Asot Michael gets interim injunction preventing ABLP from replacing him, excluding him from executive meetings


The embattled Member of Parliament (MP) for the St Peter constituency – MP Asot Michael – has secured an interim injunction which temporarily stops the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) from preventing him from attending executive meetings.

The injunction also prevents the ABLP from taking any action with the aim of removing Michael from the party and any attempts to block him from functioning as the duly elected representative for St. Peter.

Any decision made on October 22, 2021 – the date when he was told not attend ABLP meetings – shall not take effect while the injunction is in place.

The ABLP executive is also restrained from recognising another Constituency Branch executive for St Peter without the knowledge or participation of Michael who is the sitting Member of Parliament for the constituency.

The draft order dated, November 12, was filed against ABLP General Secretary Mary Clare Hurst, Party Chairman EP Chet Greene and Political Leader Gaston Browne.

Justice Jan Drysdale outlined that the interim injunction may be terminated after the hearing of the substantive case scheduled for December 8, unless it is extended by the court.

The relationship between the embattled MP and the party’s executive has been rocky for quite some time.

Things came to a head last month when the party’s General Secretary, Mary Clare Hurst wrote to Michael informing him that he was barred from attending future meetings.

The letter cited Michael’s hostile lawsuits which he filed in the High Court against the executive members and the party’s tribunal.

According to the letter, Michael would be escorted off the property of the ABLP’s headquarter by law enforcement, if he attempted to attend meetings.

The MP has however insisted that despite the widening rift with between himself and the party and the fact that the Political Leader Gaston Browne has already identified a potential replacement for the St Peter constituency, he has no intentions of leaving the ruling party. -DAILY OBSERVER-

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  1. This is a no news. If it’s was someone else it would not be in the news. Money talks and bull shit walks. School Children says that he has fork up donney to some news sight. Who the cap fits let dem wear it??

    • Meanwhile…..back at the ranch…..the UPP candidate in question needs to clear his/her name concerning $41,800 owed to the owner of the house they live in and refuse to pay!!!!


    • Yes Bullombo, I am surprised you can sit to type comments. Your bottom should be sore from all the iron you taking in there. But it is always nice to hear you sing when you are being entered.

  2. According to the newspaper. Asot have secured an injunction. To prevent Stone from replace he. In his constituency. So come the next party convention. Asot gone pung Stone down!

    Tell Stone. He Don’t have the power over the labor party.The salad man gone make him a refugee. With Asot and his supporters. He just might become party leader!

    Tell Stone. Tell Stone……..

    • Bottomline: Whoever is the LABOUR PARTY candidate come election day, will put on a beating on Peter ‘Empty Head’ Redz. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

      5 more years of ABLP!!!!!

      We REDy !!!

  3. Tell the dog to call the convention, so asot can challenge him for party leadership, we know the reason why you want to get rid of asot

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lovell has no plan, no vision, no strategy. He and UPP simply hoping against hope that the people will vote for them because they encourage the handful of people to “protest” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      What a rude awakening the UPP has coming.

      Meanwhile…..back at the ranch…..the UPP candidate in question needs to clear his/her name concerning $41,800 owed to the owner of the house they live in and refuse to pay!!!!


      • You should not always listen to deceivers. The house in question does not belong to Mr. Warner. His first wife got the house as a divorce settlement. It was originally a board house which she tore down and built a concrete one. When she died it went to their daughter and when the daughter died it probably went to her only child, her son, who is the aspiring politician’s son. Don’t ask me how me know. I know.
        Do you think a ninety something old man wrote those letters? I am sure the old man could be suffering from dementia if he can’t remember who owns the house.
        Our political leader is like a child and loves ugly.

        • Well let us see what his lawyer thinks of your claim. Let the matter go before the court. But what kind of “man” wants to mooch off their deceased ex-girlfriend’s aged father??? Why the political candidate can’t “man up” and build his OWN HOUSE??

          And since you’re in-the-know, do tell if said candidate completed/graduated secondary school. Name of school and year of graduation will suffice. Thank you.

          • You probably should mind your business. Anything you want to know you should ask him. If he is “mooching off” anybody it would be his son. He is the one who raised his son after his mother died. Is Warner trying to take his grandson’s house? I guess Gaston is also a mooch as for years he said he lived with his mother in law.

  4. Are y labour people not easy. Some have a big mouth and some have big connections. Gaston let’s see if you are going to bend down and get your a… kicked.

    • Sidelines: For someone who claims to be so smart. You are not smart at all. Asot did the correct thing. He felt aggrieved and wronged by your Cabal. So he did what any Antiguan should do,utilized the services of the COURTS.

      • I have no issue with the action that Asot took. I have a problem with the court ruling. I liken that to my business. If I do not want you in my business any longer no court can tell me that I cannot fire you. They can only tell me that my actions were unfair and therefore award damages. It’s called unfair dismissal.

        • Sidelines: If you fired someone without just cause. The Court could tell you in their verdict that you must re-employ that person. If you did not,you would be in Contempt.

