Attempted Robbery Victim Stabs Attacker in the neck and chest


In a shocking incident this morning, a robbery victim in a brave act of self-defense fought back against his assailant, leaving the perpetrator with serious injuries.

The unidentified victim, a hardworking individual stepping out to go to work, found himself facing a potential threat as he was confronted by a would-be robber.

Refusing to be a victim, the resilient man swiftly retaliated, using a pair of scissors he had at hand.

In a desperate struggle, he managed to land two strikes, one to the neck and another to the chest of his attacker.

Expressing his frustration, the victim voiced his determination to protect himself and his possessions. He called out the misconception that individuals who present themselves in a punkish manner automatically deserve fear and respect. The man said he was prepared to face them if it meant safeguarding his well-being.

The victim, eager to ensure the safety of others, has appealed for anyone who encounters a young man seeking medical attention to inform the nearest health center or hospital.

While the incident has left the victim highly annoyed, he remains resolute and determined to track down the perpetrator.








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  1. Stories like these I love to hear. When citizens help prevent crimes and protect themself.

    I am so proud of this man. He has to be careful because charges like to be laid upon good people like him without wny evidence for defending himself and others.

    This man should not be charged base on these facts. I can not believe I have to say this.

  2. Ah just so Van Dame move !! Dress like wan pussy and gone inna the toughest bar go look fight lol.

    I hope they find him covered in flies

  3. Ah good! Three cheers to this Antiguan hero. All dem ALP hungry belly thugs should get the same treatment.

  4. Am not sorry for that young robber the hard working man should still be tabbing his rass hope this is a message for the rest them all u need to go and look hard work to do like every responsible human being

  5. Frigger. Them nar stop till somebody kill them. Tell some y’all go come pon and say oh they didn’t have to kill him give a f*****g break. Y’all pickney weren’t thinking to go out there with guns and knives trying to rob people of their little earnings. I am happy that victim did what he did and he wasn’t harmed. Kudos to you young man whoever you are. You are brave.

  6. Time to fight back and…fight with all the guts you
    possess!!! Good for the robber! Well done victim!

  7. Well done brother!!!
    These pricks will learn respect as people are getting fed up. The police needs help, we can serve them up.

  8. Why is the so called victim walking around with a scissors. Sounds like a case where thief aint like to see another thief with long bag.

  9. While, I can agree, that the alleged victim overcame his attacker(allege robber) by fighting back, and kudos to the alleged victim, the Nation(Antigua in particular) is on the precipice, a slippery slope to #VIGILANTISM. The energy coming from the People is loud and clear, supporting these strong willed victims who are fighting back.
    While the court of public opinion has its own verdict, in the Court of Law, it’s a far different story, when charges, claims and counter claims are made. Yes, the People want to feel safe, living in a safe environment but be very careful when you open PANDORA’S BOX and VIGILANTISM jumps out like a #Jack_in_The Box or the horse that bolted from the barn.

    Yes! Yeah! Fu Sure! Fe Sure! Mos Def! U know #what! Stay vigilant! Stay focused! But if you’re leading with Anger(I know under some circumstances, one reaction is spontaneous to another’s action, be mindful of ALL the consequences!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  10. One thing he said I don’t agree is, anyone you see anyone with a bad stab wound to his chest or face call the nearest police station. That person will avoid health centers or hospital unless it is life threatening.

  11. At least he survived. TESSA BARTHLEY R.I.P wasn’t so “lucky”.

    • I’ve seen this topic of Tessa Bartley popping up so many times. I can understand your pain ( if u are really connected to the situation or perhaps someone who just know about it, I’m not sure) but there is another side to the story. We all wish she was still here but also wish that she didn’t make that particular decision that she did to go there that particular evening. I pray that our young ladies will see their worth and choose to walk away rather allowing our emotions and hurts to put us in situations that we honestly don’t want to or shouldn’t be in . I’m in deed sorry about her situation and hope that I can be a friend or sister to any woman out there who may need the prayers, help and encouragement to get through such hurt before its too late.

  12. It’s a pity the victim only had a scissors to hand and not a cutlass. It is high time victims fight back and defend themselves against these morons.
    It’s a pity the victim didn’t caused his attacker more sever injuries that would served as a constant reminder.
    Well done victim.
    I have been advocating for the return of hanging, but it seems that citizens will have to do job where the legal system is non operational. It is high time civil society stop allowing themselves to be victims of society scum bags. Enough is enough.

  13. A stab to the NECK
    A gunshot to the NECK

    What a difference the weapon makes

    TESSA BARTHLEY R.I.P 😔 😟 🙁 😥

  14. @Tessa… My sentiments also. If she were alive she would have been busy fighting crime. This country would have been in a better place if she were alive. Instead she got shatttttt with a berito.

  15. This sounds like a made up story. The victim was on his way to work and happens to be carrying a sissors. Not a knife or a hammer.
    We are told where he landed the strikes chest and neck. No indication where this indecent took place; which may be helpful in finding the perpetrator.
    Very curious story, adding to the confusion and mystery of crime on Antigua.
    This will be added to the database of crime on the streets of Antigua

    • Am thinking the same thing, cause if i manage to stab you in the chest and neck, I now have the power to take you down fully until the Po-Po arrive. There’s no way you gonna just dissappear into tin air and come back to rob me again, unless you showed me a gun and from the report a gun wasn’t mentioned. A very strange story.

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