Asot Michael Confident of Success as Independent Candidate


St. John, Antigua, December 28th , 2022 – Four term Member of Parliament Asot Michael was nominated today as an independent candidate in the constituency of St Peter for the general election on January 18 th , 2023.

Mr. Michael who successfully contested the last four general elections as a candidate of the
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party, is confident that he will be re-elected with an overwhelming mandate:

“My campaign has been very successful. My supporters are with me through thick and thin.

We have been going house to house; we have been working the phones; and the response has been extremely positive… I can assure the people that Asot Michael will be overwhelmingly elected as the Member of Parliament for St Peter in the general election next month.

No Rawdon Turner no Peter Reds (Trevaughn Harriette) UPP will be elected over Asot Michael.

“This is not a Labour party seat and this is not a UPP seat either… Over the past 18 years and 4 election cycles I have been able to increase the margin of victory in St Peter.

And you don’t get to over 70% of votes in this constituency by giving out hams and turkeys or doing a little something here and there.

This high percentage of the constituency vote is the result of unswerving commitment to working well with people to meet the challenges of everyday living.


“So, this is a seat for representatives who care about the people… representatives who
understand the people, listen to them, support them and work with them to improve the
quality of life for all.

I have been able to cultivate a bond of love with people throughout the constituency… They know Asot cares and they know Asot is there for them, not just around election time, but all the time.

It’s about representation to serve, not to be served.

It’s about leadership that stands for the rights of the people inside and outside of Parliament.

And in these requirements of representation, the people know me well”.

Michael says there is no credibility to opinion polls on the upcoming election allegedly conducted for the ABLP which indicate that he will not be successful this time around.

“The polls that we have conducted with firms from Jamaica and the United States indicate that Rawdon Turner (ABLP) will not get more than 25 percent of the votes and Trevaughn Harriette (UPP) may get 12 percent”.


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  1. You know me….

    I say UPP ALL THE WAY…


    I f***ing LOVE Asot. Unvarnished. Real. Man has his subben in his hand! What you see is what you get. Vice ridden… but more caring than that ABLP P.O.S Rawdon Turner.

    With that being said…


    Tevaughn Harriette for the win!

    #Red Dead


  2. Asot can only win that seat if the electorates within that constituency gravitates to HANDOUTS. Turner, the new kid on the block appears to be alot more effective in developing the constituency than Asot

  3. St Peter, y’all need to send clear and resounding message to the leader of the ABLP — that he’s not above the law; that the dirty game of politics has no place in a small island like Antigua.

    Deny the PM his wish of a flunky who won’t challenge or say no to him.

    The dismissal of Asot Michael should have been done by the people who put him there.


    • Wannabe, the resounding message will be sent loud and clear to harold loveLIE. The king of BADPLAY. The IMF stalker. Economy collapser. allowed Sandals to hold on to our ABST. Signed off on “NEW” engines that taxpayers STILL PAYING FOR TODAY.

  4. ASSot looking old, sickly and mangee. He took his cod liver oil? Deeds catching up with him? Peter Virdee ok?

  5. Asot the ppl love you because you generous and you stand up to gaston the oppressors/dictator for that I hope u win in st peters

  6. People take all you can from him, because he will only do this once every five years. And when you get into that booth you know where to please your X. ABLP all the way. Eat him out drink him out and suck him dry. A vagabond like Asot has no place in our parliament. He is a very unscrupulous person. When Asot is at a fete or a restaurant I make sure I leave if I’m there before him. I don’t want to see his disgusting behavior. I don’t know why Lester ever made that mistake to bring him into his Cabinet. Even at Jumby Bay they try to get a restraining order for him. Stanford het to get one also to ban him from coming to the 20/20 cricket games. Anytime he gets drunk he is worst than a pig. Disgusting.

    • @sidelines: Who is unscrupulous is your leader that made some kind of shady deal that’s allowing human trafficking of Africans into the island – and these Africans became the vagabonds in Antigua — yeah, go and look up the word “Vagabond.”

      This national security issue should be of the highest concern to you and everyone living in Antigua. Asot’s occasional lack of decorum is of no threat to the nation or its people.

      Dat’s y de tap dawg na k wah he do, cause fools lakka yu ah pay attention to bullshit.

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