AstraZeneca vaccines are now available in Antigua and Barbuda for persons seeking to receive their first, second or booster doses



The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment is pleased to announce that AstraZeneca vaccines are now available in Antigua and Barbuda for persons seeking to receive their first, second or booster doses.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is now available at the Villa Polyclinic effective August 9th 2022 in the first instance but the Ministry will provide updates once it will be distributed at other clinics.

We would also like to inform you that we no longer have Pfizer Vaccines available at the moment.

The Ministry is in the process of procuring additional Pfizer vaccines for those persons who are interested.

The vaccines currently available on island are the AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson,  Moderna and Sinopharm.

In addition to the daily administering of vaccines in the clinic during the week, there will be weekend vaccination at the Villa Polyclinic on Saturday 13th August 2022 from 9am to 3pm.

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  1. A stark reminder to my fellow Antiguans.

    The UK were at the forefront of using the AstraZeneca mRNA gene therapy drug that has caused many strokes, heart attacks and blood clotting problems.

    Since the discovery of these adverse reactions, Antigua has continued to use this particular gene therapy drug.

    Our health authority is being negligent by continuing to promote AstraZeneca with all the above health issues.


    The welfare of Antiguans isn’t their top priority – it hasn’t been in the last couple of years.


      • Ahh, another name caller and vaccine advocate.


        • @brixtonian ITs NEXT WEEK. YES IM OF A CERTAIN AGE.
          By the way, how do you know when to reply to everybody? Is it a job that you have? Do you get paid to do this? Do you work there??
          Enquiring minds want to know hahaha.

          • I really enjoy the cut and thrust of the ANR threads, and it’s my reading of choice boss; also, I’ve always savoured showing the other side of debates or arguments, especially when blatant lies are being told.

            I am a patriot and love my country, and I will defend it to the best of my vast knowledge and abilities.

            IF THAT’S ALRIGHT WITH YOU @ Just wondering ..

  2. Are these not the same vaccine that these other countries doesn’t want in their country as it causes blood clots, so why is it that Antigua all wants to pick up other people vomit?

    • Good question @ Lioness Tribe, why is Antigua’s Health Authority still accepting AstraZeneca and then wanting to inject their sceptical citizens with it?

      WHY, WHY … WHY?

      • Bill Gates says world governments need to eliminate 1 billion people from the earth.

        Bill Gates is a multi trillionaire and a major member of the Davos crowd, he gets what he wants.

    • Oh, by the way @ Lioness Tribe, I hope your parents are recovering from their vaccination issues 🙏

      • Thanks for asking the issues comes and goes, and what’s very strange when their problem arises they refuse to accept that this thing has done something to them, I can see the hurt and anger within but they stay silent about it. It tears me up to know when they attend the doctor’s for check up they don’t say whatwas said. Maybe on the day I will go with either parents and find out exactly. $1500 each time and no result taking all their life savings. I Pray each n everyday for them.

  3. Give all that poison to Gaston Browne, all he family and the rest of ABLP who only care about themselves.

  4. Where is the prime minister as he seems to be very quiet about the numbers of people dropping out in this country, never in my life have I seen some many deaths one after another on the death anouncement programme.

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