Attorney-at-law Symister Calls for Answers from Police Commissioner on Extrajudicial Killings Probe


Attorney-at-law Leon Chaku Symister has called on Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney to provide greater transparency regarding ongoing investigations into extrajudicial killings by law enforcement officers.

Symister’s appeal comes in light of the recent shooting death of Mannie James by officers in July.

Symister has questioned the accountability of the police and has also called on the Attorney General to update the public on these cases.

He emphasized the need for organizations, including religious groups and the Antigua and Barbuda Bar Association, to raise their voices for increased accountability and prevention of future extrajudicial killings. (Observer)







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  1. Mannie James was killed by law enforcement officers, and the manner in which he was killed in any civilized society would have caused outrage, anger and a demand for full accountability.

    In most societies the the Police Department, and in cases like this: death at the hands of law enforcement; the the Prosecutors and AG offices would come to the public on TV, issue statements concerning the circumstances and events that lead to the killing, and inform the public what are steps being taken.

    For those of you who claim you love this country Antigua and Barbuda; what is this love all about?
    The greatest celebration in the Caribbean-Carnival ? Is that it ?

    Having access to the decision makers and keeping it by keeping your heads low? Is that it?

    Where is your sense of civility?

    To the Ecumenicals, the retired judiciary, the legal community, retired senior Civil Servants, the human rights advocates.
    Have you individually or as groups lost your humanity?
    At this point in time appears it to be manslaughter at the hands of law enforcement.
    While I question if this grievous human lost can be characterized as extra-judicial killing; Chaku as an attorney and as a political activist, aught to be commended for calling out what appears to be a spineless grotesque groups, to which I have added a few.
    Quite often I’m not in the same page as Chaku; but wether he is a gadfly or human rights advocate, calling out the the groups and class of people who are supposed to be the backbone of our society to demand an independent investigation of this killing is appropriate.

  2. Chaku, hear me now.

    You big man in UPP have dis amazon queen mashing up the darm party. All ah yuh ah bunch ah cowards. Allyuh fraid she lek ah wha.

    She giving the ones she nuh like a hard time and petting up the ones who holding up she frock train. Like the yard boy from Grays Farm that she just make deputy chairman after she. Don’t know if he know wha he getting into. She ha Pringle like a idiat. D tark is that she done wid e because she and some ah e so-call friends saying that e nuh bright. Now it look like arl ah dem want the snake little brother for leader. Poor Pringle.

    And tell Limpy Joe to decide whether he in or he out. Look like he doing e can’t maek up me mind stupidness agen.

    And before me go, leh me tell you to tell them fuh take dey mouth arfa Lewis. E look like all ah all yuh want fuh heng e, because he getting too much notice dese days. If he coulda buss bad wud he might ah get all ah all yuh arf he back. Sound like plenty bad mind and spite going on in the party big shots with the queen bee leading the charge. Look like some could do wha dey want, and the rest all yuh bawl dem out. Baldwin too dangerous. He too just a bad tark the man ‘traight,’traight,’traight. Look like he want back e seat.

    Baldwin, you want the onliest good ting to come out ah Grays Farm must be you alone? That is wicked. You too badminded.

    And you Chaku, you are a back stabber. People say yuh ah bad tark de man too. Now me could see why Lamming and the rest dem leave. Allyuh have too much ah twofaceness inside UPP.

    Dat is why the Darg picking yuh arf one by one. Plenty gone and more fuh run if aryuh nuh clean up yuh act.

    • You see to be one of the new toilet paper brand on the market. Instead of speaking to the issue, you are doing what you have been paid to do. I guess you’re not nearly good enough to be a senator so your job is to wipe, like your brand signifies.

  3. A classic example of why we are in this situation. A man is dead at the hands of law enforcement.
    Chaku steps forward asking for others to express the need for civil society and groups of repute to speak up, hoping justice can be served.
    In classic Antiguan fashion, the comment forums becomes a political grudge against UPP.
    Now UPP deserve lots criticism; but not over a murdered man’s body.
    You are obviously aggrieved. But your humanity is called for at this time.

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