Asot Michael Says Bring in Scotland Yard or the FBI Now to Solve Nigel Christian’s Murder


Member of Parliament for St. Peter the Honourable Asot Michael has taken the firm position that the Government must call in Scotland Yard or the FBI in the murder investigation of Customs Officer Nigel Christian.

Michael has now emphatically declared that “it is clear to me from past experiences that the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda does not have the capabilities or resources to solve this crime and Scotland Yard or the FBI can solve it.”

“I’m strongly urging both the Prime Minister and the Attorney General of the country to stop wasting any more time and immediately bring in Scotland Yard or The FBI to solve this crime,” Michael said.

He added that “any life lost is a precious one, but cold blooded murderers and criminals cannot be allowed to continue to get away with heinous, murder!”

“The blood on their hands must be brought to justice and this violent and blatant disregard for human life cannot be tolerated! The Government must act Now! Later may be too late as these murderers are very capable of targeting and taking other innocent lives,” he said.

He has also expressed his condolences to the family of Nigel Christian on their tragic loss.

“I wish to also express my condolences to the family of Nigel Christian who by all reports was a model citizen, hard worker and an individual with high integrity,” Michael said in a statement.

Friday marks one week since Christian was abducted and executed and the MP noted that the authorities seem to be in two minds as to whether they really want outside expertise.

Michael was referring to statements from Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney and Attorney General Steadroy ‘Cutie’ Benjamin that the two agencies should not be invited prematurely.

“We cannot afford to be indecisive about such a heinous crime. The family needs closure as soon as possible and the authorities cannot think twice about getting assistance that could crack the case,” he said.

“The family needs justice, the entire nation needs to be assured and Customs Officers must know that they are safe. There can be no harm in having these agencies in Antigua & Barbuda as soon as possible,” Michael added.

Cabinet reported on Thursday that the FBI has offered assistance but the government did not state definitively that it accepted. A request is also expected to be made for Scotland Yard investigators to be on the ground in Antigua.

“Let’s not delay this any further. We have lost enough time trying to decide on what is obviously in the best interest of the country,” Michael said.

A reward of $50 thousand is being offered for information leading to the capture of those responsible for murdering Nigel.


Michael said he supports the decision of the government to offer the reward and is calling on people with any information that may lead to solving the case to bring it to the police.

The former Tourism Minister said “the crime threatens to disrupt the relative peace and tranquillity that Antigua & Barbuda still enjoys, and will further damage our fragile tourism industry already hit by covid-19.  One US or UK travel advisory issued on us would be the final straw.”

“A strong message needs to be sent to the criminals behind this brazen act and the best way to do so is to bring the perpetrators to justice,” he said.

Michel joined members of the Concerned Citizens Group and Opposition politicians calling for international assistance.

Christian, 46, was kidnapped from his home on July 10 after masked gunmen entered his home and took to a location near New Winthropes and executed him. The tragic news has shocked the nation.





    • And if they were “doing TOO LITTLE” what would you say? The same thing right? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    • Jeff it is a custom officer. Do you know what a custom officer is? It a person who allow food to pass the port so you can eat.

  1. Let’s take MP Asot Michael’s advice and bring in the foreign detective agencies immediately. Too late will always be the cry. The only way local police can solve this crime is if they are witches and wizards.

    The foreign and local agencies can work together. It will be in the best interest of our nation to have this brason heinous crime solved as soon as possible (ASAP).

  2. This make any sense? People come in to investigate the passport scandal they found passport machine in people yard .. you hear anything about the case ? Cover up is a serious thing around here .. stop wasting our little tax money if you’re not going to do anything …. MBS inquiry is a next thing ..

    • You are so right. Even if foreign agencies come, the cannot prosecute. Antigua when they find the perpetrators will just cover up …

  3. Again, I have to say, this is the only thing that makes sense. We need assistance in solving this crime. Our local police are simply not experienced enough to deal with this matter. I am not saying they are bad, only that they lack experience in this area of investigation. We are blessed that crime rates are low, and so our investigators don’t have loads of experience with murders. But at times like this, we need to ask for outside assistance so that the family and loved ones of Nigel can have peace.

  4. Why don’t they release more details so somebody in the area can come forward if they saw something that afternoon? The only way to solve this is by ballistics. Compare every registered gun in Antigua of that same caliber. Police, ABDF, Civilian, ALL ! At least eliminate those guns first. Shakedown Antigua !!

  5. Chubblesum: You say ,compare every registered gun in Antigua of that same caliber.Sounds great.However,do you really think and or believed those involved used registered weapons.There are many illegal guns in Antigua and Barbuda.In my opinion,the guns laws in Antigua and Barbuda are stacked against the ordinary citizens.I do not know why.

    • You cannot go by that. That gun could have been taken without knowledge and returned to base or now be noted that it is missing if they cannot produce it. If they all had the same uniform I would suspect they have used a registered firearm. Maybe not but no stone should be left unturned.

  6. When them catch them, I want see them hang high, I want to see that red flag go up and then the black flag in prison yard. Last time I saw something like that was decades ago. Capital punishment must be carry out with this case.

    • There’s no question. These wicked killers MUST hang. Yes, once again we will see the red flag go up and then the black flag in the prison yard. The younger ones have never seen that, but we will all see it again. The people are determined that these killers be executed by hanging.

  7. Hon. Prime Minister Gaston Browne…..Please keep a close watch on Asot Michael. I am having a weird feeling about this Guy. I believe He wants your job.

  8. Yes! And put the alphabet boys on the Liat fiasco as well. The Bandit need to be brought to the foot of the cross! I believe Ralph. One of the four spreading lies and propaganda! Columbus lied too. Said he discovered the Americas. Now we have a new discovery of 20 million to put into liat 2020. Ridiculous. Use the 20 and pay the unemployed workers! I need somebody to tell me way they $50 thousand reward coming from. What a tangled web that is being weaved. The alphabet boys can figure out that financial puzzle in an hour!

  9. It’s as if, Asot Michael – MP has Intel, of some shit coming down the pipeline, and is getting in position to take advantage, of The Fallout!

  10. I am amazed that The Antigua and Barbuda Police aren’t able to solve this Murder without help from Overseas, surely they should send Officers abroad for correct training in these cases so that The Island can use their own Officers.
    The Islands have been Independent for years.

    • The police here can solve the crime and they will without any outside help trust whats being said..

  11. You sad sad antiguans the laughing stock of the Caribbean probably the world! if you don’t see wats going on here then you also are blind as hell!

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