AT&LU tells unvaccinated government workers to report to work as usual

Wigley George


All workers who are affected by the Government’s newly announced Covid-19 Policy which mandate goes into effect on Monday 20th, September 2021 are asked to report to work as usual.

Should you be asked to leave the workplace, do so peacefully.

Further information and guidance will be provided by the union should the Government’s position to implement the “Mandatory Vaccine Policy” be executed.


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  1. At the end of the day, they will try to make everything unavailable for the unvaccinated individuals and try to push us in a tight box so we fold but the majority is unvaccinated. We need to come together and strike. Shut down Antigua completely and watch how they wouldn’t be able to operate. GASTON forgetting that we gave him the job and we can take it away. But when only vaccinated people are working I hope they see that cases in those places will STILL RISE. LOOK AT AUA BUT THEY AINT GONNA TALK ABOUT THAT THO. Such a dunce government. Wanna mandate a vaccine yet AIRPORT STILL OPEN SO OBVIOUSLY CASES WILL FOREVER RISE. He took long to close AIRPORT last time so we have enough covid to scare people into taking the vaccine and here he goes ONCE AGAIN dragging the closing of the airport. This government boiiii but wait cause all this evilness he doing its gonna fall right back on him and his family. Who jah bless, no man can curse. I refuse to be coerced of forced into taking that LIQUID POISON. GASTON have a rude awakening on his path.


  3. Stand up for Antigua & Barbuda each one has a family member that would be affected, don’t choose the government over your family and friends like how they choose their cabinet members to enrich themselves over you

  4. Unvaccinated Worker’s are going to STRIKE by not showing up to work? What a laugh! Lol! The government has stated that if they are not vaccinated then they have to stay home anyway. It amounts to the same thing! You do not have any work! Strike will not work as only unvaccinated will strike and they already cannot go to work.

    • More than half of the health care workers on vaccinated so trust me it doesn’t amount to the same thing. But I mean strike from now while they still have all emoployes working vax or unvax it will affect how things run. And when unvax are him and vaccinated continue working and the cases stillllll will continue to rise all of you will look stupid. KEEP IT CLEAN NO VACCINE!

      • Health care workers are unvaccinated*** that’s why the MANDATORY VACCINATION doesn’t apply to them yet cause they know all the doctors will walk out cause they KNOW the vaccine is nothing but LIQUID POISON.

  5. @ Charles
    God is love, God does not support government oppression on the people, he also give every man a choice. He also said Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding in all they ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path

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