Asot Predicts Gaston Browne will not be Prime Minister after the General Election even if his team wins


Press Release:

St Johns, Antigua, January 5th, 2023 – Former Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Member of Parliament Asot Michael has made a bold prediction that Gaston Browne will not be Prime Minister after the General Election on January 18th, 2023 even if his team wins.

Speaking on the ABS Television program Antigua & Barbuda Today, the four-term MP now running as an independent candidate, said the ABLP candidates who may win are anxious to see the back of their Political Leader:

“You really think his colleagues who are my former colleagues are happy with Gaston Browne? You really think that if this election is close and it is going to be very close that they going to put Gaston Browne back there as Prime Minister? Absolutely not! They want to see the back of Gaston Browne more than Asot Michael wants to see it. Trust me on that”.

Asked if he was trying to influence any of his former colleagues to dump Mr. Browne as their leader, Mr. Michael replied:

“I don’t need to convince them. They have convinced themselves already. They don’t want him”.

Confident that he will be involved in the governance of the country going forward, the St Peter MP categorically denied making any deals with any of the political parties:

“I do not know about making deals. I am telling you that Asot Michael is going to be in parliament representing the people of St Peters and Asot Michael will be part of the governance of this country… And Gaston Browne cannot and will not dictate whether I am part of any government”.

Let me say this to you… I am still a member of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party. I was born into the labour party. I will remain into the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party… I am not funding the UPP, I will never fund the UPP and I will never make any deal with the UPP

Mr. Michael condemned the “vicious, nasty, mudslinging campaign” being waged against him by the ABLP leader as if “he is paranoid that I want his job”.

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    • … Browne’s on cabinet members can’t stand him.

      I’m so Looking forward to more revelations to come out before voting ❎ time on January 18th 🗳


      • @ Brixtonian: I am now convinced that you are very gullible to political diarrhea… Shame pon you!!

  1. Avatar photo Joanne Massiah: "You want to entrust the economy to a man whose first degree is in ROCKS and DIRT?" 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

    It certainly won’t be the Loser Lovell

    • @ Joanna Massiah

      That shows a man that is multi-dimensional unlike you and her- poor AR U, you do not know brilliance when you see it, from Geology to Law, shows the man is an all rounder.

      She should go and cure her alcoholism and cure herself from kleptomaniasm

    • Yes the brilliant Harold Lovell did a first degree in geology. He did a second degree in law as well as a Masters in jurisprudence. Do you require a more sound intellectual background than that? By the way, I did not hear Joanne Massiah’s comment, but to show you how baseless and nonsensical her comment was, you only need to ask yourself the question isn’t she a lawyer like Harold. Perhaps being a lawyer to her does not indicate some level of intelligence to get through the rigours of Law School. Her comment can only be put down to pure politics and nothing else.

  2. What is definitely predicted is that Asot will be placed in the political dustbin of Antigua’s politics sooner than we expect.

    • That may be the case @ Bluddy Bloke, but not before he reveals all of Gaston Browne’s wrongdoings.

      Have you never heard of the popular saying:

      “If I go down, I’m taking you with me”

      And that my NIEVE friend is what taking place at present with the Honourable Asot Michael. Simple really!

  3. He’s a bully that wants to rule with an iron fist.
    The “males” in parliament are afraid of him; they have castrated themselves and gave their stones to the PM — they cañt go against him if they want their stones back. So, for now, the PM have plenty balls.

    Slang: #shotcaller

  4. This HOTNESS in the politics will make anyone go MAD.

    @Maria Bird Browne
    Little girl, make sure your old husband taking his meds, right. Cause he will turn on you!!!
    Just my advice. Take it or leave it.
    Is Social media said he tek meds.. Not me!!!

  5. King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe better keep his CARDIOLOGIST on speed dial


  6. Wow, you heard it here folks. Let them continue to battle. Hmmm maybe Asot has a point though because listening to Chet this morning being interviewed by Murdoch, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chet wants to ‘thump’ the pm in the face. I was ashamed at how Chet was feebly trying to cover for Gaston with this fiasco ‘Antigua Airways.’ Smh, look at what the alp has come to!

  7. Jumbee_Picknee says…
    _the #Bones of Mami_Wata and Papa_Elegba sends greetings in the name of #truth from the motherland, saying, Chet aka the #green_🤮_goblin has made his move!
    The #African_Fiasco was well well orchestrated!
    So, let’s sing and dance along,
    ‘cause, the #green_🤮_goblin
    is dancing, hamming and palancing
    all the way, to St. John’s town.

    Now…hear this! Something is amiss!

    …is the #Fat_Lady finally singing?
    …and trying to outdo, the #disco_dumplin
    …this is why, Asot’s really trying! Trying! Trying!
    …to come clean, and give up Mr. Green!
    ..,as, the #Green_🤮_Goblin!
    …just as, he’s about to gobble up the King_Pin!
    …we know, fu sure, fe sure, for shore
    …according to Asot! De one and only #Asot!
    …he’s leaving For_Get_Me_Not’s!
    …that, soon and very soon!
    …after the next Full_Moon!
    …Gaston Browne will be, no more!
    …and, this could drive him #Crazy!
    …Crazee! As the blogger #Really, CRAZY!
    …Just like what Miss Daisy!
    …Did to the great one, Morgan Freeman
    …In the classic, Driving Miss Daisy!
    …instead! John_Crow will be driving Mr. Browne
    ..,Chauffeured driven around!
    …from St. John’s to Yida to Parham Town
    …even to the Dead Zone!
    …of, The Special Economic Zone – SEZ!
    …according to Chet! Asot please! Nuff said!
    …it’s time to rest your weary head
    …and, have a beauty nap in your bed
    …instead of breaking bread!
    …and, trying to make amends!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard!

    Vere C. Edwards.

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