Armed Robbery in Swetes


Police are looking for two men who reportedly shot and robbed a construction worker of his payroll and vehicle today.

According to reports, two masked men attacked Elvis Hardy in Swetes Village this morning.

The men reportedly stole an undisclosed sum of money from the man then drove off in his vehicle.

During the attack, one of the robbers shot at Hardy, who was reportedly grazed on his head by a bullet.

The stolen vehicle was later found abandoned in the village.

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  1. Lord please let justice be speedy for Mr. Elvis Hardy. We work sooo hard and these people just try to kill us and destroy our lives because they don’t want to work. Lord please avenge Mr. Hardy and bring these criminals to pay for their cruelty and injustice.

  2. My Lord, this is too much now and no body is caught. Police just driving around in A/C with flashing beacons on doing not one dam thing but their own business. The citizens need help.

    • They looking for weed unbelievable in this day and age with all this information available.

  3. In this modern time and age business men in Antigua still using cash for payroll its time to come up to the 21st century

  4. It doesn’t matter how the man do his payroll them na have no dam right to rob the man. Now them kill the man now and police caught them them rass go up jail live off of people money and get fat, when them case call them plea guilty get 6 months and back in society to do the same shit get up off are you ass go look work fu do and stop rob hard working people. Am sick everyday are you just watch wa people have and rob them 😡😡😡😡

    • When these people get caught, and they will! No soft Justice!! Minimum of five(5) years for possession of. Firearm!! On top of the sentence for the robbery…..

  5. How would these guys know this man had a payroll on him? And the bullet only grazed his head?? Shaking my head.

    • Inside job. They take the little they are paid per day then seek to pay themselves by grabbing the entire payroll. This was happening quite a lot a few years back and stemmed from using cash to pay rather than checks. That in itself is problematic because bosses wanted their workers to work until 4pm rather than giving time off to go the bank. In addition, some of the workers were illegal and did not have bank accounts.
      Sorry to hear but please Mr Hardy and whoever else, pay checks and give the time off so they can change them. Your life is worth more than this.

  6. This is a true story. Once upon a time in Swetes – this year as a matter of fact – a house was broken into three times in one month. Monies were stolen twice from the said house. Fingerprints were taken by the Police and they received certain information. The End.

  7. And if dem bruk in you house and dem dead or you bang dem imagine dem waan charge you. Anybody me ketch inna fu me house dat nuh fu deh we shall see and when me drive me carry me bullbud. Me haffu protect me pickney an dem plus me. Ah you mussa mad.

  8. What the hell does it matter where the criminals are from? I fine in Antigua, Antiguan are too quick to blame other national for crimes. Well wake up because Antiguan are also committing serious crimes. It’s not like the Antigua of old….Dem no want to work. Just everything now, rather than having to work for it!!
    And yes I am also Antiguan!!

  9. This is the encouragement police and prosecutors, and even political leaders give these criminals when they are arresting folks for using reasonable force in good-faith acts to prevent and stop crimes and criminals. It will continue and sadly the little people will suffer.

  10. Guns?What Guns? Crimes?What Crimes?There are no guns and or crimes in Antigua and Barbuda.The only crimes if any would be white collar.And not one of them going to Prison.Take a look at the costs overrun on the Government Constructions.I am waiting to see an arrest or arrests in those matters.Those costs overrun were incurred without the use of a gun.However,in my opinion many tax paying citizens were robbed,blindly.

    • You are correct! Yes, these types crimes, “blue collar” will have an effect/impact on those individuals who these street level thugs are targeting; however, the “while collar” crimes which those in mini skirts, hubbles, polyester suits and ties are committing affects, nor just several individuals, but the entire Nation!
      It is my opinion, that once CRIME is addressed, in its entirety from forensic audits to drone surveillance to prosecution to conviction, there will be a reduction in all levels of crime.(hail me cyan wish pan de rainbow’s end).

  11. Once CRIME is addressed on ALL levels, blue collar thugs, to white collar thugs to mini skirt thugs, crimes in the Nation will increase like a hurricane going from a Cat 1 to a Cat 5, in the blink of an eye!
    Street level crimes, usually take their ‘leads’ from the Culture which surrounds them…

    …Bear In Mind!

    …habits, become Norms!
    …norms, become A Way Of Life!
    …a way of life, define A People!
    …a people, define A Culture!
    …said CULTURE, will in Time!
    …in some Space!
    …predicates, and dictates!
    …the directions, which said People takes@
    …because, Life Is Cyclic!
    …please, Bear Thiz In Mind!

    Me a forward, fu now
    Jumbee Picknee!

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