Asot Michael takes action to rehabilitate two schools in his constituency


Member of Parliament for St Peters, Hon. Asot Michael has committed to raising funds for the rehabilitation of 2 learning institutions in his constituency which he says have been neglected by the United Progressive Party (UPP) and the Antigua and Barbuda Labor Party (ABLP) Governments over the past 20 years.

Michael says the rehabilitation program will commence as soon as possible with painting and installation of hand washing sinks and hand sanitizer stations at Pares Primary and Parham Primary; and the installation of a security booth at the entrance to Pares Primary.

MP Michael made the announcement Tuesday during visits to the schools in which he handed out Back to School packages to 221 students at Pares and Parham Primary.
The Kindergarten to Grade 1 students received:

• School Bags
• Lunch Kits
• Crayons
• Stationery Sets
• Face Masks
• Sanitizers
The packages for the Grade 2 to Grade 6 students contained:
• School Bags
• Lunch Kits
• Pens and Pencils
• Exercise Books
• Rulers
• Geometry Sets
• Face Masks
• Sanitizers

Michael says since he was elected as Parliamentary Representative for the St Peters Constituency in 2004, successive governments of the UPP and ABLP have not provided adequate resources to meet the education, health care and economic development needs of constituents.


In the circumstances, he says, “I have been doing my best to provide as much as I can from my personal resources”.

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  1. Why would a member o parliament have to reach into his “personal resources” for an educational facility. The Minister of Education needs to be asked about that Or is it election time. Asot should retire now. The footballer and the anchor represent the new generation.

  2. The article did not say whether the 2 schools in the St. Peters Constituency are public or private schools. I believe they are public schools and in that case I can only say that things in this country gets weirder and weirder with the passing of each month. I have also observed that in many cases articles on ANR leave out very important and relevant information which leaves the reader confused and the need to speculate.

  3. Asot stepping up and spending money as his own party leadership talking about replacing him. That is all. He trying to solidify his position to look like he doing something to avoid the big boot in his tail.

  4. I guess Asot feeling some heat now. He finally go and do something for his constituency. But again it seems that Labour Party politician alone giving to the school children supplies for going back to school. UPP broke.

    • From The Sideline I believe you are missing the point. I believe because of what is going on with Asot within the ALP and also his constituency that this story is just a headline grabbing exercise. My fundamental issue though is why should a citizen or even a constituency representatives takes it upon himself to repair public schools, which is essentially the job of Public Works. Yes, Asot has money but I believe he can find other useful projects in the constituency to spend it on. It just sounds a little bit crazy to me.

      • I’m not missing any point. You think you know labour party politics. Well it is very transparent. And if it is one thing of my PM. He doesn’t do thinks behind anyone’s back. He told Asot straight up that if he is charged he cannot serve in his government any longer. he cannot even run for that constituency. You know in 2014 I was very much afraid Asot would run this man’s show and when I ask him he promised me that Asot will not run his show and he will deal with him the same way as with anyone else. To date he has been true to his word. Not like Baldwin that said one strike and you’re out yet nothing happened. Even Dean Jonas was send on leave the other day. The PM doesn’t make jokes when it comes to good governance. Asot was called out by Donna and since than he saw the fall out from his constituents. And now a young boy is challenging him. So he knows he needs to step up to the plate once again.
        And since when do you care were the man spend his money. We all know government has no money to take care of every single thing so some things get overlooked. Look what happened when the postal workers strike for a better working environment, and many others. As Asot said this is not a new problem it goes back decades of neglect by both parties in government.
        The Fines Institute is the responsibility of the government, yet Stanford pumped in hundreds of thousands to refurbish it. Many other groups such as the Mill Reef Club fix things that government should fix. You cannot tell people where they should spend their money. It’s their prerogative. Asot used to spend thousands of dollars buying Xmas gifts for his entire constituency. Anyone broke they know they can call on Asot for assistant. That is something this man is doing since he was going to school. It’s not bride, that is Asot. He likes to give. The only bad thing is some of these young guys take advantage of him because of that. And one bad thing he has is he cannot stop the drinking. He needs help big time. He is a talent that will go to waste because of that.

