Arrest Made: Ottos Men in Custody for Firing at Law Enforcers in Cassada Gardens


Police have announced that two individuals from Ottos are currently under arrest in relation to an incident that occurred in Cassada Gardens on Tuesday night, involving an attack on law enforcement personnel.

One of the men was apprehended on the same night after being discovered hiding in nearby bushes, while the other was taken into custody on Wednesday morning following the execution of a search warrant at his residence, during which ammunition was allegedly discovered.

Authorities anticipate pressing charges soon as part of the ongoing investigation.

Earlier, police had reported that two men fired at them when they arrived to investigate reports of a suspicious vehicle in the area on Tuesday night.

The suspects fled in a car but subsequently abandoned it and attempted to escape on foot after crashing into a culvert.

Thankfully, no police officers were harmed during the incident.

In response to the recent surge in criminal activities, law enforcement has vowed to mount a robust reaction and has bolstered patrols in the area.

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  1. love how the police are doing there work keep it up let’s get these criminals behind bars kick them up forever

  2. love how the police are doing there work keep it up let’s get these criminals behind bars lock them up forever

  3. Another one bites the dust. Police officers are waking up. Kudos to you guys. Now do not fall asleep again. Catch them all and keep our country safe from these criminals. And I again call on the politicians to go to parliament and pass laws that will give the judge direction to apply mandatory minimum sentences. Cause some of our judges seem to be too lenient towards the criminals. This must stop. Certain crimes must carry a mandatory minimum sentence.

    • Were you one of those who chastised Mottley and Gonsalves for that statement about leniency? Please, we don’t want politicians directing magistrates and judges. We saw what happened when the Attorney General guided the hands of the Director of Public Prosecution. Finally, yes, the police should be commended for their prompt responses but we still await the arrests of the true murderers of Nigel Christian and the attempted murderers of Cornell Benjamin.

      • While I agree with you and don’t want to see politicians meddle in individual cases, the idea of having mandatory sentencing in legislation can be helpful.
        I’d like to see an amnesty period for handing in unregistered weapons, followed by legislation mandating a minimum jail time for:
        Possession of unregistered gun – 5 years
        Use of weapon in unlawful maaner, eg threatening someone with it -10 years
        Firing gun while committing crime -20years
        Actually shooting someone, weather or not they live- life sentence

        These punks obviously don’t care about anything but themselves, let there be consequences

        • Absolutely, we need to get all these guns off the streets before more & even worse tragedies happen (multiple shootings in public areas, schools….). 100% pressure needs to be put on the government for ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. All police will now need bullet proof protective clothing…….so sad but the reality is staring us all in the face. Has the gun been found???

        • So true. But it will be hard to get politicians to back that. They will think about human rights and what not. And getting elected again.

      • You can call it a Public Outcry for stiffer sentences for certain crimes. And nothing is wrong with that. And by the way it is nothing new. The judges are already guided when sentencing. But as I said, we need to have much stiffer sentences for certain offenses.

  4. I kept on saying for months now – your neighbor house on fire wet yours. I also said instead of sending our police and army to join the regional force to curb the violence in St.lucia to have increases patrols right here .
    I saw it coming with the increase in youth violence at schools.

  5. Wow! Police had a wake up call. Never have I seen so many crimes solve in less than a week. Our news media need to give us names, picture and residency, if you this heartless everyone should be able to see these evil Scumbags.
    It now seems as if teenagers are our main Criminals and this is really bad for a country who’s main industry is tourism. Again where are all these guns coming from? Are these (SO CALL) teenagers homeless? No way they can be living in a family home.
    Heard Max-Hurst said some crap on the news about long sentencing to these youths is bad, but the way I see it you do the crime then do the time.
    These youths I believe are being influence by some Big Timer who really runs the show and may have away of getting these guns and ammo out there. By the way what about the shootout and robbery at Woods, any arrest? I guess these are youths also.

  6. Maybe we should consider building a prison especially for criminals convicted of gun related crimes and build it as far away as possible. Like Redonda. Like our own little Alcatraz. Or our own Guantanamo Bay.

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