Auction of Alfa Nero to proceed


On 18 May, the U.S. Treasury Department granted licence No. RUSSIA-EO14024-2023-1060959-1 to the Antiguan and Barbudan government, permitting approved parties to participate in the auction of Alfa Nero. The motoryacht has been moored in Antigua’s Falmouth Harbour for more than a year and is said to be owned by sanctioned Russian fertiliser tycoon Andrey Guryev.

82m Oceanco Alfa Nero

In the National Assembly of Antigua and Barbuda, Prime Minister Gaston Browne made the announcement public, paving the way for the Port Authority to auction off the 82-metre Oceanco. It has been stipulated that the prospective buyers must not be on a sanctioned list and need to have acquired a U.S. Treasury licence to engage in financial transactions related to the vessel. According to the release, several interested bidders have already secured their individual licences from the U.S. Treasury Department.

Antigua and Barbuda’s Ambassador to the United States of America, Sir Ronald Sanders, noted that while the licence enables the Antiguan and Barbudan government to proceed with the auction and sale of the vessel, other considerations, such as the formal removal of Alfa Nero from the U.S. Treasury’s Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons list, remain in process.

Ambassador Sanders stated, “This entire process broke new ground; there were no rule books or patterns to follow. In this sense, much has been achieved by a small state.”

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  1. Where is Franz and Paul? Hope AL can play their recording of them saying the Antiguan Government cannot get the USA to remove the Sanctions off the Super Yacth. They said that never happened in the past asked “Who Gaston Browne think he be”?
    I guess PM Browne is the BOSS.

    • Yes Iman he is the big BOSS. So big that he told the US govt to pay up what is owed us from the outcome of the online gambling case by the international court. Way de money? What you go say now, Oh it in the mail?

      Chupit @ss kissing idiat you be. How the cuckahole look inside?

  2. Well, well, well! Iman has crawled out of his nest. PM Browne is the Boss. What, this failed experiment? This incompetent, narcissistic, wanabe? What is your obsession with this yacht? You have ran this country into the ground with your gross mismanagement of its finance as you continue to borrow us into oblivion even when you have collected in excess of 12 billion dollars in 8 years. You are such a pathological liar, you have no credibility to sensible, educated, rational men and women.
    I checked the OFAC website with the license number listed here. NADA. Why? The US is a real country and would certainly publish such crucial information. MY sources in the US is checking. We shall see.

    • Wow!!! What an accurate description of the previous administration. Thanks for reminding us of all they have done!

  3. So if the US Treasury is involved, this only means that taxes will have to be paid to the US, further suggesting that the us government still control the rights to this sanctioned asset. Who is fooling who? So stop the misinformation and just state that Antiguan government is just a small partner in this deal, barely by virtue of the fact that ship is dock there, nothing else. So no control has not been turned over this the Antiguan government as this article(s) have been trying to insinuate.

  4. Again I asked how or why all of the oligarchs in the western world didn’t have assets frozen or seized, when Iraq was invaded? And why this obsession to have other people’s properties? Did you work for it? By the way can Antigua and Barbuda seize assets amounting to the sum total of the money owed to us from the international court ruling? Are there two ways to spell justice? Democracy?

  5. The sanctions are not yet lifted off the Alfa Nero yacht. Unless this is done it makes no sense for anyone to purchase. U

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