Are Crypto Apps Worth Downloading And Using? Here’s What To Know


Earlier, people used to check their emails online and there were no shopping portals available for two decades. Now, you can find everything online and you do not need to move out of your home to buy your essential household things. Apart from oil industry, converting your digital currency into fiat currency is a difficult task that you can do with your crypto app.

Similarly, the banking system has changed and people are now using their banking apps and third-party payment apps to make their online transactions. You can use a crypto app on your Smartphone and you can easily send or receive money through your apps. You can trade cryptocurrencies with such an app on your mobile.

You can easily access your exchange account through your app. But you need to choose the best crypto apps after considering a few factors, such as security measures, navigation and size of such apps. In this regard.

Advantages of using a crypto app for trading purposes: Every 9 of 10 people are using a Smartphone, and they are using multiple apps on their mobile for trading, online transactions, shopping, reading books, and booking cabs, hotels and restaurants. So, such apps can save us time. Similarly, as a trader of cryptocurrencies, you can use an app to trade your cryptos through your exchange account from anywhere.

  •  Traders can trade digital currencies through a crypto app from anywhere and they just need a stable internet connection to access their crypto account.
  • You can easily use such apps on your mobile and you do not need to carry your laptop to trade cryptos. You do not need to log in to a website for trading activity.
  •  Crypto apps can save the power consumption cost, because you do not need to use your desktop or laptop for hours to trade such digital currencies, and you can easily trade cryptos from your mobile only.
  •  You can withdraw or deposit cryptos through your apps. For example, you can fund your trading account with fiat currency, trade cryptos through your exchange account and convert them into cash through your crypto app.

Things to remember before you download a crypto app: There are hundreds of crypto apps available in the market, some of them are owned by exchanges and a few of them are operated by third-party services. But you can also find some fake apps in your play store, which are not safe. So, before you download an app on your mobile, you must consider the following factors:

  •  You must check the verification and authentication processes available in these apps before you use them. You must choose a crypto app where a certain level of verification is required for the online transaction. It is better to choose one that has an anti-bot and two-factor verification process. It will keep your funds and information safe.
  • There are some crypto apps available that offer insurance to protect your account. If a certain amount is stolen from your app or your app is being hacked then you can claim this insurance to get the refunds. Cryptocurrencies are based on decentralized finance, and there is no insurance available for such currencies and exchange account holders, but you can find this facility in some apps.
  •  Crypto exchanges do not allow you to trade such digital currencies from their platforms if you are living in a country where cryptos are banned. So, you must choose an app that offers easy accessibility. If you turn on the location then you might face some problems and you cannot perform your trading activities from a region where your exchange does not support such activities.
  • Crypto apps can charge high transaction fees, and some apps can also charge maintenance costs. But it is worthwhile because you can avail of insurance and better security features in these apps. You must choose an app that has a fixed fee for crypto traders, and you can check their charges from their website before you download their app.

Conclusion Finally, it is advised not to download a crypto app on your mobile that has liquidity restrictions. You must choose an app from where you can buy, sell and trade cryptos, and you must check their trading volume before you download.

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