AT&LU: No worker should suffer detriment over their decision not to vaccinate

Wigley George

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  1. I want to Congratulate the Executive of the Antigua Trades & Labour Union.

    Welcome to the fight.

    • BEEF I hope you will also take the fight to the airwaves on your programme REAL TALK. As an aspiring trade unionist and defender of workers rights, I am looking forward to hearing from you in your defense of workers rights.

      • My friend, if you are still ‘looking forward to hearing…….” you obviously have not been listening but that’s cool.

        I don’t crave ‘attention’ like some people.

        I just go about doing my thing and keep myself focused on getting results.

        Just ask our mutual friend (lol).

        • Ok BEEF I have not been listening I must confess. However, I hope your support for workers rights against the dictates of the government does not end in a similar result to your support for the Privy Council in the CCF referendum.

          • “I hope your support for workers rights against the dictates of the government does not end in a similar result to your support for the Privy Council in the CCF referendum”.

            You have no clue of what you speak but I will leave you in that state (lol).

    • Then if they are correct. There should never be any businesses, governments requiring any employee to provide any health certificate to work due to contagious viruses. If the government is wrong take them to court. Just supposed the vaccinated employees tell the same Union that the same government is not providing for the healthy and safe environment for them to work. What would these jokers do? Can these same employees sue the government and Union for not doing so? People have choices this government and any other can impose restrictions especially when people lives are at risk. Don’t want to follow the guidelines stay home and find other form of employment that will allow you the freedom to risk other lives.

  2. No worker or customers of a business/Government should be suffer illness or death as a result of a co-worker’s refusal to vaccinate. It is not only anti-Vaxxers who have rights.

    • Are we talking about the vaccinated becoming sick or die here? Was that not the reason ppl got vaccinated? The vaccines prevent hospitalization and death. Its the unvaccinated at risk. I don’t understand ur point. Enlighten me please.

      • That the reason why we should only listen to medical professions. I learnt from basic human biology that if we do not get to herd immunity then even those who are vaccinated will eventually be affected by mutants of covid 19.

    • dude do you realize that a vaccinated person can still catch and spread the virus. the only thing the vaccine does is increases your chance for survival. please check Dr.fauci press confrence from march 20th 2021.

    • @Not so Common – The old people use to say that Common Sense is not so common, so you might have picked the right name.

      Those who are vaccinated had the right to do so and those who are not vaccinated also have the right to do so. Vaccinated or not, you can still catch or spread the virus, so what is the difference.

      An Anti-vaxer would be someone who do not participate is all vaccines, not just the COVID-19 test trial.

  3. Not So Common u big dummy. How can the unvaccinated be a threat to the vaccinated and what rights cant you see they slowly getting taken away piece by piece?

    • lol is a fool they jus scared cause they dnt kno whats gonna happen to them in the end,,ur reply was so perfect

    • I am sick and tired of people STILL believing that one cannot get COVID 19 if vaccinated!

      Of course the unvaccinated can be a danger to the vaccinated!

      • The vaccines prevent hospitalization and death thats y u take it. U will not be sick. Relax!!!!

  4. The only way a worker will suffer detriment financially is if they refuse to vaccinate. I mean really, it takes 5 minutes. Yes the govt need to discuss with the unions but we now have:
    the highly contagious delta variant on the island
    a 7 month old baby dead from covid
    breakthrough infections (people who are vaccinated getting infected)

    You really want to endanger your family, other people’s families, the entire community by refusing vaccination? And you WILL get covid if you are unvaccinated, only a matter of time

    • Rape can take 5 minutes too, even less. What relevance is that?

      This approach will likely garner more and more resistance. Check France protests. People are doubling down on not being vaccinated over the past day or so even more.

      Please understand too that at this point everybody fed up and fuses are short. The big stick approach may have severe societal consequences.

    • Likewise if persons are forced to take something their minds are not made up to take they will get sick.

      on theLimitation and
      Derogation Provisions in the
      International Covenant
      on Civil and Political
      Rights: D. Non-Derogable Sights 58.
      No state party shall, even in time of emergency threatening the life of the nation, derogate from the Covenant’s guarantees of the right to life; freedom from torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or pun­ishment, and from medical or scientific experimentation
      without free consent; freedom from slavery or involun­tary servitude; the right not be be imprisoned for con­tractual debt; the right not to be convicted or sentenced to a heavier penalty by virtue of retroactive criminal legislation; the right to recognition as a person before the
      law; and freedom of thought, conscience and religion. These rights are not derogable under any conditions even for the asserted purpose of preserving the life of the nation.

    • U exercise ur freedom of choice to get vaccinated. The unvaccinated exercise their right not to be. Sounds fair to me.

  5. That’s it?
    You mean the Union did not call an emergency general meeting of all its members at ARG?

    That’s it knee jerk?

    No down tools until the cabinet decision is rescinded?

    My gosh, the union is playing dolly house with a DICTATOR that is hell bent.

    • U exercise ur freedom of choice to get vaccinated. The unvaccinated exercise their right not to be. Sounds fair to me.

  6. If someone in the Civil Service does not take the Vaccine. Then is forced to do so by the Administration to keep on working. If that person developed an issue of health because of taking said Vaccine. Could that person bring a Lawsuit against the Administration. No one should be forcing anyone to do something,ingest anything into their bodies. That they do not want. No one could forced Gaston Browne and or any member of his Cabinet. To take any Vaccinations they did not want to take.

  7. It about freaking time they opened their mouths on behalf of hard working people who keep making the rich even richer!

  8. It is SO GOOD to hear all of the supporters of the unvaccinated admitting in these replies above that the unvaccinated are no threat to the vaccinated. Finally admitting that the vaccines WORK!! Well done! Now get your jab.

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