons where no arrests were made or charges laid.

“All these things are happening, and all the Police can do is drive around town and ticket people for eating, and pull people over and ask about mask, when it’s you alone in your car,” the irate resident says.

“When are our leaders going to get things right in this country, and stop going to Parliament and in other forums and big-up themselves?” he asks.

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  1. I agree 100%! Where are our police officers? And when you do meet them, their dressed in menacing black fatigues, and accompanied by armed soldiers? Are we living in a democracy or a banana republic? Myself and my kids were accosted just the other day while out for exercise, with the non-mask-wearing officer demanding proof that we were exercising while the three armed soldiers in the truck looked on. Armed troops on our streets should make us very nervous even in times of crisis.

  2. Am I reading this right?

    Why don’t we all take f’ing responsibility for our own actions?? Police go there and violence breakout, then we say there was victimisation right?? We going wait for the police to break up and illegal gathering??? How about don’t damn well go there in the first place if you know it’s wrong? Let me see if we are now going to blame the tourists and the government for “not shutting down the country”.

    • @utter rubbish
      The challenge for the majority of us who do follow the protocols & take personal responsibility is we maybe find ourselves quietly enjoying an area and a gathering/event begins after we have arrived.
      We then have to disrupt our quiet law-abiding day…every time … and rarely do we see any action taken with the people who basically ran us off our quiet relaxation time.
      It’s BS because we know if numbers rise again, more restrictive regulations will kick in… and we’re sick of ‘behaving’ while others mash-up our lives.
      Hope that explains our frustration.

      • I agree with you but I also understand what “Utter rubbish” was commenting on. There are MANY people who do follow the rules and protocols and many who don’t and we all suffer.

        Thing that gets me is now if the cases rise because of this and we all go into further restrictions that all those responsible will complain. Yes we all want to go back to “normal” but we all have to do our part.

  3. Rumour has it Barbados had issues with large beach gatherings this weekend and is placing a STAY AT HOME order Easter Friday thru Easter Monday to control people who clearly don’t care to control themselves and don’t give a darn about their communities.
    Wonder if similar action is coming our way?

  4. Man oh man, stay home, do everything possible online, in and out of grocery quickest possible, use ATM, etc… And then read this…. Just don’t understand people needing to do these gatherings at a time like this.
    And yes, where is the control??
    So many businesses and workers doing the right thing, helping and keeping us safe and then this is like a slap in the face.

  5. New norm – demonic activity put in place by wicked people in high places, to divide and conquer put all the blame on a virus to instil fear in the population to carry out their agenda, New norm is against every godly aspects of life love and unity.

    It must be a breaking point the more people eyes are open to this luciferan agenda, and see the power they possess.
    The truth will prevail!

  6. Draconian rule will only last so long before the people get fed up.

    Traitor and dictator Gaston’s son can get away with it so why not the rest of us.

    Where are Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes murderers?
    Where are Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes murderers?

    • That’s the mentality everyone has? Then go ahead, and when you get COVID and Gdd forbid die…..when you see God tell him you wasted your life because you saw someone else do it. See if the pearly gates open for you then dumb dumb.

  7. Police was on the scene undercover participating in the event?


    How much more selective and daff can this place get?

    • Daff is going to a large gathering in the first place knowing that you are putting yourself and family at risk.

  8. Country on lock down so many places virus still spreading, lock down kill more lives. Fear of death is not going to prevent you from dying when your time comes no government, no money will prevent you from going.No man can change destiny . They complain about the social gathering but if it was a cabinet decision for a state funeral and more people was in a location doing the same thing, the penguin would not say anything. You all time is coming to an end soon, continue to pressure, oppress pretending you all care about people. I am not for people living recklessly but i am against people taking advantage of people and just seeks to control. Pride comes before a fall, the population is greater than the people we put in charge the more people realize the quicker the strongholds are broken

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