At least one vaccinated person among active COVID-19 cases in Antigua


At least one person has tested positive for the coronavirus in Antigua and Barbuda after taking a COVID-19 vaccine.



Minister of Health Molwyn Joseph revealed this at a press conference today.



“Seven unvaccinated, one vaccinated,” the Minister said of the eight cases on the Health Ministry’s dashboard that was released on Monday.



He later announced that he was informed of one new case but did not say whether this person was vaccinated or unvaccinated.



The minister also revealed that the seven new cases his Ministry reported on Monday consisted of both visitors and residents.



“There might be four from overseas and three residents,” Joseph reported.

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  1. vaccinated one gets covid hmm. how did that happen? maybe vaccine is just gene therapy

  2. How can visitors have covid here, ohhh 7 day test. How can vaccine not protect this person, ohhh hummmm

  3. Are people from overseas conveniently called tourist depending on the topic being discussed?

    You see why you cannot trust anything these guys say. They are experts at wrapping the lie in truth.

    If tourist tested positive for corona just say so no man.

  4. We already know that a
    Fully vaccinated person can
    Contract covid 19 from an
    Unvaccinated person that is
    Not sick but has COVID19.

    • Its possible we ALL can catch it, vaccinated or not vaccinated. Periodt! If you took it be confident in your vaccination and cover yourself in the blood of Jesus daily.

    • We also know, a fully vaccinated person can get convid from another fully vaccinated person. Smh, I swear some of you really think the virus out here checking vaccine cards before infecting people. The vaccine only helps your body fight covid, it does not stop you from getting it.

  5. Melc…was it said the vaccinated got the virus from an unvaccinated? Now the vaccinated has it is he or she not now in a position to infect another person? It has been clearly said how the vaccine cannot protect you from getting or spreading the virus just keep you out if the hospital lol. Anyhow what I am waiting for is what coming behind of this story. When they plan one nudda move dem create one story. Next ting is variant. then some demic outbreak that make taking the new imported vaccines necessary. Just watch.

  6. I guess to our super smart people 90% efficacy means 100%. What do they think happen to the 10%? This must be a real brain teaser to morons who are commenting on this thread.

    Covid itself probably causes less than 2% deaths and this is primarily among the elderly or immuno-compromised. The vaccines reduce this 2% by over 90% making the likelihood of dying from covid extremely remote. Of course morons, nothing in life is 100%. Even you are not an idiot 100% of the time!

  7. What medical degree does Mole-Wyn Joseph have? I know he knows how to lift a Rolls Royce over the Port fence and gets knighted for that. Antigua politicians are a joke and only enrich themselves. If it was a regular citizen that did that, what do you think would happen to that person.

  8. Punk ass people. Vaccination does not stop one from getting covic.. Don’t make them fool you.

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