AUDIO: Serpent defends Observer Radio after backlash over controversial guest

Watts now heads Newsco Observer

Algernon ‘Serpent’ Watts has defended Observer Radio after the media house came in for heavy criticism, especially on social media, over the appearance of a controversial guest on the Voice of the People programme this week.

The managing director says Observer Radio is fulfilling its mandate by giving a voice to everyone.

He said even though he might not agree with the views of some guests, he is standing by the station’s mandate to give a voice to all.




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  1. Antiguans and Barbudans would have done themselves a serious injustice if they put that radio host and its management into political office. How could you entertain and spew such narrative with what is at stake here for the very people they are trying to attract.

    Two things that struck on which the host remained silent. One the guest said that covid is not real. In his world it is just a repackaged flu. Secondly the Ducta said the deaths in question is no different to what a country sees annually. Really!!!!

    • Too many times we listen to react and NOT TO UNDERSTAND. THE HOST IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, even the DULL AND IGNORANT HAVE A STORY. You may not like what is being talked about but you have the freedom to CHANGE the dial just like they guest had the FREEDOM TO SPEAK. I do not subscribe to antivaxxers and their theories so when they come on I exit. SIMPLE FLIPPING MATHS, MOVE YA STATION BUT DO NOT STIFFLE PEOPLES RIGHTS TO FREE SPEECH. You should have named yourself just saying nothing because u for sure said a whole bunch of nothing. And to preface your comment about power hungry and political office shows you are just one of those who can’t see past red and blue bcus the 2mins or so ANR featured what the host said was solely to ADDRESS a social media personality calling for observer to SILENCE PEOPLES OPINIONS not ONCE da man mention politics but watch you coming in with your blatant red eyes. You fooled nobody with your messy self. You even worse than the antivaxxers stupes!

  2. look up the word ouroboros. These guys are soo politically hungry that they would go all the way to indirectly hurt the very people they wish to have support them.

    • So how has the current PM handled you situation Just Saying. My views are certainly not the views of the guest but there is a saying that goes, “listen to the dull and ignorant… they too have their stories.” Hence, we get to listen to you too!

      • Go placidly amid the noise and the haste
        And remember what peace there may be in silence
        Avoid loud and aggressive persons
        They are a vexation to the spirit …..

    • @ Just Saying
      This is the same Radio station that chose to broadcast your two leaders, Gaston and Asot, behaving like the two woman on green bay hill.
      Gaston and Asot publicly accusing each other of
      swindling millions of dollars from antigua people. Imagine what they still haven’t told us since time was a constraint then. Well, Just Saying, how about commenting on that.
      I DARE YOU !!!

    • @Just Saying
      If you are not Gaston Browne then you are truly a fool!!!!
      Think of what you wrote and equate that to Gaston’s behavior. Yet, you still worship him more than God.
      Did you listen to Gaston and Asot argument in parliament confessing to their crimes against the people of antigua and barbuda.

  3. Just Saying ,it seems you are of the opinion only people that share your sentiments should be allowed on the radio station . As long as a person ain’t breaking the law or defaming anyone ,their voices must be heard . I guess if you are christian a muslim shouldn’t be allow to speak about they religion on the radio station. Your statement about Serpent trying to represent people just doesn’t make any sense in this case .

  4. Seems like we have our own interpretation of free speech. The idea of free speech is to protect speech that makes one uncomfortable. The people who make decisions on whether (or not) to take the vaccine are adults (hopefully) and should be able to pick sense from nonsense.

    There are people who have legit reasons to distrust the authorities. Many unsavoury experiments were performed, on people who look like us, under the guise of vaccinations.

    I am thankful to hear all contending sides of the issue.

  5. Can someone explain to me what this is all about . Serpent just added His voice to an issue without explaining to the People what He is defending. Serpent wants to represent People in Parliament. I have never heard Serpent talked on an issue as yet. He is as DUNCE as a DOOR NAIL. This Guy is on UPP ticket as a Candidate. How can someone work for this Guy . Serpent is worst than Jamale Pringle.

    • He did not ANR ONLY SHARED a fraction of what he said. Stop jumping to conclusions. He spoke of a FB vlogger who was calling for observer to STOP hosting those against vaccines as in his view they serve to undermine the efforts to get the nation vaccinated in record time. Serpent as co-owner of Newsco was merely reminding the vlogger that stifling speech has never been observers M.O and they won’t start now. Whether the are for or against everyone has a right to be heard. And I agree fully with his sentiments. ANR a lot more was said next time at least try taking it from the START.

  6. I listened to the recording but from the recording the Person did not explain anything. This is very irresponsible for Someone to be defending without explaining what He is defending. If I am not mistaken I heard the Person voice on the recording is a Journalist !!!!!

  7. The last time I checked I am still living in a democratic society where the right of free speech is enshrined in the Constitution. So a guest was on Observer that presented his views on the covid 19 virus that are different to the views that many of us hold. Now, please tell me what was wrong with that. Did Observer do something wrong. No. All ideas must contend in a democratic society and that is what Observer stands for.

