Arthur Thomas resigns as Chairman of Caribbean Union Bank


Prime Minister Gaston Browne announced over the weekend, on Pointe FM, that Arthur G.B. Thomas, Antiguan lawyer,  has resigned as Chairman of the government owned Caribbean Union Bank.

Two weeks ago, Antigua incorporated FTX Holdings, filed for bankruptcy protection citing $10 – 50 billion in Liabilities, in the United States after it was discovered they were utilizing depositors’ money to fund other businesses including buying naming rights to FTX Arena in Miami.

Arthur Thomas took over from Brian Stewart-Young, Antigua’s Chinese Ambassador, and previous chairman of Caribbean Union Bank, after a host of litigation from depositors unable to withdraw money from their accounts at Global Bank of Commerce, a bank in which Stewart-Young is currently CEO.

The US Justice Department’s FBI and the US Securities and Exchange Commission have all stated they have ongoing investigations into the FTX scandal.

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  1. Now we have uncovered evidence that FTX also funded research that was used to claim that the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were not useful in combatting COVID.

  2. The U.S may have a few questions on this matter!!!! Possibly including the nature of the recent flight the PM et al took to visit Mr. Backman in the Bahamas via private jet!!!!



    Do the honourable thing and go, and stop bringing Antigua’s name into disrepute!

  4. … And there you have it (again) fellow citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, written in black and white. at the highest level and spreading like a virulent monetary self-enrichment virus.

    Again, it’ll be interesting to see how Gaston Browne’s acolytes defend the indefensible of ANOTHER financial scandal


    Election taxi for Gaston Browne … 🚖

    • @ Hey Brix:
      Where is Just Saying
      Dave Ray
      Tessa ….
      PETE/INGRAM/DRAKE – and the other fake names

      They are rather silent.

      • You know why the current silence from all of them acolytes at present @ Jarvis?

        They are too busy BOWING down at Gaston Browne’s 🥸 small alter in the government’s building, 🏢 it’s their “self-enrichment” MONETARY worship night 🤑🤑🤑 today!

        • … and here’s their echoing chamber chant:

          🎶 “Money Money More Money…🎵 Money Money Plenty Money …🎶 Make More Money, Where’s the Money … GRAB & GREEDY, NEVER HELP THE NEEDY … GREED, GREED … GREED 🎵

          They have to chant this for hours on end … 🤣🤣🤣


        Well, this is really not ‘…My Page.’ So you could’nt.

        Suffice to say any person that holds positions on:

        (i) ‘…Chairmanship of a Bank:

        (ii) …Directorship of two other Financial Instutions,’ know that:

        (a) ‘…The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI): and

        (b) The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC),’ will be on his/her ‘TAIL.’

        The next stop is ??????????.

        My esteemed friend, ‘…an Attorney-at-Law, Arthur’ will work his way out.

        ADVICE TO ATTORNEYS: Never take positions on ‘…Financial Institutions’ with a record of ‘Distrust;’ and ‘…Companies of Shell.’

        • mr pompey, that advice is for doctor lawyer indian chief.
          when all of a sudden after being badplayed for the position of AG, you are thrown a bone, be sure that you are not being used for sinister intent.
          give me peace of mind any day, brother thomas just know that we will stand with you.


            The Attorney’s ‘Papa’ …George Thomas,’ was once my ‘Superior.’

            Greatest of respect for him.

            NOW: ‘…AG Position? Where?

            Promises, as everyone knows, are for ‘…FOOLS.’

            Can say openly, fearlessly and with no ‘Cheese in the mouth, ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ is;

            (i) ‘..Not for sale:

            (ii) …Not for use: and

            (iii) …Not to be manipulated: and

            (iv) Not for ‘BONE.’

            Hope these remove any harbored ‘…ill-conceived thought.’
            Know that if;

            (a) ‘A Dog’ has a ‘Bone’ in its mouth; and

            (b) another is ‘Thrown’ to it;

            (c) Just know what is likely to happen to ‘…Dog and Bone.’

            On the side of the learned attorney too.

            He needs no ‘advice- Legal or otherwise.’

            But, he shall know that he shall not be the ‘…ONLY FALL GUY.’

        • @Rawlston Pompey…

          Jumbee_Picknee say…you don’t even have to “throw a dog(especially a greedy/selfish one) another bone.” Just send him across a bridge over crystal clear water, that will take him to his own island kingdom to rule forever, or put him in front of a mirror, and dress him up like Pepe Le Pew🦨, tell him, “you’re selected to be #Top_Dawg for life,”even though he’s really a skunk, and watch him SLAM DUNK, his bone. Then all of a sudden poof🤯 he has none!

          Jumbee_Picknee says,
          …please, tell your good friend Tenman
          …that, the present FBI Investigation(s)
          …and, the one being conducted and constructed by the S.E.C.
          …will be like a Category 6 Hurricane
          …bubbling, in the Atlantic Sea
          …and, once it comes ashore
          …it will put a whale of a whalopping,
          …on anyone, invested and involved in this controversy!
          …fu sure! For shore!

  5. Brixtonian it’s simple like this – dictators always have fall men. However, sound like Author Thomas sent a clear message that he not taking any fall. Stewart Young are you ready for the fall or be thrown under the bus? Some body is going to go to prison in the USA. Ignorance is no excuse to the law , so just spill the beans.
    Mr. PM the longer you take to call the election the more seats the ABLP is going to loose. So while you wait on APUA to fix the water problem. You have not done the back payment for the civil servants. The local contractors still not getting paid and are owed ten times the Jolly beach workers – equipment owners, building contractors, cleaning companies, food supply to school meals and other government institutions, medical supplies, Pensioners, teachers promised raise of pay equivalent to qualifications, the promised to people in arrears iof utility and land taxes, the garbage collection companies not getting paid and leaving garbage for prolonged period, increase in cost of living, minimum wage increase – well well well GB you are digging yourself into -can be a hole anymore , must me a grave.

