As heavy drift of sargassum covers beaches not usually affected, Mussington says shift in the wind is responsible for the spread


Residents are worried about the influx of sargassum seaweed, which continues to spread and now covers several popular beaches ahead of the Labour Day weekend.

Videos and photographs in circulation show beaches across the country covered with the smelly seaweed, including the Ffryes Beach shoreline and a wide expanse of Coco Point Beach in Barbuda.

Ffryes is the gathering point for supporters of the opposition United Progressive Party (UPP), who flock there in the thousands on the May Day holiday.

While it was acknowledged that most people do not go to Ffryes on that day to swim, there are concerns that the activities could be affected.  For instance, they say, food will be on sale and the seaweed carries a very disgusting odour.

In March, Barbuda Councilman John Mussington, a marine biologist, spoke extensively about scientific predictions that the seaweed would reach this side of the world much earlier than expected.  And he said, then, that this would pose a problem for many countries.

However, in spite of the number of beaches affected at present, Mussington says this is not the worst influx over the past 12 years.

What is different this year, he says, is a shift in the wind; and this will see the sargassum impacting beaches that, usually, are not affected by the smelly seaweed.

Reportedly, most Eastern Caribbean islands have been seeing record amounts of sargassum in the first quarter of 2023. This is a period that, normally, is relatively free of the seaweed, experts say.

According to reports, the level of the seaweed now arriving is already severe, and it is not expected to improve in the coming weeks.  In fact, there is still twice as much sargassum – about 202% more – visible in the Atlantic than this time last year.

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  1. This article seems contradictory. Many islands are seeing record amounts of sargassum, but the reason Antigua beaches are full of it is due to a change in the wind? surely it is a combination of record amounts of the weed and a change in wind at least, rather than just a change in the wind?

    • I visited Antigua late summer last year.The Beaches on the eastern side of the Island had the seaweed in the water and on the shorelines.Those Beaches on the western side of the Island did not have any of that seaweed.

  2. A the UPP bring Sargassum here. They are responsible for every bad thing that happens to Antigua. Labour supporter.

    • Really.are you serious. Is the UPP GOD. Do the have CV control over nature. SHUT TO FUCK UP BITCh/NIGGA.GO SiT YOUR DUMB ASS AT THE BACK O F THE CLASS.


  3. UPP will say Gaston is responsible they are as myopic as that. Yesterday on the disturber they claimed someone went to Barbados and boom scotia bank and royal bank still operate. Logical conclusion for them was that Gaston was responsible for them leaving. So I guess he is also responsible for these banks leaving the rest of EC islands.

    • You all ah mek joke while Antiguans suffer under Gaston’s tutelage.

      Criminal activity, cost of living and human trafficking is on the rise here in the country that I adore.

      Also many citizens are now in despair due to his lack of care and compassion and the simplifying of entry into the country that’s threatening our long term security.


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