AUA student involved in accident dies

kenneth matthew



One of two medical students left critically injured in a road accident on October 23 has died.

Kenneth Mathew, 21, passed away this morning at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.


The AUA student’s parents had been in the process of trying to fly him to India for specialist medical care.


Mathew and 19-year-old Priyanjana Das were struck while attempting to cross Friars Hill Road.


Karim Edwards, 45, who apparently initially fled the scene before later handing himself in to police, was charged with dangerous driving last week. Those charges are likely to now be upgraded.


Das, who had her right arm amputated due to injuries sustained in the incident, remains in the hospital’s ICU.


We will bring you more details as we get them.

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  1. Holy Shit !
    I blame,,,,bad lighting,,,,on a brand new,prime piece of roadway.
    Most of Friars Hill dark.

    • Stop making excuses for the driver. Lights didn’t kill this poor young man, wreckless driving did! All of us drive on Friars Hill Road at night but we don’t mow down innocent pedestrians. SMH

    • I was just saying couple of weeks. Ago!! Friar’s.Hill Road. Needs lights!! It’s soo pitch Black. I’m very sorry for the person who hit them… cause also. He’s a father. And probably couldn’t see them… and very very sorry for the young lady. She needs encouragement to continue her dreams… and to the family of the young fellow… condolences. all ended very sad!!

      • Some people just go on social media and chart all sorts of crap. Why would someone suggest that the driver should be charge for manslaughter? Is this a murder case ? This is a case of causing death by dangerous driving. If it is proven that the driver was drunk then people would call for his license to be revoke but this is a case like all other causing death by dangerous driving. What does that have to do because of who his wife is. His charge will be upgraded and his bail conditions will be revisited or allow to continue as is. This is not murder he can get bail. Please study the Law before some of you make retarded comments. Sick and fed up.

        • @Little Johnny, Because he was driving a car that hit two people and one of them died. So yes, he can be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

          • @Sugarapple…of course, #Condolences to all those who are bereaved.

            U- Dun-Kno-Wah…

            …Interesting times!
            …Interesting series of events!
            …The charges laid thus far against the ‘alleged’ driver is INTERESTING.
            …The updated charge(s) will be more interesting,
            …The #Trial and aftermath will also be interesting.

            #Jumbee_Picknee knows “I am because WE are!

        • @Little Johnny, because one of the accident victims died, the driver CAN be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

      • @Nyleve, you’re sorry for someone who hit them and ran away? He didn’t even check to see if he could assist them in anyway. That fact that he has kids also shows how callous and rotten he is — An absolute degenerate.

        • Exactly!!! Me nuh kay bout no damn driver who hit di people and dem pickney and drove away like he hit a cat. The people traveled from afar to pursue their hopes and dreams. Killed one and the young lady had her arm amputated!!!!!!!!! What if she wants to be a surgeon? Endless, unnecessary trauma he unfolded. Bout he hab pickney. He shoulda think bout dat before driving like a mk- er pan di road. To hell with him.

    • So you blame bad lighting for his high speed travelling?
      Granted better lighting ‘may’ have caused him to see better depending on whether he was inebriated or not, but better lighting does not control speed.

  2. Just heartbroken for his family and a beautiful soul that only wanted to do so much good for the world. May he eternally rest in peace. 😔

  3. So sad. Condolences to his family and friends. I hope the charges will now be upgraded to death by dangerous driving because I think that man deserves jail time and he should never be allowed to drive again. Let’s hope he doesn’t walk away with a slap on the wrist because of who his wife is

  4. This is very sad news, My sincere condolences…. yes street lights it needed but after 10pm its like a race track on Friars hill road!! Why can’t the government invest in speed cameras rather than wasting tax payers money!!

  5. I pray for his family for their grief and pain. Its truly heartbreaking. Its a tragedy and there’s no respite from it.
    I wish on them all the comfort and love possible. I pray for them.

  6. How very sad, and so unnecessary and avoidable.

    My heart and condolences go out to his family, friends and fellow students – may the Lord surround and comfort all of you 🙏

    I have a medical student son at present in the UK, and I don’t know how I would deal with this terrible tragedy.

    I am almost at a lost for words.

    Bad driving practices and speeding is growing at a rate of knots in Antigua; something more drastic has to come into effect to get all the bad drivers off our roads – no ifs, no buts or maybes.

    The driver should now be arrested immediately!

  7. Rest in Peace Kenny 😢

    So many crazy drivers on this island.
    The worst are the Taxi Men. I almost
    got wiped out today on Anchorage Road by
    one of the idiots in a Silver taxi van going
    at least twice the speed limit. At the
    minimum move away from the pedestrians smh.

  8. Condolences To the family. It’s a sad situation all around. I make no excuse for the driver and the police as usual do not carry out justice without bias. When I heard he was only charged with dangerous driving, I was appalled. What happened to leaving the scene of the accident? What happened to causing grievous bodily harm by dangerous driving? The young lady lost her arm for crying out loud and now the young man is dead. I wonder if he was driving under the influence? Because that would be a whole different story.

  9. The fact that the driver left the scene of the accident snd then returned some time later with his lawyer, makes it impossible for the police to prove that he was driving under the influence. Imho, that’s why he should have been charged for leaving the scene (and also leaving the victims to die like animals). I’d be surprised if he even gets a slap on the wrist. I fully expect him to be exonerated on a manufactured technicality.

  10. So, so very sad your young life just like that gone! We all love you Kenneth, and hope you knew that before you left us, now we are bearing your loss in pain, and feeling the broken hearts of your Mom and Dad!
    May your life take meaning at AUA & APUA & lighted roads, and the drivers on Friars speedway.
    And God bless you!

