APUA Pulls The Plug On Barbuda Hurricane Victims At Barrymore

The plight of the Barbudan evacuees continues when their shelter and living accommodation were plunged into total darkness.

Many were reportedly forced to seek searchlights, lamps and candles.

Leaked information to the media of an official plan to evict the remaining Barbudan residents in the refurbished Barrymore Hotel, last Wednesday, May 15, may have forced the authorities to hold back.

However, last Friday, May 17, the electricity supply to the premises appeared to have been stealthily suppressed.

Occupants who reportedly usually took cue from the auxiliary electricity generator of a nearby business enterprise, became suspicious that something had occurred when they did not hear the operating sound of the generator.

They subsequently learned that personnel of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) without detection or warning had entered the premises and suppressed the electricity.

The authorities may have learned from their ‘Booby Alley’ experience, where residents bonded together to prevent similar action.

Many residents were said to be in dire need as they tried to put their lives back together.

The dreadful situation developed following a trail of destruction left by hurricane Irma on September 8, 2017.

Cognizant of their plight, the Gaston Browne administration moved swiftly into mitigation.

In the aftermath and assessed destruction, the administration declared the island a disaster area, forcing the evacuation of the residents to mainland Antigua.

While most of the sheltered evacuees were reported to have returned to the sister-island, some eleven indigent families remain in the shelter.

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  1. When utility companies start allowing themselves to get embroiled in political and human rights situations they can open themselves up to court proceedings.
    But it’s interesting how a government owned utility company is renting and operating from a building owned by a PM?..Would this not be considered a conflict of interest and an Advantage?.

    • Alex De-Azle- Your bitterness is blinding you..I suggest you ask the former PM(Spencer) if he had an ulterior motive when his government first rented the said building.. Do your investigations,then maybe you can share the reasons with the forum..

  2. APUA do not give warnings to anyone-these people really need to get some pride and remove themselves from the premises..Either rent someplace on the Island or go back to Barbuda.All things ,good or bad must come to an end.We are not a rich nation,every able bodied person ought to pull their weight to help oneself and family.

  3. The free ride is over. It’s time to pack up, move out, and go home. The people of Barbuda will welcome them with open arms. The Government should give them all a free one-way ticket home. Those who wish to remain in Antigua will need to fend for themselves like every other Antiguan/Barbudan. Time has run out.

    • Dem joark nah sweet now. Dis year gah mek 2 years since Irma and dem nah warn goo bak hoarm.

  4. Mr PM are you aware of this development?

    How would this be interpreted in the international community that gave their tax dollars to assist the very people?

    Could this affect future Goodwill from the international community?

  5. These people are destined to make it come to a stand off with the authorities and hope it will give the government a bad name. But guess what enough is enough. People should now be handled with the hard hand of the law. No one is above the law. Especially not Barbudans for whom the government went out on a limb. Gave them everything they can wish for. Whose fault is it that they did not have their homes insured. And whose fault is it that after almost two years they still want to live in a free accommodation while others have to pay to have roof above their head and pay utilities and make ends meets. These people are worst then parasites. I have no sympathy for them none whatsoever. They are disgusting

  6. Wasn’t this individual wearing a red tea shirt the last time? Just noticed the blue tea shirt and red sneakers. Don’t think for one moment these people do not know what they are doing.

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