AUA student convicted for shoplifting in supermarket says he did it to impress girlfriend



A French medical student now faces removal from the American University of Antigua (AUA) after being convicted of larceny.

The Police charged the student after he was caught stealing in The Epicurean Supermarket, and he pleaded guilty before Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh.

Because it was his first conviction, he was fined $600, the sum of the groceries he had stolen. The man paid the monies forthwith, since he told the St. John’s Magistrates Court that he had sufficient cash on him.

Reports are that the man and his girlfriend were purchasing groceries at the supermarket when he began to place items into a knapsack on his back.

His illegal action was picked up by a supervisor who was monitoring the cameras, and who later informed an on-duty police officer working at the establishment.

After picking up the items, the student made his way to the cashier and paid for the items in his shopping cart. However, he failed to remove those in his knapsack, which were high-end meat products, including sirloin steaks.

Further reports are that he was stopped by the officer as he attempted to leave the supermarket, taken to a room and searched, and the items were found in his bag.

While the items in the cart were valued at over $100, those in his knapsack totaled more than $500.

The man was taken into custody and the charge was later proffered against him.

The student told the court he had stolen the items to impress his girlfriend, who was also in court at the time. It was her customer card he had presented for the transaction.

In the meantime, the man is reportedly concerned about what he is going to tell his parents, since his medical studies are now threatened by his actions.

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  1. AUA, please give him a second chance, he made a mistake he pled guilty! He’s an upcoming medical student, I bet he has learned his lesson. Don’t hold this one incident over this student’s head, and stop him from pursuing his studies!!!

    • I Agreed. how ever. it’s soo shameful for he’s parents… and he lies. Says to impress!!??? Gives me a break. Who wants to be with a shop lifter…
      Just charge him. amd let him learn a lesson” hopefully “.

    • So he can go to a medical center and steal medication or whatever he can get his hands on to impress his gf once more… Actions have consequences…and this is not even a good damn excuse to be stealing high end meat!! The same $600 he had to pay the court the same $600 he cuda use fa pay for the meat!! NONSENSE!!

    • Concern Resident? How ironic the name. Anyone who decides on committing a felony with so much at stake to impress his girlfriend should find another profession. The less stupid doctors the better. He need to go fortwit.
      Would you chose to go to his practice knowing he’s a psychopath?
      He watch too much Money Heist, he should have been watching ER.

    • Agreed. Stupid choice that many young people make….just trying to be funny. Think he now understand. He was just trying to be a prankster

  2. AUA should expel him and Immigration should deport him…that’s what would happen if it was a non-national from the Caribbean.

    If he was stealing because he had a need I would advocate for mercy…but stealing to impress his girlfriend? Give me a break. When the female officer was caught shoplifting at this same supermarket a few months ago the news media was quick to post her image and shame her. Why should this young man be treated differently.

    A doctor to be should know better.

    • That is right. Its because we are black and they have white. He have $600 on him and he rather steal instead of pay them. Anyway majority of the students at AUA are spoiled brats. They act like if everyone is beneath them.

      • Ur not too smart obviously as you can only use race as ur argument, and yeah I’m sure the “majority” of the aua students act like everyone is beneath them right, smdh, not only r u not too smart but obviously very insecure as well

    • And her name was all over the media but not a name mentioned only a medical student. Only in this 268 we treat our own like dogs and grin up with others

  3. Poor guy!! He was probably pressured by the gf. Get ur priorities straight. Only thing you should try to impress is your CAS scores. Hope you get a second chance and learn your lesson.

  4. He should be removed from the state and he should be struck off from the medical register, he presented as a high risk and may decides to raid the medical drug cabinet to impress gf. The court was extremely lenient with him.

  5. Boi messed up badly. If it was me of course I would want a second chance but stealing is no good… bad way to impress girlfriend

  6. To those out there who say give him a second chance, what if it was your home he broke into?

    Would you be saying the same thing?

    Larceny is larceny no matter how big or small.

    Realistically we don’t know if this is his first time doing this, only that it’s his first time being caught.

    Who knows how many other supermarkets/corner shops he “could have” pocketed goods for.

    P.S that impressing GF thing is bs.
    Like really, if that’s what it takes to make your girl like you, re-evaluate your choices dude.

  7. Wow! Are we really trying to kick this guy out of school for stealing 600. of groceries .. this actually has nothing to do with his academic career and how is 600EC a felony .. ?? Really Antigua … ?? Chupps .. meanwhile a 18 year old that had sex with a 5 year old gets 5 years with time served.

    This type of nonsense with this man stealing 600 shouldn’t even make the papers … get a life Antigua ..

    Fix the roads and provide running water !!!!

  8. Honestly If he was alone during the shoplift, then I would understand he’s a thief. Considering he had the money to pay and was with his girlfriend shows he was pressured and tried to impress her. We all make mistakes. I wish him all the best and hope he gets a second chance. Boy going to that length to impress a girl is a red flag on it’s own. If you get kicked out, she’ll replace you nxt day. Wise up! #Fuckher

  9. All those who haven’t steal at any point in their lives can call for a harsher punishment.
    Give the boy a second chance.

  10. Yea but if his name was Jermiah Benjamin and was a resident of Grays Farm and his motives for stealing was because he hadn’t eaten for 2 days due to his mother being unemployed and father isn’t in the picture, the outcry for leniency would be a lot different. I guarantee that.

    Money, status & skin color really plays a role in how the world treats you. 🫶🏿

  11. No photographs accompanying this story??? I can’t believe it. Mr. Byam, where are your comments about Caribbean nations?

  12. You can’t make this stuff up. Stealing to impress a girl and a doctor at that. Wrong profession better off becoming a politician.

  13. Does a student visa grant you immunity from name and shame? Why was this idiotic thief listed as “A French medical Student”? why not the name and picture that tax paying citizens of a mid to lower class have to endure?

  14. The existing white coats have done the world a great disservice over the last 2 years. Do you want to add a shoplifter to that group?

  15. Give him a chance? I would like to see him steal $600 from your bags and you say it’s ok just leave him alone. I wonder if it’s because heis an AUA student why someone you think this way? What if it was a youngster off the streets who was hungry, could not pay the court fine and was being sent to prison for 30 days… would you still say just let him go and give him a chance? He can afford to buy the items cause he showed up in court with the money……think about that

  16. Look comments for this situation…. This will teach him a lessons but let him continue with his studies …… when the situation turn …. No justices does be involve. Let him continue and charge the woman too

  17. He did not steal anything from any of you fools. He made a very very foolish decision. He did pay for what he stole. The students at AUA are of all different colors btw. They are brilliant. Some students misbehave but most respect the law of your land.By land I mean bumpy, bumpy unpaved roads. The court will deal with his wrongdoing. He should not be expelled from school at all. The students bring so much to the island of Antigua and its economy. Many are treated as dollar signs by Antiguans and nothing else. They are used and abused. The student maybe suffered from kwashiokor and needed some protein. I know you guys are upset that the Queen died but relax she didn’t care about you anyway.

  18. Honestly I can’t believe it. He seem like a focused smart guy. It’s unbelievable!! Guess what happens when you’re in a one sided relationship. Always trying hard to impress the other person. I would advice you work on your self esteem lol. I hope you get a second chance and reprioritize your life. Think about your student loans. Dude focus on ur MD degree!! Women will flow.

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