  11. This is a very sad ending to a young life.He left his home,with all of the intentions to return and would not do so alive.It must be very hard on his Parents.Persons on this portal are blaming the driver and other things.I was driving from Willikies to St.Johns.I stopped at the WIOC gas station in Glanvilles to purchase gas.I pulled out of the Station very slowly onto the Highway.A lady walked out of a small shop in front of my car.I had to slam on the brakes.If I had hit her,many of you would have blamed me as the Driver.When in fact she would have been wrong.Let us all wait and see what comes out of this.He did hit them and continued on his merry way.Only to return at a later time and accept his responsibility. In my opinion,he should have stopped and render assistance by calling 911 and wait for Medical and or Police to arrive.

    • @Tuna, if you were pulling out slowly and hit her, the probability of her dying would not be very high. Same goes for this driver. The impact from the SPEED the car was traveling is what caused such catastrophic damage to these young folks.

      • @ LOCK HIM UP:If I did not have a strong bladder. My pants would have been wet.The shop in question is just west of the WIOC Gas Station.Just be careful folks when driving from Willikies through Glanvilles and Pares Village.

  12. Kenneth Mathew Bless You.
    To Kenneth’s family- I wish you light & send you love. Way too young. I feel heart broken for your loss. As small as they may be, my prayers are with you.

  13. This is horrific and sad. A young life was snuffed out due to reckless driving. Our condolences go out to his family at this time of their bereavement. We must pay attention and do better on the roads. We also have to accept responsibility for this tragedy and do all that we can to ensure justice and accountability prevails.

  14. Do car manufacturers put lights on their cars to work along with street lights? If that is the case then the lack of street lights can certainly be blamed. If not the case then………
    I’m just saying.

  15. I was saddened reading about the young man passing. I was hoping he would make it and be able to follow his dream. I pray for his family on this difficult time. No words are available how they must be feeling. I don’t know either of them and I can’t stop crying. This could have been any of us or our loved ones

  16. So sad, yet the perpetrator will most likely get away with this crime, since his wife is big time magistrate – only happens in corrupt little Antigua. Any other country and this would be vehicular manslaughter and he sent to jail! It’s just common driving sense to slow down and proceed with caution, when you see a party and people on the road…but some privileged locals above the law- backwards ever, forward never!

  17. My condolences to the family, very sad.
    RIP Kenneth.

    There isn’t a day that I drive in Antigua that I don’t thank God for my safe return home.
    And yes, taxi drivers are the worst.
    Now add pot smoking and alcohol to the car driving idiots and you have an accident waiting to happen.

  18. Praying for the families involved this tragedy. These students didn’t deserve this and justice should be served. Shame on AUA for not reporting the incident to their student body. I hope that we can come together as a community to support these students in any way possible.

    • There is blood on Aua’s hands…..students are required to purchase emergency evacuation, why was it not utilized?? The same dean that held his passport and had to “work out insurance” flew out immediately when he suffered a heart attack…. Why did he stop to grab lunch before visiting these critically injured students??? Guess his hunger was more important than the well being of the the students he’s paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect and champion for…… SHAME ON AUA GREED AND CORRUPTION WILL CATCH UP TO YOU

  19. What is wrong with you people, what do you mean by bad lighting, isn’t it that the more the road is lit the better for drivers to see? In the other big countries where they have Highway proper lighting is it because of that why accidents are in those countries? And what about the countryside that doesn’t have proper lighting where accident occur what would you say? It is full-time we Act and communicate with sense hence the reason why persons didn’t want bill for the driver because we are all assuming it’s a possibility for what happened to the student to happen my condolences to the family. Boy we people in Antigua when are we going to learn!!

  20. Why are you defending the driver what he did was right hit and run away? A million dollar question if it was your child how would you feel and what would you want? When the table has turned that would be a big story

  21. Very, very sad. Condolences to his entire family. May his young soul rest in perpetual peace. 🙏🏽😀

  22. I can only imagine the pain and infuriation that these students parents must be feeling right now. I would be more than furious if I were his parents, justice must prevail. Left them to die in the road like their lives are worthless, while he ran home to his judge wife and call his lawyer, smdh, disgusting

  23. September 4th 1994 my aunt who had Alzheimer’s was killed by a motor vehicle on that same road. Its sad how All and Sundry is calling for justice for the individual who met this untimely demise. I offer my condolences to his family but where was the justice for my aunt at that time.

  24. Why don’t I all read and understand. The article states the students were trying to cross the road, it never said the vehicle mounted the sidewalk, also someone said the driver was speeding, were they there? Utter rubbish, stop jumping to conclusions and get the facts, stupse

    • Ignorant idiot. If the driver wasn’t speeding they wouldn’t have died!! Would they have been launched 60ft in the air from where they were hit?! No is the answer. And I guess you’re going to tell me next that the driver leaving the scene only to return later with a lawyer while two people lay dying in the road is normal and acceptable behaviour too? This has to be one of the most ignorant and unintelligent comment Iv ever read. Get a grip. You are sick.

  25. @Looking from outside, your comment is the rubbish. You don’t have to be at the scene of an accident to draw a conclusion. Police Investigators and forensic specialists does it all the time. I maintain that the driver was speeding and I suspect he was driving under the influence. Otherwise, what credible reason would he have to have LEFT the scene? He mowed down two youngsters and LEFT — What a piece of shit you have to be to do that. You seem to as loathsome as he he is.

    • @LOCK HIS ASS UP NOW…Jumbee_Picknee says…👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾say it louder!

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