          • Sorry but that is not true. I can do with my business what I want. I can close it whenever I want and send everyone home. it is private property, and no court has the authority to tell me when to open my doors. Government can forcefully acquire my property that is true. But I cannot be forced to keep my business open. You are not chatting law. Sir Gerald Watt was ordered by the court to be reinstated in a job that was protected by the law. And what did Baldwin say. The hell with the law. There is more than one way to skin a cat. He changed the law and gone was Sir Gerald. If he could have done that in a government job, how much more right do I have in my private company where no one else has more authority then me.

  5. It might not be that easy to get rid of a member of a corrupt cabal especially if that member may be the treasurer.

    • If Lovell can get rid of Joanne Massiah, Bruce Goodwin, Malaka Parker, Errol Cort, Lenworth Johnson, Anthony Stuart, Trevor Young, Lamin Newton, Donna Chaia, Winston Williams and countless others, then anything is possible.

      #antiUWIcampus>>>>”water down”

  6. You are still the biggest idiot in Wadadli. Did you find your brains at cook’s? Oops I forget it was in the shit house. You are classic Nincompoop and Charlatan.

  7. You UPPITES are proven to be really duttie Vagabonds and hypocrites. Is this same rotten mango, you guys says was so corrupt and had intentions of sending to 1735. You guys have no decency, class or honesty. No court in this world can make any political party(UPP etc) to decide who should be their candidate. TRO is just that..

      • @…Freetownson….🗣🗣👀👀😃😀😀😂#FarHill #Neargah no easy Papa! No stroke so hard!!!!
        🏏6 phucking runs!
        🏏wat a shat!
        🏏off de back foot!
        🏏straight back over him head!

  8. ASOT: Please release the remainder of those IHI TAPES. Release all of the recordings you have on GASTON “CLOWN” BROWNE. NOW !!

    • The thing is we’ve been there before. And the legal arguments have shown that the evidence of any illegal recording is not admissible in a court of law. Only good for public consumption and teh people’s court.

      • @From The Sideline…and, elections are won by the decisions of the “public,” the jurors/voters of the “People’s Court.”

        Great #fodder for the Campaign Trail.

        • Throwing with mud and hope that some sticks in an election campaign is not a way to win elections. That only shows you have not program to offer to the people. Just like you did in 2004. it didn’t work in 2009, when you barely won the election. It didn’t work in 2014 and neither in 2018. And I can bet you it will not work in the next upcoming election either. UUP has weak candidates and an even weaker leadership. Everyone is doing their own thing. All they do is cussing Gaston Browne.

      • Never mind tapes. Show us where the money gone. Asot you said you know how Gaston got rich. Tell us.
        You know Gaston should let the people in Asot’s constituency decide by their votes. Gaston said he would not serve in any government with him so Gaston would have a choice, quit and live off what he has. And he says he has plenty.

  9. asot say that gaston must tell the people how he as pm come by he riches. dat dey bun lakka peppa. gaston bex bex. but all ah dem in dey. corrupt corrupt corrupt.

  10. …it’s a long time now, this thing is bubbling! Bubbling!
    …and, the 🌶pot just begin simmering! Simmering!
    …now, Asot is coming out swinging! Swinging!
    …while, dancing to the tune of Disco Dumpling! Rolling! Rolling!
    …away from the PM, who was once his darling! Sweet! Sweet Darlings!
    …but, now that the Honeymoon is over!
    …and, the divorce comes as a Court Order!
    …Let’s see who run for cover!
    …’cause just like Covid!!
    …this Political Thriller in Antigua
    ….will rise your temperature!
    …send up your 🩸 blood 🩸 pressure!
    …just like its roasting fever!
    …that can’t be calmed!
    …not even by Our therapeutic sea water!
    …so, Papi come blow the shell
    …since, you always do it well
    …and, just like Orwell.
    …I have a #Vision, that tell
    …some will be embalmed!
    …by Our local Undertaker!
    …or, sent to a jail cell!
    …to become, an inmates lover!

    Blow de shell Papi!
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    • Asot u can jump high u can swing low u nar run pan labor party tickets. Asot ya done. Karma go ride ya wide set *** out!!!

      • @That’s right I said it!

        …😀😅😆blow de horn! Toot! Toot!
        … throw U corn! Cluck! Cluck!
        …no matter, a wah U say! Kum and get it!
        …at the end of the day!
        …Asot, ‘till nar goh none way!

  11. What utter poppycock. The ALP is a private organization, how can any judge tell them who can attend their meeting or represent them in an election. These jokey judges in the WI have no idea what they’re doing half the time.

    • This ruling will obviously be overturned, and rightfully so. The internal affairs of a private organization does not belong in the courts. Secondly, it is time for Mr. Asot to quietly fnish out his term and return home to his wife and children like any normal person would.

  12. The dog a eat his own vomit gaston brown you are a clown asot have all your secrets matter of time b4 they are told let go the gal no

  13. @Ras Smood! The man with the 🌶 sauce is boss! As the man say. He come and meet he right Dey. And he nar go no way!!!

  14. Acot, just cool down and go home gracefully to your wife and kids, like any normal man, and just relax for awhile. It’ll soon be over and you can officially retire and spend some quality time with the wife and kids, like any good husband and father should. Life continues and times are changing. Thanks for your service.

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