Asot Michael told he is not welcome at ABLP Executive Meeting


Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party

46 North Street
St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda

Tel: 268-770-8643

Friday, October 22, 2021
Hon. Asot Michael
Parliamentary Representative for St. Peter
Gray Hill, St. John’s
Antigua and Barbuda
Dear Sir:

Exclusion From the ABLP Executive Meeting
The ABLP Formal Executive will meet today at 4:30 pm at the Headquarters building. You, Sir, are not eligible to attend that meeting.

Your exclusion is determined by the several hostile lawsuits which you have commenced in the High Court of Antigua and Barbuda against the Leader of the ABLP, against the
General Secretary of the ABLP, against the Chairman of the ABLP Tribunal, indicating your hostility to the institution and its component parts.

Your disruptive and hostile behaviour towards the Party and its leadership has created a chasm that prevents you from playing any useful role within the Executive body of the ABLP.

Should you attempt to enter the building where the meeting is scheduled to be held, you will be escorted off the property by law enforcement personnel since you will be deemed to be trespassing.

You are advised to act in the interest of law and to regulate your behaviour accordingly.


Comrade Maryclare Hurst
General Secretary

Copy: Hon. Gaston Browne M.P.

Political Leader of the ABLP
Hon. E.P. Chet Greene M.P.
Chairman of the ABLP


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  1. It was not only Asot Michael who was banned (lol).

    Some of the ‘comrades who did not have their vaccination card were not allowed in’.

    Lucky for me I am done with that ignorance/pappy-show.

    I hope the comrades who were turned away will become like me (A FORMER A.B.L.P. VOTER).

  2. Asot, ‘ole boi?
    It looks like those mongrels living on the streets which are being captured and shipped to North America to live luxury is better off and are getting more respect than you in Antigua, right about now!
    This move by the PM et al has being in the works for the last three(3) years easily.
    #Timing #Matters!

    Asot, ‘ole boi?
    As, the saying goes, “sorry fu margah dawg, margah #Dawg will tun-rung bite you to rass!”
    Me dun kno dat, U nar tek dat to rass!

    …Pot jus a start fu bubble.
    …dash een sum #Peggy mouth pepper
    …and, dis YAH kno, a goh get hot, hot lakkah fire
    …de Rumble innah de A.B.L
    P. #Jungle!

  3. You are pathetic always spouting ignorance and nonsense. The UPPITES wanted to send this rotten mango to 1735. Do you think that we sane Wadadlians forget?

  4. I knew Maryclare Hurst in Villa Area for over 5 Decades,plus. I am seeing pictures now of that same person and could not make a decision,if that photo that I did see is really Maryclare. What has she done to herself? Is it the amount of lying between both her and brother Max, weighing them down like Atlas.

  5. It looks like Asot had it coming. His behaviour has been off the wall for some time. He is yesterday’s man, and simply can’t fit into the New Labour Party (ABLP). There are rumors he may run for the UPP in St. Peter. Is it true? Again, he really is yesterday’s man. Thank you for your service. Enjoy your retirement.

    • It certainly took Gaston a long time to ‘see his behavior has been off the wall’.

      People like you are sickening.

      I am sure you use to be singing his praises.

      Guess what? You too will soon become yesterday ‘something’.

  6. Lol regulate your behavior .
    These people have a way with words .
    We need 4 more to jump ship then the ship will really begin to sink but, they’re way too scared of the Moustache.

  7. UPPites have been fleeing to Labout for some time now. Bless their hearts. The Natural Leader is at the helm, and the people dem are greatly encouraged by his leadership, especially in times such as this.

    • Yes because they have no loyalty and will go to the highest bidder. They are Looking money. When UPP win, they will try to crawl back. Without these ex UPPites, there would be no labour government. Check the numbers in day.

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