Attorney-at-Law Warren Cassell found guilty of concealing the proceeds of criminal conduct


A 9-member jury has found Attorney-at-Law Warren Cassell guilty of concealing the proceeds of criminal conduct.

He has since been remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison in Montserrat.

Cassell represented himself and will be sentenced at 9 a.m on Thursday June 23rd.

The lawyer who also practices in Antigua was charged with one count of concealing the proceeds of criminal conduct contrary to section 33(1) (a) of the Proceeds of Crime Act 1999, Caption 4.04.

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  1. Real Sad!! Don’t our attorneys know that “the love of money is the root of all evil ” & what happens in the dark will at some point come out into the light?

    • @Justice 4 ALL: There are many good Lawyers in Antigua. There are also many honest Lawyers in Antigua. I have dealt with Lawyers there for many moons now. They have never tried to swindled from me in any forms. My transactions involved some really high dollars amounts. They have always done exactly what I discussed with them. So one bad apple does not spoil the entire Profession. Keep on doing good works Honest Lawyers in Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. It’s sad. From all accounts, he’s seemingly not well liked in Montserrat. He’s usually on the side of the small man. Let’s hope he appeals his case and is successful.

  3. Two heads are better than one, hope gets a lawyer when he appeal.
    Good good man that…..Anyone that is against the system will have these challenges.

  4. There is a legal saying it takes a fool to represent himself as a lawyer. Secondly I had some dealings with him when he and Daniel were working together. I hired Daniel for my lawyer and he came. I never hired the chamber. Anyhow he was boastful and did a very poor Job representing me. I asked to take the stand myself and that what swing the case in my favor. I never returned to Daniels chamber after that. See him always on Facebook making a fool of himself also.
    Good example is made of crooks in Monserrat. The past Chief Minister in prison and now renowned lawyer in prison. Catching up on the real criminals .

  5. All lawyers are criminals, they charge exuberant amount of money to poor people for service rendered that they already know the outcome to. The only reason why this one got jailed, is because he broke ranks with the corrupt bunch he served. You do the crime,pay the time,simple.

    • Poor people are criminals too! Poor people want everything they see and intend to do so for free. One tragedy in life is to put poor people to live together and watch the pain and suffering they inflict upon each other.

  6. I hope those of you doing the same thing will clean your house, the clock is ticking. Find your INTEGRITY before it’s to late, you’re not above the law. You’re next….

  7. This profession has persons who believe that they are the best types of human there ever was. They believe their own hype and think they should be rewarded above all other professions.

    You do not have to be bright to be a lawyer. If you read the law books and memorize stuff from them, you can make it, but this does not lift you to godlike status.

    Hence the reason why many of you will get into difficulty. Your feeling of entitlement will put you in trouble. The young ones are starry eyed and full of resolve to fulfill their oath, but the “old renegades” lawyers pray on them and make them do things they shouldn’t. These young ones also see them prospering and take a long time to discover most of this is from ill-gotten gains. They jump in and they are the ones who get jailed and not the wily foxes.

    Monstrat should be a lesson for these islands. It is true that the UK government call the shots there, but soon it will catch in other places. Lawyers are terrorizing the poor people in the world.

    • Lawyers are better than most people. Only bankers ranked above them as professionals. Medical doctors are almost as good as lawyers.

      You don’t have to be anything other than fulfilling the requirements to be admitted into the bar association to become a lawyer. I’m sure if you want to become one you could.

      Lawyers are successful people and enjoy the benefits of life that comes with it. Stop being jealous! What a lawyers has in his possession is not your business. Remember that you need a lawyer for most things in the system so you don’t have a choice really.

  8. Although he’s not without fault (No of us are) he’s not a crook. He’s always on the side of the underdogs and will fight for us. Let’s not judge. They are not reporting all the facts. These are old charges which he’s already served time for. It’s a political revenge move. I’m sure he’ll appeal this. Remember folks things are never what them seem.

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