Attempted Robbery in Golden Grove caught on CCTV camera


Date: July 8, 2021

Time: 2:20 a.m

Location: Golden Grove area

Items stolen: None


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    • NO, you cannot be charged for murder. Two separate incidents. It is still Self defence /Home protection. The legality of the gun does not decides if you will be charged for the shooting. However, you can be charged for having an unlicensed Firearm. I can imagine you at your trial saying. “But your honor, me never rob and shoot nobody. This is the same reason me hab the gun, home protection.

  1. Look at this brazen, evil, wicked, wretched, vile thing. Now if smaddy pap 2 shat Inna he baxide….

  2. The criminals from Jamaica, DR, and Haiti at it again. Our beloved Antigua is becoming a war-zone right before our eyes.

    • How are you so sure it wasnt one of your own, ya’ll need to stop this kind of hate, your own is just as wicked but yall never want to highlight it.

    • YES, it’s true. I keep saying Antigua too small for this kinda ting. STOP allowing any and everybody in di place! and dis other programme they have, citizenship residence whatever?? and then they never wantta leave.

  3. Why you guys always casting aspersions at foreigners when a crime is committed? ????
    Go and ask the court house for the records on criminal convictions for robberies in the country and check the background of dem convicts, a some lazy ass licky licky beggy beggy Antiguans who no wah work but jus thief and rob people

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