Atlantic Rower and one other convicted on Cocaine Charges


On 7th March 2019, a jury unanimously found Kenneth WYRE and Rowan BAILEY guilty of Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Supply and Drug Trafficking.


The verdict came as a result of a successful counternarcotics drug operation where on 21st August 2010, WYRE and BAILEY were intercepted by ONDCP officers in the Clarks Hill area.

The two men were encountered while transferring cocaine from one vehicle to another. The drugs weighed 50.70 kilograms and carried an estimated street value of Seven Million, One Hundred and Sixty-two Thousand, Eight Hundred and Thirty-five Dollars and Sixteen Cents ($7,162,835.16 ECD); which is the equivalent of USD $2,636,400.00.

Justice Keith Thom remanded the Falmouth duo, to Her Majesty’s Prison to await sentencing on 12th April 2019. 

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  1. I guess the editor at Antigua Newsroom does not read or heed to our comments. Stop linking the man to the Atlantic Rowers. He is a fisherman from St. Paul’s Parish. His co-accused is also from St. Paul’s. Just say two St. Paul’s residents… that’s all

    • I agree with you 100%. They just want to tarnish the man’s name. They are only looking at one person. They should be ashamed of themselves.

        • We clearly see right through you. I guess the other person is not involved or maybe you are related to Kenneth well know drug man and Joann.

      • They want to tarnish his name? He did a great job of that himself. The rowing team should have done their due diligence on individuals prior to selecting the team. If this charge was hanging over his head since 2010, the team should have chosen another person to go.

        • arm…you may be surprised. Do you believe that these men were so bored and lonely that they only became aware of this as a conversational piece when they were rowing the Atlantic. If so I would have jumped over board and swim like hell to Antigua and leave him alone in that boat…or how about throwing him overboard and let him swim to Antigua then?

        • if i am counting good….there are only 45 packages …..!! it misses 5 packages to make 50kg ….government taxes ???

      • So you jokers want the newspaper to be selective as to how it goes about presenting factual information about Mr Bailey. In this case you want to do what protect the “sacrosanct” and sacred name of ‘Team Wadadli”. Well as a fisherman I will take offence if you say he is a fisherman. Also as I am from St Pauls that would paint Saint Pauls in a bad light. See my point exactly the man is what he the paper is not providing misinformation what is the qualms about saying he was on the rowing team?

        • The newspaper should report all the facts not report on some and leave some out. We clearly see that you are biased and have a personal vendetta. You do not know the man so do not judge him and say that’s what he is. How about we all go and start smear campaigns on others. Why don’t you call out the other man for what he is. Kenneth Wyre is a known drug man in English Harbour but I guess his money which he paid to xyc to keep quiet and pass blame is working. I guess because his cousin is a judge it is working for him. Remember time is longer than rope. Some serious shakeups to come for this country.

  2. Another case without any additional investigation of who is the Big Man behind the drugs. ONDCP should pursue the origin and top dogs in the drug business and not stop with easy peasey tip offs. This whole case reeks of management from above to keep top folks safe from prosecution. Sad.

  3. I guessed justice is served?
    Waiting to see if this is a precedent from henceforth: wha go/good for Sungu, a de same fu Lungu?

  4. It’s just very sad to see such destruction of lives & he dependence of people on drugs. Cocaine is not manufactured in Antigua and when the authorities cease 50Kg, it is just a mere tip of the large quantities that is entering our shores and messing up people. I am from the English Harbour area and it is shocking to see the amount of people selling hard drugs daily. The recent amendment to the drug laws isn’t help as people now feels embolden to use/sell marijuana and other hard drugs more than ever before. English Harbour is the drug capital of Antigua and many of the hard drugs are landed there coming in on many of the luxurious yachts that dock in the Nelsons Dockyard. The authorities must also look to confiscate properties belonging to these traffickers because the only job they do is selling drugs and they own expensive hillside mansions which are obvious the proceeds of their habit. I am truly sorry for the now generation and those to come.

  5. Can we stop blaming the messenger? As difficult as the facts are, grow up and deal with the harsh realities when a ‘hero’ gets tarnished.

  6. When people are caught with hard drugs such as cocaine, it is just a small fraction of the illicit drug that is out there on the streets. For there to be a demand, there must be a supplier and that is the part that bothers me. Where is this cocaine coming from, and who is supplying it. Those are the areas that must be investigated and if possible eliminate. I am also concerned about the get rich quick mentality that have driven many into wanting to be sell drugs and if the authorities carefully do their work, they would discover that there are many such people around these days. I am also calling on our lawmakers to thread very carefully with laws legalizing marijuana because people are watching and observing and not armed with the correct knowledge and interpretation of the law, they do things out of hearsay. We have to be very careful about the example we set in this country. I don’t know if it existed before, but I have seen an upsurge in the amount of people openly smoking marijuana, and I believe that recent amendments have embolden people to act this way. Let us just be careful of the precedence we set!

    • that would be precedent, just to let you know. ..i mean if you care. can’t help myself *smile*

  7. I thought ….as written above that they were to be sentenced on the 12th of April ???? who is covering the story…?? are they getting fines ?? fine and confine ??

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