AUA student robbed at knifepoint while jogging on Jabberwock road


The American University of Antigua has informed students of the most recent robbery which occurred over the weekend:

Dear AUA Community,

KYI (keeping you informed) This morning (Saturday), around 7:20 am, an AUA student was robbed by knifepoint while
jogging on Jabberwock road near Jabberwock Villas. We are grateful that she was not
physically harmed.

The vehicle was a black SUV, possibly a Honda CRV, with two males. The police department has responded and will investigate this incident. Despite this traumatic experience, our AUA student is in good spirits, and her roommates have shown to be very supportive.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident, please get in touch with the Coolidge
Police at 268-462-3185 or Campus Safety & Security at 268-764-7819.

The administration will provide the AUA community with additional information if and when
it is made available.

Safety tips: Travel with a group. If you think you’re in a high-risk location, you can lower your chances of being mugged by exercising with a group. Muggers are much less likely to approach a group when thev can target an individual.

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  1. I’m happy this person is getting support.
    This is extremely upsetting. The number of crimes this year is rocketing. I wonder if a new government would do something about the rise in crime here. Someone has to do something. Me would think it would fall on those in power.

  2. Don’t think a government can do anything about this. It’s not political.

    Put camera systems in place.

    Don’t jog alone.

    Setup criminals and catch them.

  3. Give the upp a chance. Never have I lived under the upp where there was a high rate in crime to be honest. What is this Government doing? Get the force out to run patrols in numerous locations where you know are mostly targeted. Come on… It’s over bearing now.

    • You really need a memory check. I guess you guys believe people have short memories so you can come and tell all sorts of lies. During the UPP time in office, women were raped every night in their homes. Even an old woman who was one of my friends her mother got raped. The woman totally lost her mind till this day. A woman got shot on clear day light at Heritage Quay in a shop. Family of Eye Mobile. The case is still an unsolved murder. I mean I don’t like to say that crime is political, but there are some links between the economic situation and crime. And the economy was very bad at that time. Young folks were loitering all over town. So bad that the police try to enforce a public order act, that young school children when they came from school could not hang around town any longer. I would like to put some blame on the police for not patrolling enough. Someone needs to take a hard look at how the force is being run lately. I don’t think they have respect for the chief.

      • Sidelines:Is the economy good now or bad? If it is good. Why are there so many crimes at this time. There are home invasions,breakings of homes and businesses. More seriously there are also the loss of lives by Murder. What is going on in this Non-Economic Poor-House. Your bosom buddy Gaston Browne is not fit for Leadership of any Country,in my opinion .Everything he touches turns to chit. He did work for a Piggy Bank. That does not make him a Banker. What has become of the dirty laundry of a Bank?

      • @From The Sideline…

        To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
        If the HEAD is rotten, the whole body stinks!

        Many of us were sounding the #Conch_Shell over a decade ago, as to the chickens/crooks(white collar criminals) and the eggs(street gangs) which they were laying. Those eggs have since hatched and are producing offsprings such as, the present wave of Street_Criminals which are complimenting the Suit & Tie and the Hubble/Mini Skirt Office criminals,
        Law Enforcement are not all together clueless as to what is happening. It appears as if, their actions or lack thereof, are enabling and strengthening ALL CRIMINALS(white collar and blue collar).

        It’s gonna get worst due to PPP – Piss Poor Planning and PPM – Piss Poor Management.

        In the business of crime, it’s well known and documented, that those in the business will allow crime to happen to keep their businesses growing and running.

        Crime is BIG BUSINESS!

  4. This is going to stop tourists from coming in the future. My husband has been vacationing there for close to 20 years, 2 to 3 times a year for months at a time. We been reading up on the Antigua news and have read nothing but robings, shootings, rape, as well as the other crimes on human life. We have decided to stop spending our vacation time there because of this. We can’t take the bus or walking on our own without worrying about getting robbed. I can’t on out driving alone with fear of being robbed. We can’t doing any of the things we loved most in Antigua anymore because of the dangerous crimes. We will spend our money elsewhere! Good-Bye Antigua!!!

  5. AUA brings a lot of money into the island and it is way past time for the minister of Public Safety to get off his more than rotund derriere and get the police force mobilized with whatever equipment they need to deal with the rising crime problem for the benefit of residents (including farmers), students and visitors. If this is not treated as a high priority then Antigua will most likely be added to travel advisories as a high risk destination. I would also suggest that putting a stop to immigrants from out of control high crime destinations such as Jamaica and similar should go into effect immediately. If this issue is not dealt with anyone who votes for do nothing but pad accounts politicians will get a crime ridden, corrupt and bankrupt hellhole. The income suppliers will move elsewhere.

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