APUA Says April Bills Have Been Estimated Due To The Curfew Restrictions

APUA Headquaters

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) is putting customers on notice that their April bills have been estimated, as a result of the 24-lockdown period.

As a result of the government-imposed restriction on movement, Meter Readers were unable to collect actual readings this month, a press release from APUA explains.

However, actual bill readings will recommence for the upcoming billing period.

“Bill estimations are calculated on the customer’s consumption pattern for the last few months,” APUA says.

According to the utility company, there will also be noticeable adjustments in rates published in the bills, and customers who may experience over- or under-estimation will have the bill regulated when the actual reading is taken.

Meanwhile, APUA says customers should continue to utilize alternative payment options to minimize the long queues at its offices.

Utility and Inet home-bill payments can be done through several banking partners, including the Antigua Commercial Bank (ACB), Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), ECAB, CIBC-First Caribbean and Community First Corporative Credit Union, APUA says.

Inet postpaid bills and top-up payments may be done via the Myinet App.


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  1. Nothing new here, they always estimate any which way when they are in need of money … are u better estimate correct with my bill smh….

  2. Estimate the bill now that everyone is home….yeah….scampishness….APUA, you all are essential workers and are not effected by curfew restrictions, so who exactly are you trying to fool?

  3. As a student of mathematics i have learnt that the ” mode ” ” mean ” and “median” are three operations to calculate AVERAGES……. In my view the MEAN or the MODE operation will be best to use for the estimation of customers bills, if needs be…… It seems to me whenever APUA estimate a customers bill, neither of the average operations are used. Hence, customers estimated bills always appear to be abnormal most times.

    • Bluddy Bloke… if you are a student of mathematics I shudder to think of what you are learning. Go look up what MODE is. It is definitely not AVERAGE. It is a number that appears most often in a set. Is that how you want APUA to estimate customers bills?

      Please go back to school or stop lying about being a student of mathematics!

      • Just saying….. it is clear that you are creating an embarrassment to yourself and to the school that you attended….
        Now if your bill for Jan is 30.00
        Feb is 30.00 and March is 40.00 Using the mode what would be the amount used for April…..?
        Let’s see how smart you are… if you do not know please go and do some research….!!

        • Yes Stupid. But MODE is not Average. Look at the definition. In your example, the average would be 33.33 (30+40+30) divided by 3. That is the definition of average. Your bill would be $33.33; not $30. There is a difference.

          Stop embarrassing yourself!
          No wonder the country is in the state that it is in.

  4. Mines never go over $100 for both electricity and water together so they better come correct. I feel like theyre going to make an excuse that because persons are home now the bills should be higher. @jahknowstar u are so right

  5. Just saying …… you should pay a little more attention when you are in class and stop be a political choir member who is singing for their supper..It is clear that you do not know the difference between the 3 AVERAGE operations…. The use of the operation may be subjective…. Now if your bill in Jan is 30.00, Feb is 35.00, Mar is 40.00 then the MEAN will be used so Apr bill will be 35.00. “Just Saying” I only hope you are not an APUA employee ….. Clearly you are not fit for the job…..☹

  6. The Utilities Companies should only estimate your bills.If on the day they stopped by the entry to said properties were not accessible.Or there was so much snow on the ground in Antigua.They could not go out and read meters.LOL. One of the concerns I have.Why the meter readers were not designated as essential workers.Then they would be able to work all day.They do not really get in touch with customers.They would read your meters and keep on going.

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