Asot Michael to sit in new ABLP cabinet


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said he will appoint St. Peter candidate Asot Michael as a minister in his cabinet if his three and a half-year-old government retains power.

Browne was at the time speaking on the issue of corruption when he accused several former UPP ministers of being engaged in the sale of diplomatic passports.

“And now they want to come and point fingers at my government,” the ABLP leader said.

He told supporters at his party’s first campaign stop in Point that “notwithstanding all of the allegations, no corruption has been proven in my government.”

“I know that there are some allegations of bribery but tell them to prove it,” Browne said adding, “my policy is if there is any such corruption in my government, I will weed out whomever.”

Turning to the former Tourism Minister Asot Michael, who was arrested in London last year, Browne said, “But it’s an allegation, we haven’t seen any evidence.”

The ABLP leader said while he asked Michael “to sit out for the time being…if they dont present any evidence, then certainly I’m putting him back on the government.”

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  1. Gaston is such a LIAR and A FRAUD. All the talk about high standards. The person I feel sorry for is Freeland. He got tossed out to give the wife the spot.

    • Wow Barbs your really are a well paid and oiled UPP pro u doing a wayyyyyyyyy better job than Tabor. Hope you are hamsomely rewards for all your hard work.

  2. Wow Ohhhh your really are a well paid and oiled ALP pro u doing a wayyyyyyyyy better job than Samantha. Hope you are handsomely rewards for all your hard work. Looks like you’re more an operative than BMG. Most likely you’re fighting desperately to keep yourself in the house as the picker up of the crumbs.

  3. Well who expects anything different from GB. Wasn’t AM part of the pentagon who admittedly divert moneys to their personal use? No one in their right mind will expect anything different. How much more blatantly can these people be in their twisted word and warped narrative.

    • Sorry but I don’t work for politicians and I don’t live in Samantha Marshalls constituency but hey ironpeas all the best to you and the UPP hope you get your just deserts

    • Tell Lovell and Baldwin to go take a trip to America and she if they don’t lock them up for the John Ashe matter

      • Really. So Lovell and Baldwin have not travelled to America since the John Ashe matter?
        The last time I checked, Lovell and Baldwin are free men. You could probably check with both of them to see how many times they have travelled to America within the past couple of years.

      • Thank you for your prayers. On the question of prayers, have you read Psalm 37 recently. That Psalm speaks to the display of arrogance – as is the case of the ABLP members. That Psalm also speaks about the consequence of arrogance. Again thank you for your prayers

  4. He told supporters at his party’s first campaign stop in Point that “notwithstanding all of the allegations, no corruption has been proven in my government.”
    Note carefully my friends, the key word there is ‘PROVEN’… why would he say this, just say there is mo corruption. Read between the lines. Let he who hath eyes to see…..

  5. Mr Gaston brown is a man with big moves…. have you ever realize he call all millions in any types of speech he makes…. young people wake up stop being fool …he help his son with land he secure his family future and we still struggling …those houses ain’t for poor people that making $400.00 a week we can’t get insurance with that salary never mind paying morgage…the Bible talks about the rich getting richer and the hearts of men being wicked…. don’t put trust in them trust GOD and to all politician REMEMBER THERE IS A GOD AND WE ALL MUST ANSWER..we can’t fool him

  6. And he knows that $400.00 can’t get morgage and he has the guys them that working on the houses under paid .. they don’t have family to , they don’t need a home…where is the love for these people….smh

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