APUA Raises The Alarm Over Meter Reading Impostors

APUA Headquaters

The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) would like to alert members of the public that impersonators are attempting to access properties under the pretence that they intend to read meters on behalf of APUA.

The Authority would like to remind customers that all workers of APUA can be identified by their APUA branded uniforms and photo identification cards that are required to be worn at all times.

Customers are asked to be vigilant and to not engage or oblige these imposters. All APUA workers are required to announce their presence upon entering properties and can present their APUA issued ID cards for further proof of employment at the Authority.
APUA encourages all members of the public to be cautious and remain safe.

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  1. These people are just like the opposition.

    Yeah yeah ah ebry ting ah you haffu bring politics in ah? Who said I was being political?

  2. Nothing to worry about folks. Just heed the words of Baldwin Spencer. Sharpen you cutliss back and belly and chap dem up.

  3. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “In The Midst of Chaos, There is Always Opportunity.” – Sun Tzu!

    Why has APUA: Its many Ministers, Board, Executive Administrators and Senior Managers not resolved the myriad issues surrounding metering for decades! Yes Sir, Mr. Prime Minister, you are a man of action driven not only by knowing but by doing! Your timely assistance to the Poor who had lost electricity due to financial hardship was stellar!

    The 2008-2010 Global Banking and Financial meltdown was a Squandered Catalyst by The Previous Administration!

    The 2014 Change of Administration was a Squandered Transformation Interregnum by the Minister and APUA’s Board and Administrative Management!

    In this the International Decade For people of African Descent 2015 -2024 with “Covid & Rona” running wantonly about, spreading fear, calamities, death and destruction of economies resulting in lock-downs and curfews, it has felt as if the People were living under occupation with loss of freedom of movement and assembly! GoAB is charged not only with safeguarding the People’s Lives and Culture but also the People’s Economic and Environmental Well being! It cannot afford to Squander another opportunity with a Pandemic Crisis!

    GoAB, given its daily pulsations, is accustomed to operating in an environment of uncertainty under constant time pressures and making a host of decisions that impact the lives of all of the People! Some are Strategic for Long-term Policy directions and some are Tactical to solve Short-term issues!

    Yes Sir, Mr. Prime Minister, this issue which has bedeviled Administrations since the Colonial period gives you, The People’s Champion, the opportunity for True Transformation (Redesign, Re-Engineer, Restructure and Realign) of the Electrical Utility and its Metering System and to leave this behind your Administration forever!

    In a time of crisis, there is a premium on bold leadership and decisive action! APUA should “bite the bullet” and move to Smart Digital/Electronic Meters for all and for those who wish it, Pay as you Use Electronic Meters! Do not be dissuaded by the Purveyors who hold The People in Fee Simple! The Economic and Operating Advantages abound!

    “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” Rahm Emanuel, Former Mayor of Chicago and Chief of Staff to President Obama!

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