Asot Michael declines invitation to attend ABLP executive meeting

Asot Michael with JTruth Jan 14 2023

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  1. Well done to you sir, do not fall for any of Gaston Browne’s politricks.

    He has shown you a lack of respect time and time again. Thankfully, you have shed a light on Gassstorn’s true character – he is more suited to a position of a prison officer rather than a leader of this great country of ours.

    Furthermore, like you I notice that Robin Yearwood is also starting to stir after his ill treatment from the Prime Minister … could he be the second fly 🪰in the ABLP ointment?🧉


    I HOPE SO …

    • @ Brix wait is every nonsense tickle your fancy … Where is the email of invite … Any one can write a response email to nowhere … And why wasn’t the sender email appearing at the heading of this shit.. don’t u see this was a typed letter Asot poor you .. and Brixton I am ashamed of you at the leven you will stoop .. trying to find dirt .. since when upp became Asot cheerleader .. u gone from little boy to puppy .. Asot finally knuckle HLFW

  2. Asot Michael. You need to stop the comradeship stupid essay now, it obvious that they don’t want you, please stop it. The people of st Peter’s should give you a resounding no at the poll if you should go back to that lawless cult group. Come on another, you better than that, why you want to align yourself with such a cult group. The respect that you gain in this last elections will mean nothing to you. Have some respect for yourself and the people who supported you overwhelmingly and stop the labouriite cult group stupidest.

    • I am no fan of Asot Michael, or any member of the ALP gestapo brigade who authorised the gasing of our people. The actions of the gestapo brigade bears similarities of Hitler gasing the Jews.

      However, I salute Asot on this occasion for firmly distancing himself from the brigade.

      The next step is for another one to leave the cabinet and support the opposition and two independent members and table a vote of no confidence in the PM and have him removed from parliament. Thereafter, commence impeachment proceedings against him.

  3. Asot please indicate/corroborate/ justify how the ABLP has performed well. Antiguans are not at the same place as before. Would you not say the polls reflect that we were not pleased with the leadership which includes performance?

  4. Didn’t Gaston say he was going to sue Asot? He fraid?

    Why he using the labour party to deal with his personal conflict?

    Asot, carry them to court for contempt personally if they go through with this intended course of action.

    They don’t seem to respect what the court says. Who don’t hear must feel, nuh so?

    • GB should sue Fred Corbin first. Fred Corbin said a lot of things and GB whimpered and that’s it. Not a peep.
      When will KING SUE sue Fred Corbin?

  5. oh please! The most expensive seat in the House is St. Peter and he still in OPPOSITION!!!!

    • TO EBUN

  6. Asot Michael,very smart move on your part. You would go into that meeting alive and probably come out in an unexplained body bag. Do not trust them. Even when they are standing in front of you.

  7. de rum gut min desperately hope to become PM as he say on ABStv interview
    Hope de youth man and his band got paid their JUST AMOUNT $$$$

  8. He should just rent a section of recreation ground and set up a big screen for them. Dry Hil too small eh

    • You mean that it hurt the PM so bad that serpent won after he threw the challenge out to serpent to throw his hat into the ring, which he did and how hard he tried not to get serpent elected!

      you guys can twist up anything to make the PM look good when it’s the opposite.

    • Response to Ebun.Really! Did Mr Lovell tell you that! ARE you still so jealous of MR Lovell!
      Despite the millions the ABLP spent to bribe people I was expecting 17-0.

      What is really burning the ABLP is the fact that the party has been shaken to its foundations

  9. I’m not a fan of Asot but truth be told he has shone a disparaging light on the ABLP and all should take note. The PM needs to be impeached for shooting rubber bullets and teargassing women and children. DISGRACEFUL!!!!!

  10. ASOT ! one shot one kill !
    PM neva expect da one deh, him get caught bend ova, pants down with a banana in him mouth ! hahahahaha ! PM and him team Dem need fe remember one ting, only pussy a run go station a report pun de cocky !
    Ka Booom !

      • The ignorant and unintelligent like @ Curious do not have the vocabulary, or knowledge on how to respond intellectually unlike the vast majority on these ANR threads @ Sickening.

        If he has any children, I would seriously worry about their current welfare. Nasty individual.

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