APUA To Go Renewable Energy


Discussions have begun between management team from APUA and from the Environment Division on the way forward to turn from fossil-fuel based electricity production, to green renewable energy.

Antigua and Barbuda hopes to reach zero emissions by 2050; that objective requires a planned reduction and replacement approach that does not imperil the revenues which APUA earns to meet its obligations to creditors and to subsidize water production.

The reduction has to be orderly and planned and cannot be haphazard.

Antigua and Barbuda’s renewable energy supply wasapproaching 20% of peak electricity demand by 2016.

A recent study by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) confirmed the feasibility of integrating at least 37.5 megawatts of solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation onto the grid on Antigua.

This Renewables Readiness Assessment (RRA) presents a set of clear and practical steps for Antigua and Barbuda to maximise renewables in the energy mix.





  1. Zero emissions by 2050? That would be 31 years from now.If you politicians are so blinded by the happenings in Antigua now.How the hell could you see that far into the future,31 years from now.All of you old asses politicians would by then be gone a yard.Are you guys pushing this to get handouts,money.

    • Instead of offering constructive criticism. There you nayseyers again with your political tribalism. It should not be about who is in charge but their plans and vision in moving the country forward. These pittiness will not make anyone life better.

  2. As long as Pussy Salad runs APUA, renewable energy is dead. He will protect Hadeed and their electricity profits before the interests of the environment and Antigua. That is a fact. Barbados will be carbon neutral by 2030. 2050 is a joke. We will be under water long before them with rising seas.

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