As ADOMS revenues dip, government calls for answers


Six officials from the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services and Merchant Shipping (ADOMS), including its Director/Registrar General, have been answering questions about the financial fortunes of the company.

The future of ADOMS and its continued contribution to the economy caused the ADOMS officials to spend almost two hours, presenting all kinds of data and answering the Cabinet members’ many questions last week.

In 2011, ADOMS’ gross revenue totaled $24.1 million dollars; however, the ADOMS grossed $14.8 million in 2017—a 40% reduction over seven years, which decline was also reflected in net profits.

The ADOMS has proposed making changes to its operations in order to enable the body to earn more and to achieve greater profitability in future years.

According to the government, the ADOMS conceded that its viability is threatened by the steadily declining revenues, which result as the size of ships from the German market which it registers are decreasing annually.

Meantime, it was revealed that thus far, $42 million dollars have been spent on a the new building that was estimated to cost $25 million.

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  1. “Only in Antigua” pure bluff it’s another scandal of price overruns. Like everything else the comrades will sweep another one under the carpet. The red koolaid cult, it’s all about the enrichment scheme and make sure you do it creatively.

    • And since this was a scheme concocted by the UPP it is UPP people that are enriching themselves. I would say politicians on the whole cover up for each other.

      • I am wondering if the frequent flyer management will take one for team dynasty and just resign for the greater good. You think so Mr.Puppet Master?

  2. It is time for new management at ADOMS. After the board has been dismissed is time to do the same for management. A management that presided over a project with that much cost overrun is as accountable as the board in my opinion. And that at the same time while their revenues were declining. And these people are paid very high salaries.
    Clean the slate Mr. PM.

    • You will never live to see the frequent flyer management get fired. The family connection means more than country. The ADOMS scandal was just another ABLP mastermind someone didn’t get a big enough cut, the enrichment scheme did workout as planned, just another cove up. The UPP politicians was so stupid they wanted to please the ABLP cult members so much thinking they will change from red to blue. How the hell you are going to leave the family connection as management. In Antigua before you hire someone to deal with your money a family background check is necessary. Who have children with who, the next family dynasty. It all Pointe FM back to you Puppet Master, careful you might need a Gardner after the goats finish with your garden.

  3. The only thing growing in Antigua is the amount of. Ew citizens , 2000 CIP a year and 4000 Jamaican Spanish and Guyanese.
    If you want to know where Adams money gone look at the head and how much time on plane than and it’s not the people business he doing.

    ALP mash up antigua

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