Asot Michael demolishes Trevor Walker after his attack on non-nationals


Member of Parliament for St. Peter Asot Michael yesterday reminded Barbuda Member of Parliament for Barbuda Trevor Walker about the invaluable contributions non-nationals have made to Antigua and Barbuda.

Michael defended CARICOM nationals in particular, after Walker criticised an amendment to the Immigration and Passport Bill that would provide a pathway to citizenship for permanent residents.



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  1. A word of caution to ANTIGUA NEWS ROOM.Proof read these comments before you go and release them to the Public.That comment by SMH should be cause for concern,unless you have that proof.Where he is mentioning names of persons alleged to hate foreigners.

      • MR. EDITOR I am happy to see that you are willing to look at the comment indicating names of people who hate foreigners. To my mind that comment is not really as defamatory as other comments I have seen on ANR. However, because many of the posters (commenters) hide behind alliases, I would think that ANR would have to bear the brunt of any defamation suit and would have to identify the people behind the alliases so that they could also share the liability.

  2. Most of UPPITES have this fascinating belief that so called foreigners aren’t contributing to the developments of Wadadli. The leadership stay silent when their ignorant followers attacked especially our Caribbean brothers and sisters. It’s the UPPITES Modus Operandi.

    • @Colombo this is the problem I have with ALP cult supporters, you people don’t think for yourselves. This is the never-ending amnesty game played by your cult leaders to win an election. I can give ANU a copy of a document to publish “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY” so you can read. In that document the author advise the ALP leadership how to displace Antiguans and Barbudans in their own country. No Jamaican, Guyanese, Dominicans, Chinese or Syrians would allow that to happen in their country of birth. Antiguans and Barbudans did and the Guyanese author is now a big big diplomat for this administration. Around the world people die fighting to protect their sovereignty over their land. We on Antigua keep electing old renagades, who only care about using non-national against the will of the born citizens. I might not be around to see the revolution, but it will happen. Let me say to the members of this cult party your children will be the ones in this revolution fighting to take back this land.

      • Do you know that I can’t vote in Wadadli? Unfortunately, you are one of those people who suffers from Willie Syndrome? Do you know what that’s mean? Please go and read your story and you realize that your foolishness deserves to flush in the out house.

        • Some of you folks will talk garbage (Colombo) and when accosted we see how deeply foolish you are. I was expecting an intelligent reply to Knight In Shining Armour’s but you proved incapable of being able to. I’ve been trying to learn something valuable from your interventions for some time now and I think that im just going to forget it because it looks pretty much like it’s not going to happen

          • Please go and read your story..most of you are political blinded and appears to be so ignorant. The truth crush to earth will always rise. I am very much done my research about my black brothers and sisters from the Caribbean. Just maybe you should go and do so yourself. The UPPITES ignorant blind followers have always advocated that these brothers and sisters should go back home. Please give me an aspirin..

    • @columbo
      Most labourites are so docile and stupid that they have no clue what is going on in Antigua. They are like sheep. Most of them don’t listen to the radio to learn anything. Colombo, you can’t vote in Antigua and me glad as yours would be just another vote for a useless government.

  3. ALP think that all nationals will vote for them hellow dont wase your time with us your time arrive move from there all you, all the party alike but all u worse.

  4. Y’all don’t like hear the truth, so y’all come up n here defending UPP.. as I said 10 yrs ago and am saying now, UPP tried everything to make Caricom nationals life a living hell.. Only person I like in that party is Mr Lewis, coz he seems genuine..

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