  8. Just Saying gone quiet you can hear a pin . That’s what they always do hit and run .

  9. Everyone seems to be dancing around the issue. Tabor can you please explain what is the issue in order for me to make an intelligent conclusion ?

  10. Tabor ..I know that We are protected by FREE speech. Also there is something called ” RESPONSIBILITY”. These are the areas that you have always FAILED to inform the Nation. Tabor….Partisan POLITICS seem to always CONSUMED you. Tabor….as a Lawyer you should NOT always see the colour BLUE but trained your brain to see other colours.

  11. I have listened to the Parliamentary Debate in Antigua and Barbuda.I heard a Member of Parliament saying to another Member.That he stole millions from the people of the Nation.There was a real estate transaction.The property was sold for $5 million.That is what the seller told Cabinet.He was given a tax(exemption) waiver on the $5 million sale.The tax waiver equaled 10% of the sales price $500,000.After all was settle and the dust cleared. It was allege that the correct sales price for said property was $50 million not $5 million.The seller should have paid the 10% sales tax,$5 million dollars.In the end he(Member of Parliament) pocketed the $5 million of the people money.How the heck did he get away with that? Isn’t that FRAUD?Persons have been arrested in Antigua and Barbuda for much less than that.
    A man said on Radio.That he was told money went missing from the CIP Funds.He was arrested by the Police.Because a Politician gave the order in Parliament.He was put into hand cuffs and ankle chains for all to see. He did not steal a red cent from the PEOPLE.Are we going to see the same thing in this matter? Serpent is defending free speech.You people cannot take away the rights of free speech from others.The day that happens in Antigua and Barbuda.That would be the day all hell breaks loose. Mark my words.This matter that involves the selling of lands and keeping the sales taxes of $5,000.000 is a huge concern to me.This is just the very tip of the iceberg.All of them corrupted,thiefing politicians,must go to Prison.

    • @ Red Kool Aid.
      You just Shhhhh shut up all the labor party supporters with your comments.
      That’s their method of operation.

  12. ERICA the issue is there was a guest (a doctor from overseas) on Voice of the People last week who expressed certain misgivings about vaccines. He made it quite clear that those were his views and that people should get all the information possible and come to their own decision. Because of the guest’s anti-vaccine position many people felt he should not have been a guest on VOIP. It was felt that his views would undermine the government’s efforts to get as many people as possible to take the vaccine. Mr. Watts (Serpent) the Manager of Observer felt that no opinion should be fettered and that the guest was a welcomed guest of the VOIP show. That basically is the gist of the issue. As you know we live in a democratic society where free speech is allowed and the management of Observer was allowing the free speech of the guest.

    • Charles One day you are yours alike claim Antigua is run as a dictatorship and when it suits you we have Free Speech.
      Tell me something America is know to have Free Speech aren’t they? So why did twiter and all the other social media boycotted Trump from having his Free Speech? Fraid of what he was going to say?
      I guess it is only Free Speech for who it pleases.

      • Will someone please explain what FROM THE SIDELINE is trying to say?
        (Please reference the many appearances of LIEnel Hurst on observer radio).
        He, FTS, still can’t comment on the things said by Gaston and Asot while addressing parliament.

      • What about the $5million alleged theft? Will you comment on this or commenting on nonsensical issues is your forte? How about the police investigating?

        • PM said he thought Asot sold the property for 5 million dollars when he waived the taxes. However, it was sold for 50 million dollars.
          People where is the supporting document for the transaction processed by the most transparent group of politicians?
          How many times the PM is going to tell antigua people that he signed on the dotted lines without reading?

          • Are the taxes being waived on paper so that Politicians can pocket the funds? Right now
            People are going through hardships and the government has nothing to give them because the people’s money are in the politician’s pockets. Antiguans are so stupid that they do not hold these politicians accountable and like sheep keep voting for them. Where are the so-called intelligent people of Antigua? In a real country, there would be calls for and investigation.
            Gaston wants us to believe he did not know what he was signing. If he is that dumb he should not be prime minister and resign.

  13. ANU I really cannot help you because neither do I understand what FROM THE SIDELINE is trying to say. He is becoming more and more confused with his comments. This is usually apparent when he is trying to defend the indefensible.

    • Sorry for the typose on my cell.
      But in short Charles, One time you claim this country has turned into a dictatoraship and when it suits you we are living in a democratic country with Free Speech. Which is it?
      And I referred to Trump being locked out of Twitter and other social media platforms. Does the USA have Free Speech or not?

  14. @ From The Sideline.
    Why stop there?
    I would like you to address the crimes associated with the theft of the $5 million dollars from the people of antigua and barduda by PM Gaston Browne and Asot Michael who self implicated themselves during parliament. Do you think they don’t know that what they did is a crime? Ask them for the paperwork to support the transaction.
    Do you think Trump and Pence could have done that in the USA without being charged with conspiracy, aiding and abetting, or something. Tabor would know of the charges

    • From the sideline will probably not answer you. Not because he is unaware of the thefts of the people’s assets by this government, but because he is happy with the crumbs from this government. Nothing will change in Antigua until the society start thinking about what is best for Antigua and not about the crumbs falling from the table that they are collecting.
      Unfortunately, most Antiguans are miseducated and Gaston knows this.

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