Artist who called the PM the anti-christ strikes again


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  1. Talk about gutter snipe … Dotsie when last u got Bull or Bud … just paraphrasing u … parading as a man wolf in sheep clothing… butch just go sleep and stop parading as a man …. this poem is bitter and childish group…

  2. Dotsie, why are u making yourself a public laughing stock? What are you trying to achieve?
    Trying to impress the masses with your eloquence and your poetry is certainly not working well for you.
    Clearly, revenge seems to be your mandate
    With a baggage you are carrying with hate.
    There’s no doubt the PM’s intellect and foresight is the best
    So he will always be a thorn in your flesh.

    DOTSIE is what GENIUS? This.Peom lack alot of CREATIVITY. Sounds AWFUL.

  4. This woman obviously knows nothing about born-again Christianity. Even the spirits of the ancestors are being stirred up by her nonsense, and they tend to go to work. They specialize in spiritual warfare, and they don’t play with those who play with that of which they know nothing. I rebuke this woman in the Name of Jesus. She needs deliverance. If she ever gets in the hands of the church ladies, they will shake the hell out of her, and set her free.

    • Gaston Browne :Have you taken the time to look into the mirror lately. Talking about UGLINESS. If MARIA slept in the same bed as you do. When she sees your face first thing in the morning. She could get a heart attack. NASTINESS,UGLINESS.

    Dotsie should not be given the time off day . I listened to POINTE FM 99.1 and heard Hon.Gaston Browne described DOTSIE. DOTSIE should hide Her head in shame. She is a WRECKER.


    DESERT THORN … NO one should listen to You. DESERT just write FOOLISHNESS at all times. Where is your BUDDY TABOR. He ran out of steam ? Can’t wait to speak to you Guys after election 2023. You Guys will run and hide after ABLP win 17 seats.
    DESERT I am happy that you listen to POINTE FM every Saturday to improve your IQ.

  7. ERIC (THE RED) good morning. I have just come back from the beach at Dickenson Bay and here you are making my day with such jokes. I will be the one speaking to you, BEEF, FROM THE SIDELINE and JUST SAYING after the next election.

  8. …wooii! Lardy! Lordy!
    …ahoy! Lard have sum mercy!
    …I could never imagine this type of rhetoric
    …coming from, those #WHO’RE leading Our Country!
    …if, this is the State of our #Body Politic
    …I can understand why, oh why?
    …why? Why? Why?
    …even the dirt is beginning to cry!

    …’cause, if this is the foreplay!
    …one can only imagine, what She’ll feel like? Wadadli!
    …come s-ELECTION day!
    …with one pulling her right leg here! #Dotsie & the UPP!
    …the other pushing the left leg over there! #PM Browne and ABLP.
    …the rapists won’t need no glide,
    …to slide on in between her tights
    …all they have to do, is step right in
    …no matter their shoe size,
    …and, kum all over her backside!

  9. Yesterday,as I listened from 2,465 miles away to that Lady. I had to run and put on my protection gear known as a cup. Because as you know in Boxing. Some would hit below the belt,south of the Border. Hence wearing that cup for protection. She was hitting below the belt and throwing some upper cuts. Gaston Browne you messed with the wrong Isaac woman. She could throw some punches. I hope you learned something from this situation. Never stepped on the toes of a literary person.

  10. Now I understand why DOTSIE ISAAC is making news. If it is true how Hon.Gaston Browne described DOTSIE ISAAC , JAQUI QUINN ,D.GISEL ISAAC. They should be ASHAMED of Themselves. WOW. WOW. WOW.

    • Tell me something. What will it do to a child if their mother left their father for another man? I think the children would need lots of counseling. By the way, the same would go if man left his wife for another man.

  11. You know, I really don’t want to give these ladies any attention. Because I have different morals and norms in live. And yes, I should not discriminate, and everyone should live their life as they feel like. But what I have noticed since these women have come out of the closet in this country, is that they have encourage many of our young women to do the same. I think the churches these women are going to have failed us. Especially the Catholic Church. of which I also am a member and a proud Catholic. But the Bishop starting with Bishop Reeves has been too quiet and too accommodating. They have not called out wrong when they saw it in the parishioners. All for fear of losing them. When it comes to the teachings of Christ one should take a stand no matter the consequences. Once you water it down there is no end. And no, I will not judge the sinner, cause I’m one also. But I will surely call out sin. I’ll not be the one throwing the stone at the woman caught in the act of adultery. I have said it before in another post. Sorry to sound homophobic but we need to safe our youth in these times when this lifestyle is becoming the norm rather than the exception. And yes, men of the cloth. You are to blame. You suppose to have preached and taught the youth. Just like when I was young, those priests made sure we lived up to those morals. Mothers talk to your daughters; fathers talk to your sons. There is a spirit of homosexuality going around and Satan is brainwashing all of them and keeping them in bondage. And only Christ our savior can set them free from this spirit. We need prayer lots of it. Signs of the Times. As it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah so shall it be in the last days.

    • @From The Sidelines…plain and simple, the church($) are the chief recruiters, indoctrinators, incubators and supporters of this #New Religion in the #New Norm.
      The LGBQTAP is the most powerful political and religious Organization in the Wotld today. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise, nor is it a surprise that all political parties not only in Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA is stacked from the top to the bottom with their members doing their bidding for them.

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