Asot says he will contest St. Peter seat and win


The Member of Parliament for St.Peter Asot Michael says he will contest and win the seat even as an independent candidate.

He is also taking issue with the ABLP’s recently held national convention which endorsed another candidate as the party’s candidate for St. Peter.

Michael says the convention was no legitimate and in breach or a court order.

Listen to him here:

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  1. Asot Michael:

    “… they [the ABLP] are in contemp of court, of this court order …” and “… I challenge Mr Gaston Browne and Chet Green …”

    Now that Mr Michael has declared himself as an independent for St Peters, this has definitely put the cat amongst the pigeons.


  2. 3.0 million dollars spent out of pockets on roads and more spent on community services… And you worth over 100 million dollars. With no known investment that provides recurring income and revenue.. hell of a return on Investment… As Lennox say if politics is you business and you business is politics keep spending you money in politics. It clearly pays!!!

  3. Win his seat to be a part of which Cabinet to lead which Ministry??

    • Winning a seat either with a party or independent does not translate to an automatic cabinet position. The candidate is running to become a Member of Parliament in the House of Representatives on behalf of the people of the constituency not to be a cabinet member.

  4. Its time for asot to take the reins as political leader of the ABLP. The people are getting tired of Gasto. While we dont want lovell we want someone that isnt full of himself or talks way too much or insults everyone he disagrees with. Asot Micheal for PM.

    • Funnily, I agree with you @ Asot Cares.

      This man is streets ahead when it comes to putting the country before self; but we all know that Gaston Browne is cantankerous and a very stubborn individual, and would rather defy the courts orders instead of reinstating Asot Michael.

      My gut feeling, is this could be the beginning of the end if ABLP lose the next election as predicted.

      I can recall a similar situation with the then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair when he also clashed with one of his own Labour cabinet members Claire Short.

      She called Blair out on his lies, duplicity and misdemeanours (especially on Iraq, with the so-called weapons of mass destruction).

      Our current PM thinks he’s untouchable, but as I’ve mentioned before, I believe that Mr Michael will be the fly 🪰in the ABLP’S ointment …🧉

  5. …the #fat_lady is about to sing!
    …and, it’s not a remix of Short Shirts Disco_Dumplin.
    …one thing is certain, ABLP will not be dancing.
    …neither jamming, palancing, fetting or even twerking.
    …their main concern, is what he’ll be saying.
    …so, Browne_girl in the ring
    …you better keep your guard up!
    …cause, this is no ordinary hiccup
    …nor, and upset stomach!
    …and, now that Asot is barfing
    …to spill his entire gut!
    …International law agencies,
    …are listening quite keenly
    …since, once the charges are filed
    …to some they’ll taste like bile
    …others will run to be exiled
    …a few could commit suicide!
    …by sharing Jim Jone’s brand of cyanide
    …as, there’ll be no place for them to hide
    …for, even in the Cemetery
    …the Jumbee_Possee! Have already rejected ABLP.
    …and, as many of you already know!
    …this was predicted, by Jumbee_Picknee
    …many, many, many moons ago!
    …now, it’s time to sit back and watch the #Show!

  6. Glad Asot is running. Praying he splits the labour votes thereby allowing the UPP to win. Asot is a true labour man, and all of them are the same crooks getting rich by corruption and taking the people’s lands.

    • Keep D-R-E-A-M-I-N-G!!!

      Peter Redz is a Labour Party supporter. St. Peter’s remains a LABOUR PARTY STRONGHOLD!

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