Arrest warrant issued for wanted woman



A warrant in the first instance signed by a Magistrate has been issued for the immediate arrest of Shakema Charles of St. Johnston’s village, who has been on the run from Police for the past week.

Anyone who has information as to the whereabouts of Shakema Charles should contact the Police immediately at 727-0029, or 462-3913, 462-3914.

The Police reiterates that it is an offence for anyone to aid, give shelter or assist anyone who is wanted by the Police or anyone for whom an Arrest Warrant has been issued for.

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  1. Wonder y ladies go with police officers i still up to this day never understand…..look how she mash up she life for criminals in the force

      • If u dont know what she is wanted for then u dont follow the news and what is happening in your country…….these are the type of people that would probably vote for the alp


    Issuance of Warrant and reporting it, appears more for ‘…sensationalism’ than anything else.

    Not the best way to ‘…Play with the Public’s Mind.’

    Sure there may have been no intention to cause embarrassment, but from this news story, a ‘…Warrant in the First Instance’ has been issued and none for the wanted ‘…Robber Jamal Kareem ‘Thug Life’ Govia and alleged ‘…cold-blooded murderer Calvin ‘Burger’ James.’

    It now begs the question ‘…Which is more serious and should be given greater attentive priority?’

    Police always have wide powers of arrest for serious indictable crimes that have no ‘…Statute of Limitation.’ Hence, the issuance of a Warrant is ‘…neither here nor there.’

    Besides, the Warrant can only be executed, if the suspect is caught, and only by police officers.

    As far as is known, this may have been the very first time in the history of the Police Service that a ‘…suspected female fraudster’ has been so evasive.

    Maybe the report/s came after the ‘…horse had already bolted.’ Interesting to know the nationality of the ‘…suspected fraudster.’

    Might just help investigators to look at a possible destination.

  3. What she do
    I’ll put up de money for Bail
    I ‘ll marry her on any Scale
    Please no.jail
    Ring in my Pocket
    Cook wash clean
    “”A wife me want”””

    • Fitzroy she probably a good lady but criminals cops mash her up now ……if i get a daughter and she said she getting a police man as a boyfriend i would eliminate myself from her life i rather she turn gay that go with these criminals sorry but i have seen and know what they do

      • Passports Free, I think it is unfair to paint all police with a broad brush. There are a number of good police officers and diefinitely there are some bad ones in entire rank and file that are giving others bad name and nobody buff like them because they want to take attention from them but God never sleeps it is only a matter of time man.

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