Authories To Look Into Adjusting Mask Protocol In Light Of Recent Robberies Says AG

Steadroy "Cutie" Benjamin, Attorney General

Attorney General, Steadroy Benjamin, says the recent brazen daylight robberies have caused the authorities to now look at adjusting the relevant protocols in preventing such incidents.

Benjamin spoke on a most recent robbery which happened in a supermarket in Parham on Friday. The perpetrator robbed the store of over $5000 cash in broad daylight midday and was armed with a gun.

“I condemn seriously, the open and brazen daylight robbery which occurred recently in Parham. That incident has forced the government and law enforcement officials to look seriously at developing an appropriate protocol which will strike a balance between persons using a mask or some other suitable material to cover their noses and mouths in order to protect themselves and others from either contracting or spreading the Covid-19 disease, and criminals who seek to hide their identity before, during and after they commit crimes,” the AG said, adding that, “a satisfactory protocol will be arrived at and shortly, the public will be duly informed.”

In the meantime the attorney general is urging business operators and customers to be very vigilant. He also assures that the law enforcement officers will do all in their power to give protection to all business persons.

Police Commissioner, Atlee Rodney, also shared similar sentiments as Benjamin assuring that the police would be increasing their vigilance and asking the public to do the same.

“The police have always been concerned about this possibility and we have been proactive and very vigilant with our patrols and our presence at some of the business places. Now, we will continue to be even more vigilant and we will call on the business persons to be alert, and also members of the public, that they should report any suspicious activity at any business place or any residential area,” Rodney said.

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  1. Have everyone wear light-coloured masks


    Make it a requirement to write your name in large block letters in permanent marker on the masks

    Police can randomly check people IDs to make sure they have the correct name on the mask.

    Wearing masks is too important in the effort to contain the novel coronavirus and save lives; especially when the powers that be refuse to test enough people here

  2. What did they think would happen when so many people lost their jobs and the government refuses to help them?

    Wasn’t a couple of weeks ago the PM said “no direct cash payments to citizens”????

    Every week it’s a declaration and then immediate change of that declaration

    – Beauty shops can open — Beauty shops can’t open

    – Churches can open — Churches can’t open

    – The curfew is ending — the curfew will not end

    — Wear masks — we are changing mask requirements

    — We will be doing local testing later this week —- Crickets


    If they continue to ‘pussy-foot’ with ‘normalcy’ and ‘abnormal situations,’ they would always be given ‘rude awakenings.’

    Somebody or some persons seemed ‘reckless’ not to know that these are ‘stark realities.’

    From professional knowledge and experience, ‘crime fighting’ has never been about ‘protocols.’

    Never heard of ‘Adjusting Mask Protocols’ as a crime ‘…prevention method’ yet. No Sah.

    Do know that ‘…with or without protocols’ criminals will always find ways to exploit situations.

    Instead of having ‘EVERY’ member of the ‘Security Forces’ driving around looking to see;

    (a) …Who is breaching Curfew; and

    (b) …Who may not be wearing masks,’ those whose responsibility is to ‘ENFORCE’ law, shall be deployed to do just that.

    They shall concentrate more of their;

    (i) ‘…Resources;

    (ii)…Efforts; and

    (iii) …Energies’ in the ‘high-risk and low visibility business areas.

    Then the other agencies shall ensure that there is ‘…compliance with the Emergency Regulations.’

    This is, albeit temporary, what the use of ‘…Emergency Powers’ are all about.

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