At least one public servant has been standing up to the World Boss and he is livid


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  1. The dude will destroy the finances of this country rather than admit he made mistakes such as: Alpha Nargo, LIAT, CIP, spending so much on Shuggy and till get blow etc

  2. The person that Gaston mention is doing such a great job! She deserves her role and has had great performance since working for that entity. I think it’s really unfair that she is getting trouble because the man isn’t getting his way with PLH. In that arena, everything goes through a process and there could be serious violations if proper protocols are not followed. All she is doing is protecting the entity she leads otherwise there will be bigger problems for the entity and island down the road. I think the politicians need to educate themselves in the areas that they try to direct and get involved in; they need to understand what these people are going through on a day to day. Things can’t happen with just a snap of fingers like he’s trying to do so.

  3. Feel like they can do what they like? Talk how they like ? Them Learn from their master . When you hire people because of political affiliation than professionalism you will find that. These two robots in the background are singing for their noodles also

    • And yet still he is the ruler of the nation! Howe did we allow that to happen? How can in any one in their right mind, think this is normal behavior?

      To all who did not vote, sit in a corner and just take your blows in peace.

  4. There are quite a few civil servants in managerial position who behave in like manner as the woman the P.M. referenced. They believe because they are government workers that they can not be touched and talk down to people too as though they are children. It’s about time somebody does something. Who feels it knows it.

  5. Time yo get tough with these public servants who don’t know their place. Under the UPP they would have been assigned a desk job longtime. Remember Gonsalves at IRD. Remember Mrs. Black-Layne at DOE
    And many others they obstructed the UPP’s agenda were unceremoniously place either on leave or assign a new desk job. We all remember the sending home of the entire top of the RPF.
    You just cannot keep on arguing with obstructors.

  6. He’s talking to a panel of UPP rejects who are vying for his acceptance but they are still better off than Tenman ,Eric The Dead and the others because they use ANR to get him attention according to him, they might be up for retrenchment for poor performance as Ghost-workers.

  7. Plain and simple, a poor excuse for a Prime Minister. This dude makes me sick. Antigua needs to be shut down until this guy leaves office.

  8. Seems to me that she is learing from the World Boss. Tell me who is more disrespectful than the World Boss. Tell me who talks down to people more than the World Boss. He can’t take a dose of his own medicine.

    If the World Boss use the criteria (customer service/lack of soft skills/people management issues/performance outcomes et al) he outlined to assess his performance as Prime Minister, he would exit office forthwith.

    Mr. World Boss, please do the nation a favour and retire to your kennel.

  9. When driving up All Saints road to English Harbour and down Fig Tree drive up to Valley Road before Ffryes as a government minister can you honestly tell the public you’re doing well? These roads are deplorable and much worse since the storms. Maria you and your team need to get busy fixing the roads starting with that big crater infornt of your constituency branch office, the surrounding areas, and we still need the speed bumps we’ve asked you for.

  10. And yet still he is the ruler of the nation! Howe did we allow that to happen? How can in any one in their right mind, think this is normal behavior?

    To all who did not vote, sit in a corner and just take your blows in peace.

  11. wonder our country is in such a mess. Mr. PM..what right do you have to use your office to get a firm selected to do this “survey”? This is political interference in a procurement process and the person is right to stand up to you. And you..Mr. PM..need to focus on your job. Go and get your useless Ministers to perform and stop blaming public servants for your failures and incompetence.

  12. ” It requires a little compromised” What exactly does that mean? Breaking the law? Please explain…WHERE THE LAW SAYS “SHALL” there can be no compromised.
    My advice to you is…Go to parliament and include a ” COMPROMISED CLAUSE” in every law that ever passed…story done problem solve

  13. They learn from the PM. It is the same think a recent minister of Education used to do too and he was booted out of office.
    Antiguans wake up. Families need to support their families when they go to the polls. A word to the wise is sufficient.

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