  6. Gaston Browne seems to cloak himself in scandal.
    Remember: Peter Virdee, Saab Moran, Xiao Jianhua.
    Now we have the FBI and the SECURITIES and EXCHANGE Commission looking into this.

    This does not look good. It does not look good at all

  7. I can hear the laborites blaming the UPP finding excuses. The most dishonest supporters just like their leader. They are suffering, struggling and still crying labour .The ones that are so ashamed and disappointed love to say me nar vote again.
    Red is a dead !

    This wicked administration has take out the each endeavouring all achieving out of our athem and replace it with their members enriching themselves with tax payers money.

    Let’s chase clownbrown out of office and place him in a circus where he belongs.

    Red is dead! Red is dead!

  8. Since we have not heard anything about donations or projects funded in Antigua we can only surmise that the millions or billions dropped in Antigua was personal enrichment allocations to those with charities and off-shore accounts.
    We need an expose of those who received money from the Bitcoin fraud!

  9. Weh arl de ABLP smaddy dem deh dat min ah tark bout Franzie Panzie bankruptcy de uddah day? 👀 ow eze yu cyan luze ebryting? An dis wan yah ah *frard*carz bankruptcy. Antigua mussah bruck now.
    Membah, wen yu ah dig hole, yu fu dig 2.

  10. FTX founder SBF and top executives pulled a Bernie Madoff on their customers and now trying to cover their tracks by blaming hackers. The insiders WERE/ARE the so called “HACKERS.”

  11. And the beat goes on and on. This is big, big, folks. I listened to Gaston Brown trying to downplay this scandal and just tying himself up into all kinds of contradictions. How come this man is always right in the middle of every scandal and seem to know everything about everything? How much more can Antigua and Barbuda take under this administration? Brian Stuart-Young, now Arthur Thomas, with CUB right in the middle? This should wake the laborites up, but perhaps the cool-aid has reached chromosomal level and they are beyond rescue. Let’s hear them. Let’s see how Tanny Rose and Max Hurst weasel out of this one.

  12. Whey arl de money garn — whey arl de money dey?

    FTX money is NOT in a hairy bank…🤣😂😂🤣

  13. These people are some of the biggest climate change fanatics buying beachfront luxury homes.
    Why aren’t they afraid of rising sea levels and more intense storms?

    Watch what they do, not what they say. Fraudsters!

  14. How you guys seem to forget the John Ashe scandal that implicated both Baldwin Spencer and Edmund Mansoor. One is the Prime Minister of this country, the other the Minister of Information. Were it not for Gaston Browne refusing to wave the immunity of John Ashe, both men would have been extradited to the USA by now. Just like King. And the trail of the money was clear. It led straight into the bank account from Baldwin Spencer and Mansoor. The UPP was saved by Gaston’s sense of empathy and care for his fellow citizens. It would have buried the UPP there and then for always. That is something I find very stupid about Gaston. He has too much compassion for his opponents. I take no prisoners in this political war. And remember Gaston what Bob Marley says, “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day”. Throughout history we have seen leadership fights end up with taking the life of your challenger for the crown.

    • @Sideline… classic response! Deflect and blame the UPP for past actions. Ignore the current state of events. LOL.

    • @Sidelines: Is CUB a laundromat? Why there are so many Banking issues with CUB and Global Bank of Commerce? Why is it that everything Gaston Browne touches crumble like the Towers of Babel? Poor Antigua and Barbuda,we need a Spiritual Intervention not yesterday and or tomorrow,NOW. I am wondering how much of the People Monies that so called Piggy Banker invested into FTX.FTX is domiciled in Antigua.Gaston Browne,did say he called Sam Bankman-Fried a few days ago.You are known by the friends you keep.


    • @sideline
      Governments don’t waive the diploma immunity of their diplomas as today it’s theirs and tomorrow yours.
      Why are some of you Labour supporters so vindictive?

  15. When Archibald Cox former head of the SEC approached Leroy King at a conference and asked him asked for help Stanfords business. King responded that he can’t help for it’s against Antigua and Barbuda laws for him to be telling them anything etc.
    Leroy King is where today?

  16. @ From The Sideline

    You are finally admitting the corruption of your ‘god-dess’ and the ABLP cabal- what a shame and disgrace to Antigua and Barbuda.
    All you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for not condemning this blatant fraud but for trying to JUSTIFY- ‘so if someone else has done fraud it’s acceptable that they should do it and get away with it?
    Judgement day is coming, no wonder GASTON AND HIS MINISTERS FIGHTING SO HARD TO RETAIN POWER, because as Short Shirt sings ‘for as sure as the sun will rise, THIS GOVERNMENT MUST FALL, THE HANDWRITING IS ON THE WALL’

  17. @Sideline
    Come on Sideline,No deflection or misdirection here. Comment on the current FTX scandal and your ‘god-dess’ possible involvement. Now we have the FBI and SEC on our a$$. What else is going to come to light under this administration? Wow! For whatever its worth, you will go down with the ship. Reminds me of Jim Jones and David Koresh. If we don’t end this ALP charade, Antigua and Barbuda is in a spot of bother.

  18. It seems like one of the oldest banking rules still holds true today:


    • Or be friends with the bank manager and the entire board. And have them lend you all the money you want without any collateral. Until they are in liquidity problems then you drop them. The ABIB Scandal.

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