APUA ready to buy Digicel, Flow

APUA Headquaters

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says APUA is ready to buy Digicel and Flow.

He made the disclosure on his radio programme on Saturday.

Browne said:

That is why we are spending so much money in APUA to build out its broadband  services and its fibre to home.

I am sure that one of them going to come to us soon to ask us to buy and APUA will buy them.


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    • @joan Agree 100%.
      APUA are directed by government.
      Long term, as a monopoly, that will not be good for the average person.

    • @Sample – yes, we learned through the initial online schooling phase of covid how it felt not to have consistent internet 24/7.

  1. While I would not be in favour of such a monopoly situation, I am sure this is just a pipe dream since I do not know where APUA would get the astronomical finance to buy the assets of both FLOW and DIGICEL.

    • “I am sure that one of them going to come to us soon to ask us to buy and APUA will buy them.” Who you think it will be? Willing to bet its Digicel. Guy try and know your limitations. Like we have seen with the intl banks, those companies have no commitment to our region. They deem us too small. This is why they spend zilch on new upgrades. More money they feel can be made elsewhere.

      • TENMAN I guess you do not know your limitations that is why you state such platitudes and self-evident facts. Tell us something we do not know like where a cash strapped government and company will get the money to buy both FLOW and DIGICEL. I have heard the word dictator being used in Antiguan politics very often in recent years, that being the case maybe we can nationalize both FLOW and DIGICEL.

        • Guy do some research, Digicel basically bankrupt. The so called cash strapped APUA managed to get a 170 million loan from a local bank just a year ago, to do major upgrades (ie invest in itself). Creditors are running from Digicel (see Digicel files for bankruptcy with $7.4bn in ‘unsustainable’ debts). Again, this is not your field. Suggest you at least speak to your spawn

    • @Charles Tabor not to worry the PM has a history of buying huge companies without money.

      Minor thing the head of Customs will do the audit and they will owe us more than their selling price.

      That’s how it will be done.

    • RED KOOL AID the US$25 million loan from the CDB is peanuts compared to the price for FLOW and DIGICEL.

  2. Well, we have a monopoly in parliament and look how great that is doing. We’re already the Caribbean leader in bad Internet.

  3. So he can’t provide testing resources instead of putting people out of a job but he can buy Digicel…and FLOW?

    • The money is coming from Bill Gates and BIG PHARMA commission from the sale of vaccines.

      The more they use the more they make. At 80k a bonus will be paid.

      This is the new cash cow, when last you hear anything about CIP and NOMAD, they are minting money from the vaccines. This is true for all countries.

      Difference is some leaders cannot bring themselves to do such a wicked cruel act. The one hear is about cash he will do anything for it.

    • The A&B governments spends some 30 million ec every month to pay public servants. APUA expanding should mean more revenues hence possibly more non tax revenue for the treasury (once apia makes more of a profit). These additional funds would be used to broaden governments revenue .They (APUA) would garner the funds to make the investment most likely via a loan where they convince the bank that such an investment would bring value to not only APUA but sustainable interest to the said bank. Please note no bank giving anyone money to throw away

  4. they want to take them over so they can have control on not only the water and electricity but the communication as well so ppl wont be able send information back and forth but your plans will backfire

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