  5. Tabor ..You did not answer my question on the POWER PLANT. Now you raise your head on this issue. Asot Michael is doing a CHARITABLE JOB and We in St. Peter welcome this INITIATIVE. Tabor you are an OPPORTUNIST. Please answer my question on the POWER PLANT . Your UPP MINISTERS very disgraceful !!!!

    • Charlie T. is very articulate gentleman. Why won’t he answer your question “on the POWER PLANT”. Now everybody wants to know the answer. Please restate the question clearly. Chuck answers the questions on everything else! Give him another opportunity. Then we’ll decide what the heck is really going on here.

    • CARSON I did not see a question from you on the POWER PLANT. I guess you are referring to the Wadadli Power Plant. Please pose your question and I will provide an answer.

  6. You UPP Blue KOOLAID DRINKERS will find FAULT with every Darn thing. Asot …Thank you very much . The Kids in St.Peter THANK YOU. Blessings.

      Get it right for the past 20 years Mr Asot has been the St Peter’s representative, what does that say about him for the past 20 years?

      “Thank you Asot” NO SAH Thank you Donna “Ever Green” Chaia…..

  7. …When, push comes to shove!
    …in the game of, poliTRICKS!
    …manna, will fall like rain from above!

    Asot Michael – MP could be contemplating, running as an #Independent; now, that he has being Dog Walked by the leadership, of the ABLP.
    He’s not going to sit idly by, and be treated that way! #Pride! #PRIDEmatters! Wave it Asot! Wave it!

    • Guess he just woke up and notice the schools. Then the darn blame UPP again. How long has this joker being the parliarmentary representative?

    • @PETE. Yes I do but when it comes to ABLP parliamentarians, there is always some underlying motive. Take nothing at face value.

  8. Well just suppose Asot runs as an independent candidate and wins, how will that improve his capacity to undertake public infrastructural improvements and social initiatives any more than it does at present? And why is Asot, AT THIS TIME IN THE SCHOOL’S CALENDAR, considering raising funds to assist schools in his constituency.
    Give me a break, Asot. I am so tired of your fumbling behavior over the years. We know by now that you are a big cry-baby, probably breast-fed way in excess of the recommended norm, so it is no surprise that you seek to cast blame on the former UPP administration and the Gaston Browne-led administration, ABLP. Your failure to deliver is no one else’s fault but your own. Hours spent in a drunken stupor is time that could be well spent in improving the lives of constituents who empower you to work on their behalf. Other Parliamentarians manage to get things done in their respective constituencies with what ever little is allotted to them for that purpose. Before you start blaming others for you dismal showing, just stand in front of a mirror and soberly take stock.

  9. @Anon the 1st…Asot’s run, as an Independent candidate…

    A…the Nation is not ready for, and at this juncture will not elect, an Independent Candidate. Barbuda’s – BPM is the exception to this rule, and we know why.

    B…Asot’s run as an Independent would be based upon revenge, in my opinion and would be, the monkey wrench in the ABLP well oiled machine.

    C…It’s a known fact, that Asot, along with his family have contributed financially to the stabilization, of the ABLP when the UPP had the ALP on the run. Being the shrewd businessman, that he is, it’s alleged, that he also contributes significantly, to the Opposition(allies in time of need – IHI comes to mind).
    Now, as we know, money, mo money and only money runs politics, therefore, if Asot and his family was to remove their financial support from ABLP, and throw it behind the Opposition(s), as was the case with the Hadeeds, during the run up, to the 2004 General Elections, as they supported the UPP; such a move, by Asot and his family would spell #TROUBLE for the ABLP.

    Now, we all know, that in some Constituencies, a Candidate can win or loose, by less than ten votes! Therefore, the ramifications, of Asot being removed, dog walked, thrown under the bus by Gaston Browne – PM, and ABLP will be far reaching.

    To be forewarned is to be, forearmed! Imagine International Law Enforcement getting a hold, of the stashed recordings, of Asot. It would be like COVID-19 sweeping through 46 North Street, and beyond!

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