Armed Robbery At Dees Service Station


Gunmen reportedly robbed Dees Service Station last night and stole an unknown sum of money.

According to reports, the robbers pulled up in a vehicle and demanded money.

A gas pump attendant reportedly threw her money bag at the men, who took it and sped off.

On February 17, 2012, four men robbed the same service station killing gas pump attendant Dorothy Prince in the process.




      Visited one of the Service Stations this afternoon.

      The Service station was not held up.

      One female attendant was robbed at he pump.

      The robbers seemed to have developed a ‘…new strategy.’

      In legal term, the robbers appeared to have used the ‘…Same Modus Operandi (method of operation).

      A vehicle drove up to the pump as if to replenish its tank.

      The female attendant was ready to service the vehicle, when ‘…suddenly and unexpectedly,’ a gun was brandished and demands were made to hand over her cash.

      Quick-wittedly, yet frightened like hell, she reportedly threw what she had in her bag to the robbers, who had not left the vehicle, and likened to a ‘…flash of lightening,’ sped away.

      These robbers might be called the ‘…Minute Men,’ for ‘…within a minute’ it was all over.

      It might seem inefficient, and sales might be slow, but operating at nights, Service stations operators/managers might wish to change their strategy as well.

      This would allow for ‘…attendants’ safety and security of cash sales;’

      (i) …Attendants may be so positioned to see when a vehicle pulls up.

      (ii) …Wait for the driver/occupant to alight ‘…after external tank cover is opened.’

      (iii) …If the driver really wants gasoline, he would exit the vehicle and seek the attention of an attendant.

      After all, he is the one who needs gasoline.

      If it is something else, the driver would simply drive away ‘…without fuel and extra cash.’

      Even so, extreme caution shall be taken at all material times.

      • Pompey, plain and simple, Law Enforcement in Antigua, at the present moment, is ill-equipped to handle this onslaught/new wave of criminal activities, on the streets. I won’t even mention, the crimes which are occurring in the office complexes where mini skirts, stilettos, high water body hugging trousers with pink socks have become the norm, of Our New Powerhouse Nation.
        Now, with the removal of Visa requirements to quite a few more Nations, known to Law Enforcement, to be breathing grounds for criminals, you and others like you, who have some of the required skill sets and expertise should form some sort of a “Think Tank,” and demand not only more training, but more diversity in crime fighting techniques!
        These crimes are not about, smelling marijuana, and arresting all in the immediate vicinity; long gone are those days.
        These are crimes which require deep undercover work(s), meticulous surveillance to collecting evidence piecing them together and could careless where the trail leads, and or ends to prosecute!

        POWERHOUSE comes with POWERCRIMES!


    There is no denying that ‘…Robbers’ are now attacking individuals and businesses ‘…left, right and center’ with impunity.

    None may say it is because of the ‘…Christmas Season.’

    Most know that the fearless ‘…Assistant Superintendent of Police Ray John has been made inactive for ‘ …reasons, apparently of his own making.’

    Not sure what kind of bell would have toll, but most certainly not ‘…Wedding Bells.’

    Know that he would have been’… taking the fight to the brazen robbers,’ that ‘…unarmed, hapless, defenceless and frightened citizens’ could go about, and/or conduct their legitimate businesses or dwell in the privacy of their homes in peace.

    Not only that, that the unsuspecting tourists could go to the beaches, laze in the sun and swim without having to worry about their ‘…rented vehicles, travel documents and other personal effects.’

    Might just be time for action.

    • Pompey knows what Ray john was doing during his time. Na badda with Pompey but time will tell with Ray John. Ray John needs to stay where he is.

  2. Dees should have an armed security guard like Robinson. Seems like the owner doesn’t value the life of his staff

    • The last time an armed security was at a Service Station (Ace Service Station) he fired wildly, shot a few holes in some cars nearly killed a pump attendant and the thieves got a way.
      Armed security in a busy forecourt with pump attendants and customers in a gun fight with 2 armed robbers makes for disaster.
      The money is usually insured. Give them what they want and hope the police catch them and take them out in a nice secluded area and blow them away.

  3. I agree it is time we stop use cash at certain business establishment. The population of Antigua has increses rapidly and this is expected and it is going get worse.

  4. “You MUST mind other PEOPLE’S business just as you mind your own business ” in all our communities in our nation/village of A&B. You must see and know the going and coming of PEOPLE!

  5. it leave me to wonder as a former cop, why as you travel through the cit and outskirts it is visible that the Police presence is absent. Fridays and Saturdays St. John’s is busy and no POLICE arouund.

    The welfear had sit-in because a member did not get the chance to travel to St Vincent for a funeral. The Welfear having street jam in St John’s on Saturday 14. 2019 and thueves taking over the Nation. Police working in SSU uniform at VEG International on 15.12.19, parking vehicles and thieves taking over the country. What the hell is going on.

    Rodney stop put of the Country so often and open your dam eyes and see what is happening. If you do not want the job, give it up. We thought you would have brought back morals in the Force but you failed us. Thieves taking over. Citizens are sleeping with one eye open wihile the sleep with both eyes closed
    How James Hill can’t see you travelling soo often.

  6. A…where are the surveillance equipments which monitors the comings, and goings of ALL? One would think, that at the very least, license plates would be recorded! Yes, plates can be switched, but at least you have a point to start the investigation.

    B…do the CCTV system put un place by the authorities work?

    C…investigators should be able to access private surveillance(s), in the area to help solve crimes.

    D…gas stations should install computerized pumps;
    (i) which can be controlled from a secure booth outside, or from inside; with a pay before you pump in terms of cash paying patrons.
    (ii) allows credit/debit cards purchases.

    Antigua is a small island, and can be covered by satellite surveillance regarding movements across the entire island. Problematic you say, but so too are dangerous criminals on the loose.

  7. IN some ways we create our own problems, why not move to cashless solutions? This is the risk of using especially only cash. Dees has experienced this before but seems not to have learned how to solve it. Some suggest having armed security but this seems more of a recipe for a shoot out. In terms of making the police respond more rapidly, as has been said in the past, its time for drone tech

    • R U nar larne to Ras?
      Not “drone tech,” the crimes are too numerous now; it’s time to use Satellite Surveillance 24/7; but, then again such would give access to the wider criminal activities, especially in cases of illegal smuggling, and this would make many folks at the top of the criminal food chain very ANGRY.
      Jumbee Picknee, a warn r U Ras lang garling time!
      This crime wave has its roots planted decades ago. The Nation is simply reaping the fruits from those planted roots done by DESIGN, nor by mistake. This could fly over your head, as in the case, of the now useless Tiger Drones….
      Jumbee Picknee ’till a toll, de WARNING bell….

  8. Da prime minister needs to do like Jamaica Guyana Trinidad etc take off da chains off da officers kill robbers an rapper’s ect make examples out out some of dem jail too sweet

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