Asst. Supt. of Police Glenroy Weekes remanded to prison


Asst. Supt. of Police Glenroy Weekes has been remanded to prison to await his next hearing.

Prosecutors accused Weekes of stealing money while battling a blaze at XPZ Supermarket on Tuesday.

Investigators say they also found Weekes with an illegal firearm and ammunition.

His legal team says they will await disclosure from the prosecution before their client answers the charges.

Magistrate Conliffe Clarke gave prosecutors 21 days to disclose the evidence.

In Antigua and Barbuda, magistrates cannot grant bail for weapon offenses.

But Weekes’ attorneys say they will apply for bail in the High court, pending the defendant’s next hearing on Sept. 6.

The magistrate did not entertain arguments on the larceny charge.

Weekes has been suspended from duties pending the outcome of the matter.

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  1. A who tell he foo allegedly thief from them Chinese. See how quick them throw he out with the bath water. There are many more like him in the Forces.They would do things and get away with it. Every Dawg has its day. Now I am not condoning what he is accused of doing. I am saying clean the Forces from the top down. Regardless of the individuals involved in skulduggery.

  2. Ah feel it for him, everything really gone up in smoke 😪 circumstances makes us what we are sometimes, if half he money was already gone that only mean the man was facing financial issues like so many others right now but the sinless public would never consider such thoughts. No sense bash you when others do worse and still out here, you one can’t pay for the sins and shortcomings of the police force.

  3. highly doubt Assistant super was in there hose blowing fighting the blaze. how did no one see a safe leaving the site. will all those police around. Guess they thought more money was in there so they blow the whistle on the Supp. Better hope the supp don’t call names

  4. Why he didn’t hire Wendel Robinson?? Chaku Waku rample like example in that dusty jacket he pull out from under his mattress.

    Anyway I hope some mercy will be shown to him.

      • With that approach to life I pray neither you nor anyone you love ever have an error in judgement or a season of weakness!!!! If God was like us… The whole bible is about fallen man including the stalwarts that we quote from timento time… I find we have become such a merciless society unwilling to forgive or even listen until its one of ours…

  5. Another example of them following the “leader” world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne’s creative enrichment schemes.

    • You sound like a jackass and just so you know that “officer” is a big supporter of UPP. He ah just one dan teif.

      • @Mmmmmm….Is he the one that the host on the Saturday programme would call to lend his expertise on occassions?

  6. Three things of note
    1 The officer with all the over hang needs to shape up for duty.

    2 He must be one of the Snr cops that was against Robinson.

    3 The gun crime laws seems to be applicable based on who is involved, what a jokey legal system.

  7. Not surprised at this man but embarrassed. Every day the bucket goes to the well one day, one day the rope will be worn out and burst. One can do as much as one wants but not as long. I thought the man has changed his ways but instead goes deeper in. He has to be mad. Imagine he was to protect and instead helping himself. Me shame bas but nothing goes on forever. Yet he is the same one like others pretending to be installing discipline to their subordinates as if they are perfect and they are not.
    I wonder if the Audit Department is finish with the auditing of the books at a particular fire station. Hurry up we want to know and see action. No under the carpet Commissioner Rodney. That’s why the are fighting for SEPERATION.

  8. May God help you.. …pray and seek God for his mercy endureth forever.. ….seek him who make the heavens…he is working things out for you…..repent and call on him…

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