Aug. 8 event likely a superspreader. All attendees urged to get tested immediately


Persons who participated in a protest march last weekend against the government plans to have front line workers vaccinated against the coronavirus (COVID019) pandemic, are being urged to get themselves tested after a number of police officers who were present at the event have tested positive for the virus.

“The Ministry of Health will be calling upon, and I take the first opportunity to do so, to indicate to all those persons who were in attendance at that event that they should seek to as early as possible get a test to verify their status because the indications are that there might have been a spread at that A statement issued following the weekly Cabinet meeting, noted that government had been informed that “several police officers who were present on Market Street on Sunday afternoon,  August 8, controlling an unlawful gathering of anti-vaxxers, have tested positive.

Those who took part in the gathering, even as spectators, are encouraged to have themselves tested for Covid-19, so that they may not spread the disease to their loved-ones, their co-workers, and the folks they might encounter on buses, in shops, and other public and private spaces. Young children are among the vulnerable,” the statement noted.

Nicholas, speaking at a news conference, said  the investigation is continuing and that “all evidence points to that they (police and others) were all in attendance at the event where they would have been presumably exposed to some type of spread in that particular environment”.

Media reports here said that as many as 16 law enforcement officials have tested positive for the virus and the public relations officer of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, Inspector Frankie Thomas, said while the situation would have an impact on law enforcement,  the police will still be able to carry out their duties.

“Quite naturally, if an officer has to be taken off active duty due to health issues or any other unforeseen circumstances, it will have some impact on our human resources. However, as a professional and responsible organisation, we are always prepared and have a contingency plan to address these issues,” Thomas said.

But while the authorities are urging people to get tested, some of the protestors say they could be detained on presenting themselves for participating in the event that the Police Commissioner Atlee  Rodney and Prime Minister Gaston Browne had declared illegal.

But Thomas said that would not b be the priority of the police.

“It won’t be priority for the police. What would be of concern is for them to go get medical assistance. Which is more important? Being afraid of getting arrested OVID virus, I think they should do the most responsible thing at this time and get medical assistance to avoid any further health implications and also to minimise any further spread,” he added.

The authorities said that persons could be tested at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre free of charge.

Meanwhile, the government has said that only fully vaccinated persons will be allowed entry to the Stadium and the Public Cemetery for the state funeral of Sir Lester Bird, scheduled for August 26.

“All protocols established will be then engaged — the three to six feet social distancing rule, the proper wearing of face masks, and the sanitizing of hands with frequency,” the Cabinet statement said, adding that it had also accepted recommendations made by the Acting Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Terri-Ann Joseph, contact-tracing is to be intensified so that those who are unknowingly infected can be identified quickly and isolated, in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

“All meetings and gatherings are limited to 10 persons, except for churches, the public market, restaurants. Those who do not have to go out are encouraged to stay at home. Everyone is encouraged to go to work and to stop any chain of infection at work by obeying the protocols which require the wearing of face masks indoors, sanitizing hands frequently, and not gathering in clusters.

“All beaches are to remain closed on August 26, the National Holiday declared for the burial of Sir Lester Bird, from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm on that Thursday,” it added.

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  1. Likely a super spreader. How did you lying politicians arrived at that conclusion. Because you said so,does not make it so.So wheel and come again Melford.

  2. Laaawd have mercy. How can learned people lie so easily? Where does the propaganda end manipulation end? More people congregate at the vegetable market every Saturday, that were at the protest. Is that a superspreader too? These lies.

  3. You know this proves that the police and the liard commission-her did foolishness that good Sunday. They made no first attempt to ‘secure the scene/area”, but like a bunch of remote control puppets just open fire. So when you have people scattering for their lives both infected and uninfected, involved and uninvolved could have come into contact who can you really blame? That is if the Numbers actually came from that event cause y’all very lie.

  4. I guess Antigua’s officials are taking yet another page from communist China’s playbook.

    All of the incidents regarding the gathering of large crowds in Antigua since the beginning of this pandemic, both known and unknown, masked and unmasked, this one particular incident was a super spreader event? Ok, I’m going outside to look for flying pigs.

  5. Let’s unpack this bullshit

    Is he saying there are people in the community with this deadly disease, dying, getting sick, and no one in the community knows about it? And to know if it is in the community testing is required?

    Wait what kind of deadly pandemic is this really?

    When flu is going around the community is usually aware as a matter of fact it is customary to give the flu a name.

    So covid is in the community but testing is required to discover this deadly disease?

  6. I’m just sick and tired of the government’s attempt to twist the truth the push their agenda. It’s sickening! They have casted doubts in the minds of the people and they still expect people to believe them? Come on find other strategies.

  7. So why didn’t you call the hotel with 31 staff that tested positive for COVID-19 a super spreader? And I don’t even have a number for the guests that tested positive.
    Do you sleep good in the nights?

  8. To the picketers, if they can PROVE that the police got infected at that particular event, then and only then should you take a test. Until then, call BS on elected officials that should be setting example and leading with truth. Wow, just wow!

  9. …👊🏾👊🏾✌🏽🤓🆘🆘🌴🌴🌴😎🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️…good morning, good day, good evening, to #all.
    The comments speaks #volumes!?👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾

  10. We have another “super spreader” coming since world dictator traitor tyrant liar HT bully Gaston Browne and his cesspool gang say that is legal (but not picketing) because they, the dictators of our nation say so. Gaston must think he can dictate the COVID as he does with us.

    Nigel Christian’s murderers must be brought to justice.

    All those involved with kidnapping abduction human trafficking HT and beating of Mehul Choksi must be brought to justice.

    No on is above the law including politicians and especially politicians.

  11. Editors Of Antigua News Room.Are you in bed with the Labor Party of Gaston Browne? A word of caution to you,all.When you bed down with Dawgs,you would arise with fleas/mange.

  12. Lol…now this is funny. The fact that multiple police officers got symptomatic before any protester actually points to a super spreader inside the police department. It was an inside job.

    But this is the million dollar question…. weren’t those damn police officers already VACCINATED?

  13. You guys can cuss all you want. Call the officials all kind of name’s. Huff and Puff all you want. But Covid 19 don’t care who is a dictator, lier, conspirator and what you expect is coming? It can killed you and your love one’s. The sane thing to do go and get tested to know your status. Ignorance is Bliss and can lead to distruction. Please ensure that you aren’t positive. Covid 19 don’t care for your dirty Political games and beliefs… Take ⚠️⚠️⚠️ ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️!!!!!

  14. Common sense super spreader coming to Antigua, Barbuda has it since 1981……

    The government fighting tooth and nail to prevent the common sense virus from infecting the Antiguan people.

    The common sense virus will kill politicians ego, they are fearful of what will become of them.

  15. Well well, the police were hugging the protesters. lol…Bunch of buffoons, you had a covey of police cramped in a truck, hot, sweating, coughing. Wh you think are the spreaders. R U TOO DAMN LIE esp LIENOHELL. He resembles a lobster dipped in hot water

  16. It is going to SNOW IN ANTIGUA. When it does,blame THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS OF ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA. Blame them for everything that goes wrong in the Nation. You Labor Party Jug Heads are something else.

  17. RED KOOL AID what a great point. They will also blame the UPP for the snow and not climate change or God.

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