APUA workers injured in explosion at Crabbs RO Plant


Two APUA workers were reportedly injured on the job on Thursday.

According to reports, the electrical technicians received second-degree burns following an explosion at the Crabbs Reverse Osmosis Plant.

The men were reportedly carrying out maintenance work on an electrical panel at the facility when the incident happened.

The injured workers were taken to the hospital for treatment.

APUA said the men were properly attired and were following safety protocols at the time of the explosion.

A near identical explosion happened in September 2019 at the same plant.

See story here: https://antiguanewsroom.com/emergency-halt-in-operation-at-apua-crabbs-reverse-osmosis-plant/


  1. It’s the same two men involved again. Had they been wearing FR rated clothing then they won’t suffer second degree burns. APUA stop hiding behind the line of wearing proper PPE. It’s not only helmet and steel toe shoes that form part of PPE.
    Working on live panels requires personnel to wear approve face shield along with face stocking, long sleeve FR rated shirts, FR rated pants, gloves etc

  2. @Certified Electrical Safety Inspector:You are 100 % correct in your discourse.I have watched men working on live wires.They are usually dressed the way you expressed.You cannot take anything for granted when dealing with electricity.

    • Many companies insist that their workers wear proper gear or get sanctioned. Workers must embrace the safety instructions given by their workplaces. Management cannot police every operation, every minute of the day.

      Just like persons saying that they have rights to socialize unrestricted (covid wise), employees need to realize that they have rights as well as responsibilities (covid wise and safety wise and other wise).

      A word to the wise is sufficient.


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