Attorney General Revamps Appeal For Law School In Antigua & Barbuda


Attorney General, the Hon. Steadroy Benjamin is flying out the island this week to reenergise a lobby that he started back in 2017 for Antigua and Barbuda to have its own law school.

He will meet with the Carbbean Counsel of Legal Education to push the initiative for Antigua and Barbuda, now with a university campus, to have its own law school.

“We want to go further to complete the circle, and also deal with law because the demand is great and I shall impress upon my colleagues when they meet in Jamaica that this government has the interest to establish a law school here in Antigua and Barbuda” he explained.

Benjamin first started this process in 2017 for his case for setting up a law school in Antigua; it was particularly to serve the OECS countries and their great demand for this area of study.

“Because there are many persons who have applied but because of lack of space they are being deprived of the opportunity to become lawyers.” he highlighted.

Benjamin is confident that once he presents his findings and research, the counsel will, eventually, rule in his favour.


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  1. YES! Cutie right again. The New Antigua is arising as a true powerhouse. As the Reverend Terry Miller used to say on the SHARON GOSPEL HOUR, “The Best is Yet to Come”. God bless Antigua. If the People’s Government rules in this way, they’ll be in power for generations.

    • You realised what happened to Antigua and Barbuda when the same government ruled for a previous “generation “… is this what you honestly want for our our children..I’d hope not..

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “Each generation must discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it, in relative opacity.” ― Frantz Fanon, The Wretched of the Earth!

      Euphoria YES! Eureka NO! All three older Campuses – Cave Hill, St. Augustine and Mona – have Faculties of Law! Time for the Prime Minister to begin A Process of Rationalization and Cabinet Solidarity!

      Why has the OECS been shut out of Caribbean and Global Industrial and Knowledge Development! STEM any one! How long can we continue to ignore Science, Technology and Industrialization to create and develop a Sustainable Blue and Green Economy when the effects of the Climate and its Resultant Ecology are all about us as we travel along the Caribbean and Lucayan Highways! With Limited resources, there must be Higher Education Transformative Rationalization!

      The Honourable Steadroy Benjamin, Attorney General, steeped in the practice of Law with Love, given his experience and all-pervading intelligence, is seeing grace everywhere and rushing to create Life at the Intersection (Carl James 2012) of ideas and actions on the basis of what is vocation and not what is creative and transformative at the political and economic, socio-cultural, technological, legal and ecological levels! Cognitively and Structurally, this runs counter to UWI’s Vision, Mission, Core Values, Strategy, its functional raison d’être for the Five Islands Campus and its three schools of Health and Behavioural Sciences, Management, Sciences and Technology, and Humanities and Education! There is something more than knowing, there is also doing! What the clarion call clearly demonstrates is that the definitive inclinations as earnestly articulated are autobiographical!

      “Fine universities are not established and funded to serve themselves but to commit to engage the challenges facing their host communities. In this regard the primary mandate of The University of the West Indies (The UWI) is to serve in the advancement of the Caribbean community and sustain its development.” Professor Dr. Hillary Beckles UWI VICE-CHANCELLOR!

    • This is one reason ABLP must be kicked out and kept out of govt in this country. They always contaminate the minds of the citizenry, pushing the BS that only they can run the country. So while we laugh at the foolishness that Max spews or the constant BS of Cermle, they are making inroads in the psyche of the nation if we do not remain strong.
      The point is: any govt who is willing to bankrupt the nation to satisfy their ego could do what ABLP is now doing. Where they are succeeding is to have their PRO persons, and blind supporters, working to convince the people that their sh..t is actually ground beef.

      • So having a law school here in Antigua is BS now. Wow I’m sure u are one of them folks who would gladly kiss Moody Stweart ass from head to toe. Wake up and smell the coffee Antigua is progressing

  2. Yes ….cutie YOU now seeking your Law Legacy …you’ve been in LAW for abt 40 years your sons are LAWYERS like you the BENJAMIN LAW FIRM OR STEADROY BENJAMIN SCHOOL OF LAW has a nice ring to it and your a decent man and terrific father so push for it ….

    Its about time ANTIGUA gets a Law school also the financial burdens most families face sending their children to America for schooling( like if AMERICAN DEGREES ARE THE ONLY ONES TO BE HAD OR HOLD MORE WATER) ….its said the BEST THING A POOR MAN CAN DO IS EDUCATE HIS CHILDREN….



  3. I actually agree with this idea. Maybe we can have a law school at the new UWI Five Islands campus? Antigua should be legal HUB for OECS.

  4. While i am always for betterment. In Antigua and Barbuda we’re not lacking in degrees. We lack technical training and skills. So why we are in the space of higher education. Let’s also push for a technical institutions. For example in Jamaica. #U TECH.


    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “To Develop an Economic Power House in The Caribbean using ‘Entrepreneurial Socialism'” sums up the articulated Vision of the Honourable Gaston Browne! The UWI, Five Islands Campus should provide the educational, socio-cultural, technological and environmental catalyst for the Vision!

      This mere voice in the wilderness would encourage a Centre Of Excellence for Sustainability and the Environment which is founded on building strengths in sciences and technology! A&B must chart a course for future synergies that address critical needs of the nation, the OECS and the wider Caribbean by coupling basic and applied research in the areas related to environmental sustainability with economic and technological development for a Sustainable Blue and Green Economy! Must the Major Currency Engine be annually devastated by the Sargassum Weed with no Industrial Development of Algal Fuels, Feed-stock or Fertilizer!

      UWI Strategic Plan: “The Triple A Strategy is grounded in the vision that The UWI needs to facilitate an access revolution in higher education in the Caribbean region given the low level of enrollment at the tertiary level, regionally and also among members of the Caribbean diaspora. Similarly, while access is critical, The UWI also sees the alignment with industry as an important element of its mandate, to help to strengthen the innovation capacity and capabilities of regional economies and lead to higher levels of growth. Further, while The UWI recognizes the anaemic growth of Caribbean economies, it sees potential opportunities in the international marketplace and as such, has to become more agile in order to take advantage of these opportunities. It is these three concepts (access, alignment, agility) which ground The UWI’s strategic response to the challenges and opportunities in its operating environment.”

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