APUA says sorry and explains reason for massive power outage


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    • Transparency !! What really happened APUA? Did not pay your APC BILLS on time.That sounds more logical than the bull crap explanation given.Please learn to tell lies with straight faces.

  1. This is an explanation for one of two major power outage back to back. What about the night previous to the one in question?

    Why is the apology and explanation coming after the public outcry? This should have been drafted and published first thing this morning. If information could have been given last night, do so. We struggle with transparency, not having to always react and doing things in line with international standards.

  2. You guys’ sop acting like this is new. It happens all the time…ARL DE TIME. apology NOT ACCEPTED. Just turn back on the light till the next time

  3. Let us all go Back to Basics.Get some flambeau with long wicks to get light.Then are we go dig some latrine holes,because no water dey to flush.We going Back to Basics,TRINIDAD RIO.

  4. They were just testing out their 5G towers, don’t apologies, same way the outage went out in the states. Very strange activities happening but a lot of people can’t sense it . I wish they can apologize for the water service too.

  5. Outage the same night the upp having their political meeting hmmm
    My feeling is someone made a phone call to cut the power
    Just saying..

    • Errrmmmmm…. Your feeling is incredulous. If, hypothetically, “someone” wanted to cut the power when UPP is having a meeting you don’t need to do it island wide. Simply take off power in the area where UPP is having its meeting. Further, any political party that it worth its salt would ensure that they have standby power at a meeting. It is simply the sensible thing to do.

    • You are so correct. Why conveniently on Thursday nights (UPP meetings). Running scared and very bad-minded bunch of ABLP. APUA are you really thinking of customers/consumers appliances? Tell the Government tap influence you to do wrong. One of these days, hmmmm….

  6. I must say, I’m always impressed with the PR team at APUA. Now if only they didn’t have to work so hard.

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