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JepangQQ is Asia‘s largest QQ domino poker gambling place. You can find a wide variety of excellent-quality games here. Starting from online poker, online dominoes, sakong, and many more.

Playing card gambling online is indeed very fun and profitable. Because all games here get full support from the PKV server. So there is always the biggest winrate guarantee here. Considering that Jepang QQ games are guaranteed to be 100% Fairplay and BOT-free (admin).


Playing gambling virtually (online) is not only much more profitable. Especially for the people of Indonesia, playing online gambling is much safer and more comfortable. Each player will never feel worried about the occurrence of arrests by the Indonesian police. Given that gambling in Indonesia is considered an illegal act / breaking the law.

–       Play Without Barriers

Largest domino QQ poker site games are guaranteed to have number 1 quality. Every player can access them via Android, MacOS, iOS, Windroid and HTML5 websites. That way, you can play without being constrained by place or time. Considering JepangQQ will continue to operate 24 hours non-stop. ( Menginat JepangQQ akanberoperasi 24 jam nonstop )


Several online gambling sites have indeed been blocked by the Indonesian government’s Kominfo. However, you will never experience that problem when playing in JepangQQ. There are several official alternative links that are 100% free to block.

Using this alternative link, you don’t need to change the VPN or IP of another country’s internet connection network. Of course every official alternative link of JepangQQ uses quality and paid servers. Apart from never going down, all alternative links have been connected to the same platform. This means that you don’t need to register or deposit repeatedly when using all the official alternative links of JepangQQ.

–       The Easiest Registration Terms

As the official domino QQ poker site, JepangQQ also provides special conditions for players. That is :

  • Must be not less than 17 years old. Devices and internet connection are adequate.
  • Register or have an account (ID) first.

These three things are absolute requirements that must be met by every player. Then, only then can you create an ID (account) or register at the number 1 Asia QQ domino poker site, JepangQQ.

–       Attractive and Lightweight Tampilan

JepangQQ has a very attractive website display. The nuances of Japanese culture are felt when you open the main website. The layout of each menu here is also so neat and so professional. So that it does not make it difficult for newcomers to start their fortune in the world of online gambling.

In addition to being light and attractive, the JepangQQ website does not have annoying pop-ups or ads. Too many ads and pop-ups are very prone to malware and viruses inserted. Not only harm the device you are using. But also your personal data information as a player.


Then, why should you play on the largest QQ domino poker agent site in Asia, Japan, QQ? Just take a look at the reviews below!

–       Pocketing Official License

JepangQQ has been officially licensed and cooperates with PKV servers. With a license from a world-class online gambling authority such as PAGCOR. All games in JepangQQ are guaranteed to run 100% BOT and Fairplay free. This is what makes you later avoid a variety of cheating when playing. Your chances of winning the game are even higher.

–       Responsive and Very Professional Service

With JepangQQ, you will never experience any problems or obstacles. Even if you are new here or have little experience in the world of online gambling. JepangQQ provides admin service (Customer Service/CS) which is on standby 24 hours non-stop every day.

The full and clear admin contact number is listed here. Like :

  • Telegram : JEPANGQQ
  • Phone/SMS : +62833766432
  • Facebook : JEPANGQQ
  • Whatsapp : JEPANGQQ

Not only that, you can also take advantage of Live Chat on the homepage that has been provided. A friendly and polite answer will make a newcomer never run into much trouble.

–       Complete Transaction Service

Thanks to modern technology like now, the transaction process can be done much easier. So in addition to providing complete banking services such as BRI, BCA, Mandiri, BNI, or CIMB Niaga. You can also use the deposit service via credit. Of course, the XL/Telkomsel credit deposit service in JepangQQ has the best rate.

Not only credit, you can also use e-wallet services such as DOKU, Sakuku, OVO, and others for transactions. So you can complete the transaction process 24 hours non-stop from anywhere you want. The estimated time needed to complete the deposit and withdrawal process in JepangQQ is only 3-4 minutes.

–       Proof of transaction

As proof of the largest and most trusted place to play domino QQ in Asia, JepangQQ also includes a list of last deposit and last withdrawal lists. This list includes the name of the ID (censored), the date/time of the transaction and the nominal. This is proof that all the money that you withdraw will be paid off in full 100%.

In addition to proving that no matter what the winning value is, it always pays off 100% in full. This list is proof that JepangQQ has many online users or active members in it.


By meeting the minimum deposit requirements of Rp. 10 thousand and a withdrawal of Rp. 20 thousand, then you can already enjoy attractive offers from JepangQQ. There is a tempting bonus promo offer with the simplest conditions.

Every active member of JepangQQ has the opportunity to take home a turnover bonus of 0.3% to 0.5% every day. This bonus will later be calculated from the total amount of your bet whether you win or lose.

Then, there is also a lifetime referral bonus of 20% which will be distributed every Monday. This bonus is obtained by inviting other people to join and play together as much as possible. The Referral Bonus will automatically be credited to your account (ID) in the form of a virtual credit balance.

JepangQQ also provides a progressive jackpot with a sensational amount. There are 2 types of progressive jackpots here, namely:

  • Jackpot Poker = Rp. 1,044,686.XXX
  • Domino Jackpot = Rp. 343.222.XXX

With the progressive system used, the amount of Jackpot value provided by JepangQQ will continue to grow from time to time. Of course all the prizes here have the simplest claim terms and conditions. Not only does it make players, especially newcomers, easier in terms of the claim process. This convenience is proof that all the prizes offered are actually paid off in full 100% or not just a lure.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you play on Asia‘s largest and most trusted domino QQ poker site, JepangQQ. Where from here, you can get the biggest payout using the cheapest capital.


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