Asot Michael says he has no plans to jump ship

Browne and Michael in happier times

If long-standing Member of Parliament for St. Peter Asot Michael is to be believed, he has no immediate plans to leave the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party.

A caller to Pointe FM’s Browne and Browne Show put the question Michael on Saturday. “Of course I’m running, and I’m running with the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party,” was his response.

Last month Michael hinted at a possible challenge to Prime Minister Gaston Browne for the leadership of the ABLP. Since then there has been speculation that Michael may leave the ABLP for another political party, or would run as an independent candidate in the next election.



  1. ERIC CARDEN I am surprised at you? Do you really like how the old comrade Asot Michael destroyed the new comrade Donna Chaia on Pinte FM yesterday? Anyway, I really am not taking Asot’s comments seriously since he sounded a bit drunk.

    Gaston Browne likes to put his arms around men.I wondered why?Asot,please take a drive through Parham.By the way.When are you going back to London,England.Is Bellwood Corporation still in business? Just asking.

  3. A must read book “All is Clouded by Desire: Global Banking, Money Laundering, and International financial crime.” You will understand the Antigua and Barbuda we love so dearly. A picture speaks volumes…….wow!

    • The way UPP is shaping up Asot will comfortably fit in.

      He might not jump, he might be pushed off the ship……

  4. Ascot better keep his little self quiet, and simply do what he was elected to do. I like the guy, but he better stop these little hints about his own aspirations to be PM. We have who we need right now. No need to sow discord.

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