ASP Ellis says suspension of license is not enough to deter speeding drivers


The Traffic Department is reporting that close to 200 driver’s licences were suspended last year and into 2022, and further penalties are being considered for drivers who break the law.

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rodney Ellis, Head of the Department, says that a suspended licence is just one way to deal with those who drive dangerously on the public roads and cause accidents.

However, he says, the time has come for lawmakers to look at policies that will act as deterrents to drivers who love to speed.

Ellis admits it can become frustrating for officers to deal with the high volume of traffic collisions in one day – up to 10 in some instances.

However, he says, the Department will continue its campaign to educate the driving public on the dangers of speeding. (REAL NEWS)

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    • Persons around the country need to be appointed as traffic wardens to assist the police to apprehend the speedsters. In addition the police need to advocate for transport board to issue a temporary road pass for vehicles that do not have a license or whose license has expired for a while

  1. How many high speed collisions are there on a daily basis? Most collisions happen at very slow speeds at busy intersections or narrow roads where drivers get impatient or miss judge the available space to pass. This is why there are not that many collisions that result in prosecution. What needs to happen is a focus on improving the road networks to include better surfaces, signage and wider curbs.

      • @SMH: Why no one was arrested in the Andrea Hughes’ case? That in my opinion is a travesty.There are “2” things that works in Antigua in matters of the Law Enforcers. The color of one’s skin and your connections, to those in higher places.

  2. One of the ways to deter speeding. Put more traffic cops on the Highways and Biways. Giving tickets and more tickets on a regular basis is a deterrent to speeding. However,it must be done 24/7 not one off and done.

  3. How about calibrating all privately owned vehicles to the maximum speed limit at the inspection point.

    Anyone who tempers with the mechanism guilty of an offense that carries confinement.

    Tampering with the mechanism can be viewed as turning the vehicle into a weapon….

    Calibrate all vehicles to the maximum speed limit at the inspection point.

    • @Melchesidec
      You seem to have a natural inclination toward LIMITS on INDIVIDUAL liberty. Dangerous….
      Stop treating people like CHILDREN.

      If “Ellis admits it can become frustrating for officers” then maybe these officers should look for another profession.

    • I am living in Country with varied speed limits,by States.The speed limits in some States are much higher than others. Why would Transport Board be tasked to tamper with cars and the speeds,at Inspections.. All that is needed to cut down on speeders, ENFORCEMENTS OF THE SPEEDING LAWS,24/7.
      By the way MEL,only privately owned vehicles speed in Antigua?

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