Association announces increase in the price of eggs effective July 25


Dear Valued Customer,

We, the Layer Farmers of Antigua & Barbuda, have been working hard over the
years to deliver quality eggs at the lowest possible price.

Since our last increase in the price of eggs, the cost of inputs has continued to rise at an alarming rate.

We have been absorbing most of these increases, but this has now become too difficult, especially with the substantial and frequent increases in our supplies, especially feed.

From July 25, 2022, therefore, the wholesale price of White and Brown Eggs will
increase to $12 / dozen or $360 / case.

These prices are subject to change, depending on further increases (or decreases) in the price of supplies which have been proven to
be unpredictable.

This is to ensure that we are able to meet our financial obligations and to continue with the excellent service of supplying this Nation with fresh, locally produced eggs year-round.
We look forward to your understanding and continued patronage.

Emanuel Peters, President
Antigua & Barbuda Layer Farmers’ Association



  1. $1 per egg, It is time for me to find out where my hens are laying their eggs. All I am seeing are chickens but no eggs.

  2. we should follow lovell’s advice and remove duties from imported food products and put the greedy local/caricom farmers/food producers and their duty free goods out of business.

  3. Maybe local farmers could try to find optimal land for sustaining free range chicken that need no or less imported feed.

  4. Ready availability of both local and imported foods seems important for food security. So, taxing imported eggs slightly is a fair compromise. At least they are not banned. At $1 per egg, eggs are still an affordable source of nutritious protein.

  5. I eat one brand of Eggs,known as Eggland’s Best Cage Free.The price of eggs is reasonable in Antigua at $12 EC per dozen,US 4.45.

  6. There are supermarkets in Antigua selling eggs at a dollar for one years now. Let me see how much they will sell one egg for now. Just check supermarkets close to the vegatable market and see for yourself

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